Sunday, February 18, 2018

January Randoms

So I'm a little late with January Randoms, given that it's now the end of February but things have been so insanely busy here that I feel I haven't had a moment to just sit down and blog. I finally have a spare minute so I figured it would be a good use of my time to get a little caught up on the blog. 

Kate loves dolls and she has to have all her "babies" in the crib with her. She's running out of room in here and I don't know how I feel about it. We plan to get her in a big girl bed soon but she's my baby and we have no rush to get her out of the crib, other than she's out growing it. So for now she stays. 

We were baking one day. June and I got into a little bit of a flour fight. She said it was the best thing ever. Sure was until I was the one cleaning up all the flour. haha. No it was worth it. We both had a pretty good laugh over it all. 

The crew helping us bake. 

If you can't tell here, which you can't, it's actually snowing. It snowed for about one minute but we all  made it outside to play in the flurries. It was all the snow we saw this year. 

I don't even have anything to say other than I love her dearly. 

June loves doing yoga pictures with me. 

We have been having the warmest and coldest weather. It has been a bizarre winter, but on the nice days we try to make it to the parks and play all afternoon. Dan was home with us and we had such a fun time playing at the park. 

Ranger turned 8 this year! I can't believe we have had him for eight years!! June got all excited because she thought now that he is eight he gets to be baptized. Haha it was cute. 

We (and I mean the kids) love these little Orbie beads. I HATE the cleanup of them but we found a happy compromise if they play with them in the bathtub then it's easier to clean them up! So all parties are happy. 

Kate turned two which means we got to turn her around. We moved her to the other side of the car so I could see her and boy oh boy was she excited about it. She begs for my attention all the time now! And I mean ALL. THE. TIME. She is such a little chatter box and loves to sing too. So it's been fun having her face forward with us all. 

I wanted to see if I could carry the whole family on my back. I could and it was awesome. 

One afternoon we were all upstairs playing Mario and June was downstairs getting a snack, We then all asked her to bring us a snack and my laptop. She did it all. It was funny watching her bring it all up! She's growing up so much. 

So I have been getting heartburn like crazy lately, I swear it's old age. And I was laughing how I had to run and grab my antacids quickly because I didn't want to miss the beginning part of the news. I love watching the news at night. I'm old and I like it. 

In my eyes he's perfection! 

I came out from the bedroom one day to find Kate with the iPad and the pack of Oreos. She's sneaky and I love her so so much. 

One of those warm days. We try to take advantage of the warmth. 

On instagram I hosted my very first yoga challenge. It was a lot of fun and I have loved working with these ladies and getting to know them better. It's much more work than I expected being a host but we loved it and I'm currently hosting my 2nd one. 

That is it! Yay for January! It was busy and life is not slowing down any. It's good. All of it is good. It's just overwhelming at times with how much is all happening all at the same time. 

More to come! 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kate's Birthday

We had a fun time celebrating Kate's birthday this year. At the age of two we don't do birthday parties, we just stick to family and it was so nice not to have to plan anything. We loved celebrating her and keeping it low key. It was really nice. 

Her birthday was on a Monday so life went on as normal throughout the day. Dan went to work, June went to school and we went about our business at home. Owen and I tried to make Kate feel a little more special throughout the day. Like totally getting her own pack of peanut butter cups at the store and not having to share with anyone. Haha

Later that night we met Dan at the mall and took Kate to "Build A Bear". We have done this with all our children, so it's a bit of a tradition. 

She picked out a cute little bunny with the help of her siblings. 

She calls her Bear. 

She is growing up and I don't know how I feel about it. 


We planned to go out for dinner but the kids were all jazzed about the food court so we ate there and then let them ride the carousel. 

We then came home and had Cake and ice-cream, sang to Katers and opened presents. It was late and the kids had school the next day so we played for  a bit and got ready for bed. 

It was a really good low key day. I loved the time we got to spend all together and celebrating our little Kate. She had a good little day and ended up with some fun new toys and games. We love spoiling her and we love her being a part of our family! 

One last Happy Birthday sweet Kate! We love you oh so much!! 

Kate at Two

Dear sweet little Kate, Kater, Keetos, baby, Kateorade, sweet cheeks, 
You are two and oh how you melt my heart. I wish I could capture every little sweet thing you do but it's impossible so I try to just absorb as much as I can and get some of it on video. 
Kate at two years old you are walking and running as if you have been doing it from day one. We are so grateful and relieved that you decided to get on those two feet. It's been amazing. You try so hard to keep up with your two older siblings and you are doing a pretty good job at it! 
You are so smart and developing beautifully. You are an incredible chatter box and you are forming new sentences every day. It's amazing to watch you progress. You love yelling STOP whenever something is bugging you or you don't want to do something. Or how you say OK is innocently when we are telling you something. My goodness it warms my heart. 
You are a growing little thing at two years old. You Weigh 24lbs 2oz (18th percentile) height is 33.1in (29th Percentile) and you are my chunky little thing. Gosh I love you.
You are talking like crazy repeating every word we say and forming more and more sentences every day. You love saying "Don't" and Paci and blanky are hand in hand at all times. I gotta tell ya Kate, you are my baby so you are getting away with a lot more than your two other siblings did. That pacifier is one of those things. I just don't have the heart to take it away from you. I swore I would never be that mother that allows their child to have a pacifier past the age of one. And here I am... TOTALLY WORTH IT! Though it is probably time to start thinking about giving it up. I just can't yet though. You love it so so much!!!! You sleep with so many blankets in your crib. I have to hide them because if they are in sight you want it in your crib. 
You love dolls and are obsessed with books. We would read books all day if you had it your way. You love to explore and we find you locked in closets all the time. You don't mind. You are just happy playing. 
Little one you are a bit OCD and like things in an order and straight. You hate dirty things and hate being in diapers. You are so ready to be potty trained and we hopefully will get there soon. I don't really know when but sometime. You are also our longest sleeping baby in a crib. We really have no rush to get you out like we did with your other siblings but we assume a big bed will be coming soon. I'm just not ready to part with you being a baby yet. Purely selfish reasons. I need you to stay my baby forever!!
You LOVE LOVE LOVE "Masha and Bear" Not just the show but all little toys. You would play Masha and Bear all day. It's cute to watch you get excited about it. You also LOVE LOVE LOVE "Wheels on the bus" We think it's so funny when you try to ask "Alexa" to play it and how you get so upset when she doesn't listen to you. Hahaha you just roll your arms over and over and shhhhhh the machine. 
Kate, all in all you are just mommy's little buddy. It's so fun watching you grow and progress and it breaks my heart all at the same time. 
I hope you keep your sweet and sassy spirit and stay my little snuggle bug. I just love you dearly. I don't really know how else to say it. I look forward to you waking up everyday and you are such a light in our lives. 
We hope you just know how loved you are in our house!! 
Love you sweet girl!
Love, Mom 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Certified Yoga Teacher 200 Hr

I started doing yoga a little less than two years ago. I didn't even own a mat. A friend told me to come to this yoga class with her. I went and instantly fell in love. I'm not saying I was good at it, but things did come naturally to me. It was low impact for my joints and I actually got a workout. From then on, I was getting a regular yoga practice in three days a week. Then it became an everyday thing. Then it just grew into this passion that I couldn't stop. 
I then was approached by the yoga teacher to see if I was at all interested in teaching yoga. I NEVER thought about it and really just wasn't interested at the time. I was so new to yoga and thought how could someone like me teach?! 
The thought never left my mind. I had a million reasons why I couldn't do it with kids, husband and church, so I put the thought out of my head. As my yoga practice continued and progressed I knew that it was something I really wanted to pursue, but just truly didn't have the courage to do it. I was scared. Really scared. 
Then we moved and I learned that the next YTT was going to be super close to our new house. It was my first sign I needed to do this. I pushed it off some more because I knew the trainings were on Sunday and I had a hard time justifying missing church that much. Then we met with our Bishop for the first time because we were new and explained the situation. He was incredibly understanding about it and at that moment it all just felt right. Even when I was called in Young Women's they completely worked around my schedule. I couldn't believe it. I felt like this was all just falling into my lap. Second sign. Then Dan REALLY REALLY STRONGLY told me how much he supported it and how he really wanted me to do it. I was hesitant but knew how he felt. Sign three. Now YTT is not cheap by any means. We just bought a house and had to furnish it, but somehow we ended up with extra cash on hand that it worked out where the financial part wouldn't be a bother. My last sign. I knew if I didn't do it now, I never would. 

I sent in my application and waited patiently to be accepted into the fall 2017 program. 

I had a couple of months before training started but then it all came so fast and I was about to start my training.
It was every other Sunday for 12 hours. 7am-7pm. 
Then in the months December and January it was every Sunday until graduation day. 

It was really intense and I can truly say, life changing. I grew so much in myself and learned more than I thought coming into this yoga training. I never expected to grow so much in my thinking and my perspective on life. 
I cried a lot. I opened up a lot. I became strong, and I obviously learned proper technique in yoga and how to teach a class. I'm learning how to better myself and better others. We had multiple workshops, we had three final tests and had to generate income. It was a lot. But worth it! 

It was an incredible experience and I came out the other side much more different than I thought I would. 

My yoga teacher Joseph Stingley and my beautiful Yogi Sisters. We started out with 15 girls and we graduated with 12 of us. These girls will always be a big part of my life. They loved me and supported me through this whole process. It's crazy how complete strangers can become so important in your life. 

After all our finals we broke a geode so we each could have a piece. Meaning we are all cut from the same rock but all so different. 

I am so incredibly grateful to Dan who man handled the kids at church and all day long. He has been so amazingly supportive through it all. He even became my practice buddy and let me lead him through classes while I was studying for my tests. He's the best!!! 

So now I am officially a certified yoga teacher. I can teach anywhere in the world that I choose. Things are coming along in that department of what I plan to do. I am really optimistic and happy with how it should all turn out.  I think. Haha 

All in all this was such a fantastic experience. It changed my yoga practice and my life. I am so grateful for all I learned and hope to continue to practice it all from here on out.