Wednesday, November 15, 2017

All of Halloween

Halloween was so great this year. Probably one of my favorite Halloweens in a very long time, if not the very best. 

We all know that Owen has stolen my heart and he just can do no wrong right now. Including dressing up as Mario. I mean, I just can't even. 

He had a little Halloween costume parade and then was able to trick or treat around his school. 

 I just like him. I mean we all have to love our children, but I just really like Owen. I like hanging out with him. 

Saturday evening before Halloween we had our Ward Trunk or Treat. Dan was out of town and we are still newbies in the ward so I hesitated going, but I knew the kids would want to go and be with their friends, so we went and I AM SO GLAD WE DID!!  

We had such a fun time and I can't get over our Ward. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It's just a change of pace that I fully welcome. 

My little bumble bee. Of course in my eyes she can do no wrong! 

The Little Mermaid 

This girl eats and drinks like it's no ones business. 

I have a calling in the Young Women Program in our ward and we were in charge of face painting. June loved it and the girls were all so excited to paint faces. It was fun! 

We played all sorts of games

Since I was without Dan by my side, I had to man the Trunk myself and so that meant I let June and Owen go walk around all by themselves. June thought it was magnificent and so grown up. Obviously I knew she wasn't going anywhere and people were watching out for them, but it was fun to let them have a little independence. I told June to make sure to not lose Owen. 

June got side tracked with little friends and Owen had eventually made his way back to the car by himself. June came wandering over with her friends to trunk or treat and she saw Owen in the back. She goes "OWEN! There you are! I was sooooooo worried!!" Hahaha she was panicked that she lost him. It was sweet. Kate and Owen helped me hand out candy for the rest of the night. 

We ended up winning a costume award! We really had so much fun. 

Halloween night, Dan came home early for work to get ready for Trick or Treating. We were so excited to go out in our new neighborhood and see what it was all about. 

Mario and Luigi. 

June couldn't stand the thought of Owen having a picture with just Daddy, so she had to get one too. 

Then of course by herself. 

My amazing crew 

We went trick or treating with our neighbors in our Cul-de-sac and went to town through out the neighborhood. 

Then through out the night we met up with different friends and ward members 

I love this man. So much. 

When deciding where we wanted to live, I had a list of things that a community kind of had to have.  Obviously there is no perfect place, but I can honestly say Roanoke and Seventeen Lakes have met all expectations and more. Don't get me wrong, I really liked Carrollton. Great memories there, but both Dan and I grew up in small towns and we wanted that closeness and tight knit feel of a community for our kids that we had. We wanted a neighborhood where we know our neighbors and they have kids too. As much as we loved our old house and Carrollton, it just lacked some things we wanted for our family. How we got so lucky to where we live now is beyond me. 
How we ended up in a Cul de sac with cute girls that are the same age as June and a little boy the same age as Owen is a dream. It was so fun not having to drive anywhere to go trick or treating because our neighborhood was lame. Our streets were full of kids. Full of friendly people. I befriended so many people Halloween night. My heart was just really full this night because this is what I want our kids to know. This is the kind of place I want them to grow up in. Again, totally drinking the Kool Aid. 

We headed back to our house and we ran into some friends and we hung out in our Cul de sac for another hour while kids came and went. 

It was just a really good Halloween! 

Monday, November 13, 2017

October Randoms

October is an insane month. Every year. So October Randoms are few just because we have so much going on.

General Conference is a great start to our October. 

June got the Character of Excellence in her school assembly. Her teacher told us that it's actually a pretty big deal to be the first one to get it in the school year. But honestly, it's June. I can't say I'm surprised. That girl follows the rules to a T! 

Scrolling through my Instagram one morning and there pops up my sister on the LDS Instagram page. Hahaha it was so random and funny. She about died! 

 Our cute little Town throws a Fall Festival every year. We got to check it out and of course it was adorable! I freaking love this place! One of my friends who we saw there said that we are guilty of drinking the Roanoke Kool Aid. I'll drink it all day long. It's just a place that I'm really glad my kids will grow up in. 

I was so awful this year and I actually do feel bad about the fact that we never actually carved pumpkins this year. We opted for painting them and though the kids still had a great time it just wasn't the same. We will definitely be carving next year! 

Kate got tired of painting the pumpkin and went for her self. 

They turned out cute all the same! 

 Kate's costume arrived one day and she begged to put it on, so I did. She then refused to take the blasted bee costume off all day! So it led to a perfect picture asleep with her little wings on her back. 

And then she just continued to wear it. 

Ive been trying to give more independence in different areas of life. We are working on the kitchen skills right now and the girl can flat out make scrambled eggs on her own. Cracked eggs and all. 

Dan and I have weekly lunch dates and one day we were just doing our usual chit chat and an older gentleman leaned over and started talking to us. He asked how long we had been married, we looked at each other, smiled and then told him just shy of 10 years. His eyes got wide and a shocked look on his face told us he thought we were newly weds! How we were interacting with each other he was shocked that we had been married for so long! I really liked that. I like that we still have that spark about us. It really made my day hearing him say that. I always feel like we have a good marriage but it's always nice to hear that it's seen that way too. 

Primary Program 10.22.2017 
Kate insisted on being in the photo as well. June rocked her part and Owen stood, and smiled but never said a word. 

During the week on my non yoga days I walk with some girl friends. And we seriously kick some booty. We at least put in 2.5 miles every time and we kill it on the hills. It's pretty intense. Anyways, one particular morning it was really cold. I bundled Kate and Owen up and put Dan's hat on Owen. He was so cute!!!! 

It's no secret that Owen loves forts and hiding holes. He will make that happen where ever he is. In any kind of furniture. 

Just little Ranger. I don't take pictures of him very often but I'm always glad when I do. He's a good pup and slowly starting to get old. 

There you have October Randoms! 

Owen's Birthday

Because Owen had his birthday party earlier in the month we were able to just keep his birthday simple and all about Owen. It was great! 

Owen had school on his birthday so I went and took some mini cupcakes to his class and they all sang to him. 

After school we played until June got home from school and daddy came home early from work. 

Of course everything was Mario themed. 

We sang and opened presents 

The babysitter arrived for June and Kate and then we headed out the door for Owen's one on one birthday dinner. He wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. We go where they want. It actually ended up being really fun! We had pizza, dessert and played the night away. Owen loved it because he got all the tickets for himself, but at the end of the night he ended up getting things for Kate and June because he told us he didn't want them to be left out. Heart Melter, People. 

We got home late that night and Owen was all tuckered out and headed to bed. It was such an easy going day and I really really liked it. It made it so great to just focus on the birthday boy. 

The next day Owen went in for his four year doctors visit. The poor boy got five shots and it took him out! Holy moly he couldn't walk the rest of the day and cried so many times over the pain for a couple of days. It was awful! 

He loved his birthday and loved all the attention he got! I love this little boy more than words. He's just so cool to hang around. I like him.