Sunday, October 21, 2018

August & September Randoms

Geez oh Geez I fell soooo behind on blogging and with everything going on, I just want to catch up so I am combining August & September together. 

We had a fun Labor Day weekend with friends. We ended up with 42 people in our house! Thank goodness the kids played outside most of the time! 

One day I caught June in my yoga room playing with one of her barbies. She was giving her a yoga lesson. I really loved it! 

These two loved to be rolled into burritos! 

One of my sweet friends moved into our neighborhood. Like literally a few houses down and we couldn't be more excited to have them as neighbors. Their house was a new build which means we could break in. Haha we walked the house and I sent her this picture. 

Range loves being outside by the garden. He hangs out there pretty regularly. Also- look at our garden!! Total shock that we actually produced food from it this year!! 

Some of our last days of summer spent at Hawaiian Falls.

Taking Back Sunday Concert. We had tickets to go see them in Concert 7 years ago. But instead we we built a crib for June. We were just more excited about all the fun things with babies at the time then we were a concert. So it was extra special to get to this concert! 

PLus Coheed and Cambria! Such a good show!! 

My little snuggle bug Owen. He comes into bed with us super early in the morning and falls back asleep. I love it. The other day he told me that when he sleeps next to us, he feels safe. I'm so glad we provide that comfort for him. It melted my heart. 

My friends still have little babes and boy I love to snuggle them. And then give them back. Hahaha 

Lots of cookie making

Owen's school shopping day. I love this little tradition we have. Its fun one on one time that I get with the kids. We had dinner and went to a couple of stores. Owen definitely held strong!! And of course walked out with a toy! 

The clouds were parting and the sun was peaking through. It was really pretty! 

One of our many trips to Hawaiian Falls this summer. The kids wrapped up getting warm in their towels. 

Swimming with Friends 

And High giving under water 

Bleachers concert with some friends 

My little snuggle bug 

A picture of Owen by our orange tree. We really have no idea what to expect from this fruit tree, but we had a peach tree at our old house and we loved it! Owen is going to be our marker of how big this tree is growing. 

One afternoon just playing with Katers 

Park Days 

Lots of cooking and baking 

June and I went school shopping and she wanted to go to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner 

A run into Target 

One Sunday we went for a drive to go fossil hunting! It was a lot of fun and Dan was loving it explaining all about the different fossils. 

It's always a good time to use the rock hammer 

Kate was getting Super into it. 

I thought these cactus' were really pretty 

I heart her the mostest!! 

Cleaning off fossils once we got home 

June and Owen were asked to be the reverent children one Sunday. Owen wanted no part in it, but June took the job very seriously! 

Birthday part fun with one of our friends 

June and Natalie. One of her besties 

This girl loves dressing up! 

Little Kate "helping" us on our puzzle

Saturday afternoon with yoga and music. 

One Sunday spent up at the park. We were so happy when they finally finished building the park up by the pool 

With Owen and June in school more days in the week, it means I get more time with Kate. Thursday's I try to do something special with her since other days of the week we are running errands and doing things that are much easier with one kid than they are with three. 

Ranger loves the pillows in my yoga room 

At June's school is was Grandparents lunch Day, but since we don't live near any grandma & grandpa's I went and had lunch with June. 

Owen loves taking care of my yoga tree 

I was getting ready one night for a date with Dan and Kate took part in getting "pretty" too. 

Jumping in the rain 

We played Truth or Dare with the kids and June dared Dan to get a plate of whipped cream in the face! haha she was LOVING it!! 

More Sunday park days 

My sweet little snuggle bear. She is one hundred percent potty trained now. No more pull-ups!!! 

Dan took Owen on a man date and they went and played at Top Golf. They got food and played a few games. Owen seriously still talks about it! He loved it! 

June did my hair one day. She did pretty good! 

Walker is one of Owen's little buds and they always end up playing together during sacrament. 

Happy yoga pose with the kids 

Dan had a birthday and I got to PRAISE him on my yoga instagram account! He's my most favorite person on this planet!! 

One day after yoga class. I love teaching and sharing my passion 

K don't mind the ghetto pictures here. I don't get the preschool pictures because we get our family pictures. BUT I had to take a picture of the 
proofs they sent me. They were so funny! 

I love that my friends have all these sweet babies that I get to snuggle and love on and then give back... Hahahaha 

Our group of friends have so many birthdays in September so one weekend we partied hard! We had a blast! 

This night it was POURING rain but it didn't stop us! We still had so much fun!! 

June and Daddy dancing

Sweet sweet devil baby sweet Katers. 

One of our friends got Dan these socks! I sent them this picture! Hahaha 

Showing our school spirit at the Bobcat homecoming parade! 

Looking at ALL our candy we got from the parade. We scored big thanks to all our youth from our ward who were in the parade! 

Playing at the park while Owen was at soccer practice! 

June's school fun run fundraiser! 

Sent a goodnight picture to my mom!

Owen loves soccer. Like really loves it. But he sucks at it. Hahahaha obviously we don't tell him this, but he is totally the kid always waving and would much rather be playing with his friends then actually focusing on the ball. But man alive he just loves it so we keep going strong with it! 

And that wraps up August and September!! 

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