Sunday, September 9, 2018

Summer Trip Part Two: Canada

We left my parents house super duper early the day we headed to Canada. The sun didn't start to rise until about an hour into the drive. We loaded the kids up & just drove. The fam were troopers! 

The sun finally rising

We made it to the boarder in great time. The kids were happy enough and didn't really need that many stops! Thankfully! The boarder wasn't a horrible wait. It was about 45 minutes. We have had much worse to we were grateful. It was funny because Owen was complaining how long it took at the boarder and then he fell asleep. We made it through and about two hours later he woke up and was like we finally made it through! Hahaha as if we had sat there the whole time. He's my favorite. 

We arrived to Dan's parents house in great time. We all got settled, had dinner and just played for the rest of the night. I did sneak out and went and did some yoga around town. It was fun.

This is still one of my absolute favorite picture of Dan!! 

The next morning we woke up slowly & then we headed over to the little towns splash park for a bit. 

We spent our time just hanging out & chit chatting away at the Lancaster's house. We did get some five pin bowling in which is always fun. Well for us American's anyways! 

We had a really fun water balloon fight! The kids were loving it! 

Our main reason for heading to Canada was to celebrate Brenda's 60th birthday! It was fun all being together to celebrate such a big birthday!

Cutest cousins! 

The gang all chomping on some lunch! 

My sister in law, Becky introduced me to thee cutest baby cucumbers!!! They were so delicious! I ate my weight in cucumbers this trip.

We headed to a fun dinosaur museum for one afternoon 

After the dinosaur museum we stopped and got ice cream and the kids got SOAKED playing at the water park. It was a lot of fun!

This food truck made thee best donuts!!! 

All the grandkids 

One morning we headed to a big pancake breakfast! There was face paint, games & lots of pancakes!

Kids chomping popcorn one night. We sent the kids outside for everything! Haha 

The boys teaching their boys the magic of the Switch 

One morning I found Kate wedged between the two beds sound asleep. She must have rolled off in the middle of the night!

More yoga after getting lost on a run. 

A place I have been wanting to get to ever since marrying Dan was the Calgary Stampede. It's their BIG fair and it was so fun taking the kids to it! 

Got to love Canada Mounties 

Playing games and winning crap toys but it makes the kids so incredibly happy! 

It basically rained thee entire time we were there! And it was COLD! The kids were such troopers and we did a lot of fun stuff inside. 

We found a dry place to eat lunch! All our sweaters hanging on the side to dry. We got so wet! 

Riding the ferris wheel! 

Roller coaster rides. June had a blast on this ride!

Kate's little plumber crack here is my favorite!! hahaha 

More yoga around the little town of Crossfield 

And then just like that our time in Canada was over! It was a fun week and it felt good to get back up to Canada. It had been over three years since we have been there. We hope to get up there more often!! 

We loaded in the car and headed back down to Rexburg! another 12 hours down of our massive road trip!