Thursday, December 6, 2018

Lancaster 2018 Christmas Newsletter

The Lancaster’s would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and share with you what we have been up to this year. 

Our 2018 has been full of adventure, fun, craziness & all the in-betweens through out the year. We have really enjoyed this past year and all the good that happened & all the bad that we learned from. We are so grateful for the year that we have had. 

DAN: We are always so happy to have him around and keeping the calm in the crazy. We are so grateful for his love and dedication to our family. He works hard and plays harder. Dan has reached his 7th year at Pioneer Natural Resources and continues in his geology ways. He still seems to find fossils wherever we go and teaches the kids all about the history of the earth. His interests stem far and wide from just Geology. He has been crushing it in the running world with completing two half marathons and has no indication of stopping. He continues to love music and is found regularly in his record room along with a Diet Dr. Pepper in his hand and usually a kid in his lap. He continues to teach the seven and eight year olds in Primary at our Church. With all the millions of things going on he still always puts our family first. 

LESLI: Non stop Lesli has kept up with the balancing act of home life & getting upside down in the yoga world. She loves being home with the kiddos creating adventure and excitement right in our own living room.Lesli continues to find time to balance on her yoga mat and officially became certified as a yoga teacher this past January. She is now teaching every week at two different facilities here in Texas. Along with completing a yoga retreat she hosted in Austin, Texas. It has brought her great joy and she loves the ability to share her passion with others through teaching. The spunk with Lesli continues as a Young Women’s Counselor and loves spending time and teaching the girls of our church. We love her non stop energy, her ability to tackle anything and her love that she gives so freely to all of us. 

JUNE: Our sweet little June bug turned seven this year and we cannot believe the little lady that she is becoming. She has been rocking the 1st grade and thrives in all she does there. We are so proud not only of her willingness to learn but her kind heart and the ability to befriend anyone, making all feel welcome. June lost her first tooth this year and learned to ride a bike. She is always singing and dances around the house. She loves performing and had her first big dance recital earlier this spring. June continues to read and write like crazy and is always coming up with stories or songs. We are so grateful for June and her gentle compassion that she brings to our family. 

OWEN: Owen keeps us on our toes pretty much everyday. He also keeps us in constant laughter and astonishment with how wise he is. Owen turned five this October and has grown incredibly fast throughout this year. He started his last year in preschool and has done so fantastic with his school work and his love with playing with his friends. He has completed another great season of soccer and still loves to play the game. He loved playing with his friends on and off the soccer field. When he isn’t kicking the soccer ball in the backyard or in the house (His mom is never too pleased with that) then he’s playing forts in his room, or playing Mario. Owen is sensitive and loving with a side of wild and independence. We love what Owen brings to our family and how he brings us along on his daily adventures. 

KATE: This little fire cracker is sweet one minute and sassy the next. She has grown like crazy this year and the terrible two’s have been quite the task for the entire family. Kate is a whirlwind of fun and we never know what to expect next from her. She rules this house and loves decorating our walls with anything she can get her hands on including sharpies and nail polish. She has her sweet moments too where you feel like your heart could burst because of her smile or her random hugs. She is full of life and excitement all the time and we love her deeply and she completes are family to perfection. 

RANGER: Our sweet puppy turned eight this past January and goes along with the crazy. He will join in with the excitement whenever the doorbell rings or being an escape artist and is found wandering around the neighborhood. We love his company and his love for us. He’s the best little puppy. 

OUR FAMILY IN GENERAL: All in all we had a wonderful year. We’ve had some fun adventures  driving to Canada and Idaho, and vacationing at Disney World. Our family has enjoyed finding opportunities serving others and giving back to the community. We are taking life and running with as much excitement as possible. We are so thankful for the opportunities we have had this year.  2018 has been wonderful with much learning experience, laughter and chances to become better and more like Christ. 

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
Thank you for being apart of our lives.

The Lancaster’s
Dan, Lesli, June (7), Owen (5), Kate (2) 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

June's 7th Birthday

June turned 7 and I can't believe what a little lady she has become. I love her sweet helpful personality and her ability to be friends with everyone. She recently got an award at school for her relationship with her classmates and those in the school. I wasn't the at least bit surprise. 

I was so grateful to make it back to celebrate this little bug. She is so sensitive and I knew as her mom that I needed to be there. No one could tell me to suck it up or that it's just a birthday she would get over it. No, it's not how we do things in our family. 

As soon as I walked in the door we started to celebrate instantly! Dan did such a great job stepping in and getting the house all decorated and ready to celebrate our big girls big day. 

We had just enough time to open presents before heading out to her birthday party! 

After opening presents we headed out to June's Birthday Party at Altitude Trampoline Park. We had a lot of fun! 

June has made such great friends from school and dance. (Not all friends pictured) 

June is really really big into DC Superhero girls so that was the theme of her birthday party. Given why she is dressed at super girl. 

 June had a great birthday!! 

 It wouldn't be her birthday without our birthday board and her birthday questions. 

What is your name? June
How old are you? 7
What is today? My Birthday 
What is your favorite color? pink
What is your favorite animal? Bunny Rabbit 
What is your favorite book? Fancy Nancy
What is your favorite TV show? DC super hero girls
What is your favorite movie? DC super hero girls
What is your favorite song? I love all songs 
What is your favorite food? MAC AND CHEESE
What is your favorite snack? choc chips and pretzels 
What is your favorite toy? Jessie From Disney World 
Wh]]]at is your favorite game? Monopoly  
Who is your best friend? Hadley Olivia and Maya 
What is your favorite thing to do? outside? play Tag & play on the swings
What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher 
What did you do on your birthday… DC super hero themed birthday at Altitude trampoline park with my friends.  

June is our sweetheart. She reads like a champ and her writing and story telling is incredible. She is my big helper and does anything for our family. She truly is such a special little soul. 

We love you June bug!! Happy Birthday! 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Patsy Ruth Cheney

My sweet Grandma (My mom's mom) passed away this past October. 

We were sort of expecting it but death is still weird and hard no matter the age, or who it is. My grandmother got pretty sick with pneumonia and we assumed that she would pass the beginning of the October. She held strong and fought for a couple more weeks then passed away in her sleep.
My grandfather was there with her the entire time, my mom and her siblings got to say goodbye to her before she passed and though it is sad, she left in peace surrounded by family knowing just how much she was loved. 

It was a pretty tricky situation at the time. Her funeral was held on June's birthday. I knew I needed to be there for my family, to say goodbye to my grandma and be there for my mom, but June is 7 and doesn't quite understand how that  is. Plus her birthday party was scheduled on the actual day of her birthday. I had no contact information to parents who were invited because June handed out the invitations at school. So we knew we needed to carry on with the party. 

With struggling to find an answer I decided to fly home for less than 48 hours, be there with the family, be there for the viewing and leave early morning on the day of the funeral and June's birthday. That way I could at least be in Idaho but would still be home for June's birthday. 

So I booked tickets for a late Thursday night and flew home early Saturday morning. Quick trip but I am really glad that I made it work. 

Airport yoga. Always 

I didn't have any kids with me so it was fun just playing around with my Nieces and Nephews. We went and walked up to the fields and had fun on the hay bails. 

Sweet baby Parker. He's the cutest!! 

I loved seeing all the fall colors in Idaho this Season. It was so beautiful on my parents street. 

A tribute to my grandmother on my yoga instagram page with this picture 

Lots of fun with siblings and my Grandpa 

My Grandma's program for her funeral 

All the Cheney Cousins minus Kyle. 

How amazing is this picture?!?! 

The Cheney Siblings 

I really liked this little quote that was at my grandma and grandpa's house. 

My beautiful grandma 

It was fun wearing a piece of her jewelry! 

I sadly had to leave bright and early the morning of the funeral. I had to get back to June for her birthday. Everything had to work out perfectly. Michelle took me to the airport at 6am and then we headed out. We then just sat on the runway for about 45 minutes. I was panicking because I only had a 45 minute layover in Colorado. I thought for sure that I was going to miss my flight. I was panicking! 

We finally got in the air and I felt a bit better. I knew I was going to have to book it fast to my next flight. 
I rushed from plane to plane but I made my Colorado flight. It all worked out and I made it home just in time for June's birthday party. 

The sunrise was beautiful that morning. 

Her Obituary: 


May 8, 1931 - Oct. 13, 2018

Date of Service: Oct. 20, 2018

REXBURG – Patsy Ruth Lauridsen Cheney, 87, of Rexburg, Idaho, and formerly of Heyburn, passed away Saturday, October 13, 2018, in Rexburg.  

Patsy was born into the loving home of Evelyn and Grant Lauridsen on May 8, 1931, in Montpelier, Idaho. For the first four years of her life, she grew and developed under the loving care of her mother and father. In her fourth year her father was diagnosed with pneumonia and he passed away in a short time. Patsy and her mother moved to Burley, Idaho where her mother married Ellis Garrard. She attended schools in Burley and graduated from Burley High School in the class of 1949.

During high school she met a dashing young man named Cleo Kyle Cheney. After graduation she went to college with dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse. Those studies were interrupted when she said yes to Cleo’s marriage proposal. They were married December 23, 1951. They were sealed as an eternal family in 1955 in the Salt Lake City LDS temple. This marriage brought four beautiful children into this world: Tommy Royal Cheney (Cindy), Houston, Texas; Suzan C Mendenhall (Brent), Rexburg, Idaho; Cleo Kevin Cheney (Marcy); Newnan, Georgia; and Tami C Erickson (Eric), Rexburg, Idaho.

Patsy is a devoted member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served in many callings that included Relief Society President and Young Women President. She was called as an ordinance worker in the Boise Idaho Temple and was one of the inaugural ordinance workers in the Rexburg Idaho Temple.

She fulfilled her dream of working in the medical world by assisting Drs. Brown, Sutton and Budge in Burley for over 20 years

Her favorite pastimes were tatting, crocheting, knitting and toll paining. But her most favorite pastime was loving and playing with her grandchildren, all 18 of them. She also blessed the lives of her 54 great-grandchildren.

Patsy’s selflessness, paired with her mothering nature and love for family made her unforgettable to those around her. She will be endlessly loved and missed.

Love you Grams! 

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Our last day in Disney and we hit it hard!! 

It was getting harder and harder each morning to get the kids up! Haha they were getting so tired! 

Um... Honestly I think this picture was from Animal Kingdom... My bad. 

We headed to our last character meal which was breakfast in our hotel. We got to hangout with the characters of Lilo and Stitch plus participate in a parade with them. It was fun. 


We then went and headed over to the Epcot park. We knew that it wouldn't be an all day event at that park but it was fun to go there for half a day. 

We did get to see Anna and Else. 

Epcot Handstand 

Epcot is full of all different Countries and we of course stopped at Canada!

Little Kate was so happy with her little souvenirs she got. This little house with Anna and Elsa was one of her favorites! 

Alright, so all June wanted to do was meet Belle. I mean it was all she talked about the entire week. Well we started to panic a bit when we realized that Belle wasn't at any of the Disney princess hot spots. Then we learned she was going to be at Epcot and we were not going to miss her. Sweet Dan stood in line to make sure that we met Belle. 

It was so great to see June so excited!!! I know we can't give our kids everything they want, but man it sometimes just feels good to give them what they want. Does that make sense!?! Like it just makes them so happy!!! 

We hit a few more rides at Epcot and then we headed back over to Magic Kingdom to spend our last Day in Disney in the most magical park!! 

Kate and Owen fell asleep only once in the stroller this entire trip! I was shocked! 

But when Owen fell asleep, he slept hard. We stopped for lunch and he slept and even went on a couple of rides while he zonked out. He really needed it! 

Taking a break and playing with more toys and souvenirs. 

June and I did The Seven Dwarf Roller coaster ride and LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!!! 

We went and met Rapunzel 

And Tiana!

Later that evening the park closes down and you have to have a special pass to stay in the park. We obviously got that special pass and got to experience BOO IN THE PARK!! It was so so so amazing!!! Everyone dresses up, and it is legit!! 
June was Belle, Kate was Minnie and Owen was Buzz! 

You do certain rides and it seriously is so fun!! 

There were candy stations throughout the park for Trick or Treating! We filled our bags and then some. 

As the night drew on, the party just got better!! 

We had a legit dance party with the Monster's Inc Characters and Kate and June were all into it! 

We then went and watched the epic Halloween parade! 

We closed the park down! It was incredible and the kids had so much fun! We ended the night with the Disney full circle firework show. The fireworks surround you and it just stops your heart from beating! It is magic!! 

Then it was time for bed and heading out to the airport the next morning. We were all sooooo tired. We didn't get to sleep until about one that night. 

The next morning we woke up, Disney once again rocks it and takes our luggage and deals with it all until we arrive in Dallas. We got on our shuttle and headed to the airport. 

We all walked into an airport store with all the treats/snacks/magazines (You know the one) but it was pretty big. I went one way keeping my eye on June & I thought Owen at the time. Dan had Kate. I walked over to see what June and Owen were looking at and I didn't see Owen. I walked around a bit looking for him and still couldn't see him. I then yelled to Dan to see if he was with Owen and Dan wasn't with him. That is when I panicked. Dan and I both walked the entire store and Owen was no where in sight. My heart stopped. 

So people in the store start looking around and they see the panic in my face. I then speed walk out of the store and down the terminal I see probably 7-8 flight stewardess's all standing in a circle and looking around frantic. Then I see Owen's blue shoes in the middle of that circle. I BOLTED towards him and scooped him up in my arms SO FAST!! The flight attendants were so helpful but I was more proud of Owen!! He told the attendants my name (Lesli Lancaster) Where he was going (Home to Dallas Texas) and who he was all traveling with! I was like holy moly OWEN!!! He was calm and just matter of factly told them all this information. 

Then as soon as I pulled him into his arms he started shaking and crying. You could just feel how scared he was, but that kid kept it together! I was so proud and scared and shaking all at the same time. It was only about 5-10 minutes that he had been lost but I hope to NEVER experience something like that ever again! 

We made it home and unpacked and crashed hard! Thankfully that next day was Saturday! 
Kate slept for 15 hours!!! Everyone slept like a rock. It was some of the best sleep I've gotten in a long time. It was also great to sleep next to Dan again! Haha 

All in all Disney World was AMAZING!! Like incredible! I love the joy that is brought into my children's eyes. I love how magical it all was. I love the adventure and memories that it made for us. It was so awesome and I am so grateful how it all turned out!