Monday, June 11, 2018

Last Day of School & Kindergarten Graduation

Summer is FINALLY here and we could not be more excited about it!! We were done waking up early, packing lunches and having our days too busy to play. It was an old routine and we are ready for a change of pace around here! 

My sweet little Owen had his last day of preschool on the Thursday before June got out of school. He had a fun water day and then got out early! He will continue going to St. Peter's preschool this coming fall! His last round of preschool! So crazy to think that! 

Owen had a wonderful school year. He learned a lot and we learned a lot about him. He is shy & it takes him some time to get used to others, but once he knows you he will chat your ear off for days! We have loved watching him grow this year and see more of his personality come out! 

His teacher Ms. Balduc was incredible with him! So patient and kind and Owen LOVED her! We can't thank her enough for all that she did for him throughout this school year! 

June bug officially graduated from Kindergarten and it was a day to remember! She was so excited to graduate & be part of the school's performance. 

June received the music award out of all the Kindergartners. She loves to sing and her ability and talent is pretty good. She definitely can carry a tune and her little voice is pure perfection. 

June sang a solo in her school performance on the day of her graduation. She wasn't even nervous. She never practiced around us because she said she wanted it to be a surprise so I was really nervous for her, but she nailed it! 

Ms. Whisenhunt was June's Kindergarten teacher. She was wonderful and we are so grateful for her love and sweet spirit. June loved her as  a teacher and she helped June grow. 

She's the best!

The official last day of school was the next day, Friday. But the kids just played and had early release! We partied hard that night! I was just as excited as my kids were to officially be done with school for the summer! 
I can't believe how much June has grown up over this past school year! 

My little Kindergarten Graduate. 

It was a fantastic school year but we are very excited for summer and all the adventures to be had! 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

April Randoms

Happy April Randoms in May Folks! Haha
I'm a bit behind.

There is a park right across the street from Owen's preschool so we always leave a bit early to play before we have to pick Owen up. I love that it's a special little one on one time with Kate. 

We learned the awesomeness of face-swap and it's super funny and creepy! Hahahaha 

Snap Chat has been our entertainment all month long!

During Owen's soccer games or practices the girls go play at the park. June is such a good big sister and watches out for Kate. They were cute holding hands one day. 

More days spent at the park. It's a small window to play at the parks in the spring so we try and soak in as much as we can. 

One of June's little drawings that was sent on SeeSaw 

Making cookies and eating more of the dough than actual cookies 

June really wanted a picture of just her blowing a bubble, but Owen couldn't resist being sneaky and popping his head in the picture! It makes me laugh every time I look at it. Such a pesky younger brother! 

Owen is super into building towers and finds all sorts of things to build his towers out of. 

Photobombed by my two year old during yoga recordings 

One night we went out with some friends to a cook your own dinner event. It was sort of like in the movie "Hitch". 

Big news with this little lady is that she lost her first tooth!!! It was so so loose one day after school but she was a bit scared to pull it out. So we just waited and then finally it was bugging her enough that she wanted to pull it out. I completely failed at the whole ordeal and it took us over 12 attempts to get it out with slamming the door. It finally came out and the tooth fairy paid us a visit that night! She has two more loose teeth! 

We have an ice-cream truck that comes by our house every Monday. Our little group of kids are always out ready for it to come! It's actually pretty awesome. 

I wish I could capture every sweet moment with these two. I don't know what their relationship will be like when they are older but for right now it's pure gold. June will do anything for Kate. She loves reading with her and being all grown up with Kate. June loves getting her dressed and just all around being her little buddy. I love their relationship right now!! My heart could burst! 

One day June bug set up a library. I heart her. 

We took Ranger for a walk one day but he's getting older and sometimes too tired to stay with us, so he gets to ride in the stroller for a quick break. Kate LOVED it! She adores her puppy. 

One night we had a girls night while Dan and Owen went to the Rangers baseball game. We made avocado masks, painted our nails and had a chick flick movie night. It was a lot of fun. 

The boys at the baseball game. Owen loved it and ate pretty much everything they had to offer at the ball park. Ok, not everything but Dan said the boy was an eating machine and wanted to try it all! 

One week June got hit by a pretty big flu bug and it knocked her out. It was miserable and she was so miserable. I felt awful not being able to do anything but just be there for her. 

One morning we had some front door visitors. Our front door camera was going nuts and I couldn't figure out why. Haha the geese from behind our house found their way to our front door. 

"Muffins with mom" at June's school one morning. 

Owen wanted a picture too. 

Well thats it! Just in time to do May's Randoms! 
We had a wonderful and busy April and things haven't slowed down AT ALL! Cannot wait for summer when life slows down and we get to enjoy some family time! 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spring Yoga Retreat 2018

After becoming a certified yoga teacher, I panicked a bit because I didn't really know what the future held for me. I was a bit scared to branch out and start actually teaching and being a leader in the yoga community instead of just a participant. But I am so grateful for my yogi girls who push me and help me realize my potential! I'm also so incredibly grateful for a husband who supported and helped me figure out what I wanted with this whole yoga adventure. 
Aside from wanting to teach in a class setting (Which I do) I started thinking of the idea of doing a yoga workshop or retreat. Well one day after taking yoga with one of my yogi besties we started talking about doing a workshop, then we pushed it even further and went with the idea of the retreat. I didn't think we would actually execute but we were both so excited about it that that following Saturday we were booking a house and getting started on a weekend yoga retreat. 

We spent the next handful of months prepping and getting everything ready! It was a lot of work and we were a bit nervous with this being our first one but we were positive and optimistic about the whole thing.  

Our goal for this retreat was just to see if we could successfully do it. We weren't in it for the money this round. It was just are we able to do it! But we exceeded our wildest expectations! The retreat went amazingly well!

We filled the retreat to capacity and had a full house of amazing women for the weekend.

Our swag bags for our guests. Funny story is that Kate decided to add a toy to one of the gift bags so a lucky guest got a plastic cupcake in her bag. It was funny! 
Anyways Friday we loaded up the car with everything including gift bags food and other essentials for our guests and headed down to Austin Texas for the weekend. 

Jenny and I were so grateful for our house! It was a perfect location and spot for what we were wanting out of this retreat. 

While waiting for our guests to arrive we went down to the dock and had fun doing some yoga pictures together. 

Snacks waiting out for our guests to arrive 

Traffic was a bit thick so most the women showed up a bit later than what was planned on the itinerary but totally fine. It all worked out for the best! 

Once everyone was settled in their rooms we started the retreat off with a yoga session led by Jenny. I  made dinner while the session was going on. 

While dinner cooked I did come down and do a few assists to help out Jenny. 

That evening we had our opening with an introduction, and what was to be expected for the weekend. We all just talked and enjoyed the night. Later we hopped in the hot tub and then called it a night. 

The next morning Jenny and I woke up and prepared breakfast while everyone slowly made their way from their rooms. 

We snacked a bit and then had our morning session of yoga led by me. 

After the yoga session we ate a bigger breakfast and then loaded up and headed onto some hiking trails. 

We hiked to the lake and then headed back home for some "alone time" where people could do whatever they wanted. Some people slept, others swam in the pool and some of us went down to the lake, did yoga and played around. It was a lot of fun. 

We then all gathered later in the day to do a healthy smoothie Q&A with Jenny. 

She cracked the coconuts and used the fresh juice from inside and then we all had smoothies with berries and granola in the coconuts as bowls. It was so refreshing, delicious and healthy! 

After our smoothies were all finished we had a yoga Q&A where the guests could ask any questions regarding yoga, how to get into yoga poses and work on poses they were interested in. It was so fun helping them figure out just how capable they are! I was so proud of one of our guests for figuring out she could do a headstand! 

Then we got ready for dinner and watched the sunset. It was so beautiful and we had the perfect spot to watch it! 

We then had a restorative shavasana with me and then enjoyed the night. 

The next morning we woke up, prepped for breakfast and then Jenny and I both led a morning yoga flow. Just to prepare us for the drive home. 

We then finished up with our closing remarks, had breakfast and then we packed up the house and said goodbye to our guests. 

Jenny and I stuck around for a bit to put the house back in order and of course to play and take some yoga pictures. The surrounding area was gorgeous! 

It was an awesome first retreat! We truly can't believe how smooth everything went and that we actually made a profit on it all. It was definitely worth all the hard work! 
We look forward to the next one coming in September!