Wednesday, April 12, 2017

House Update: Cabinets and Railing

So the house I feel has been at a standstill! I mean nothing is being done. I have been very impatient! While Dan was out of town I took a drive out there and still nothing. Well the walls were textured. But for reals. 
Today during Dan and I's lunch date, Dan suggested that we go out to the house. I really didn't want to go. I didn't want to drive out there again and see nothing done. We had the time so we took the drive. I was preparing myself for nothing being done. Yet again for another week. 
Well what a pleasant surprise it was when we walked into the house! We have Cabinets and there were so many workers there today! Thank goodness!! We are moving along! 

The kitchen! I mean this is just the beginning stages but it's starting to look like a kitchen! The pictures aren't that great. We were actually in the way of the workers. Haha! They were cool about it and really nice. 

I can't wait to get the backsplash in and counters, plus all the hardware!! It's going to be so beautiful!! 

They started putting up the railing too! 

And the upstairs desk is placed!

We are kicking ourselves for not checking our Master Bath but we really were in the way of all the tools and cabinet placing so we headed out.

We have the cabinets in the other bathrooms and in our laundry room. I can't wait to get out and see the progress next week! Any movement at this point is good movement! 

Portland and Home

So I'm blogging two different stories here, and it all happened in one weekend. I am also blogging from a third party point of view. I am only sharing what I was told happened over the weekend in Portland. 

I think it took Will (Dan's brother) and Dan all of 10 seconds to decide to go to the RadioHead concert happening in Portland. Will lives there so it just made sense for them to go see the band of their dreams. 
Dan then had the idea to bring June along and play with her cousins all weekend. I talked it over with my sister-in-law Jess and she was totally pumped about the idea, so we purchased two plane tickets and never looked back. We held off on telling June because she tends to get over excited and we knew she would be asking a million times over if it was time to go yet. So the night before we asked her if she would like to go with daddy to Portland. Of course she was thrilled and had a hard time falling asleep that night and she was awake at 6am the next morning! That right there is why we held off on telling her! Haha 

We packed her up and we headed out to drop her off to daddy's work. 

They were both so excited to be going off on an adventure just those two. 

Since it was just going to be Owen, Kate and myself for the weekend, I tried to make it special as possible for the little man. He was the oldest now and ran the house. After naps we went up to the mall and rode the carousal. He loved it!! 

Kate hated it! 

We then went to Build A Bear. Owen had never been so it was something small and special that we could do for him. 

Stuffing his bear 

Owen picked out a brown bear, and dressed him like a police officer! We named him Blue. 

We then hit up a big candy store, where I let him pick out some candy. He chose a Mario coin box. The kid loves Mario. He calls himself and Dan Mario Brothers. It's cute they bond over it. 

It was fun spending the day with him and having Kate as a tag along of course. 

We opened his coin box inside and there were the cutest little coins in it. I was in love. 

That night I put the kids to bed, did some stuff around the house and climbed into bed to watch a show. Owen suddenly came in and snuggled right up to me and fell back asleep. Oh man I didn't dare move because I didn't want the moment to end. We were both so content. I watched a couple of episodes of my show while my little man slept in my arms. It was a good night. 

We face timed the next morning. I really was missing June. Obviously I missed Dan too but I couldn't believe how much I relied on June for things and how much I socialized with her during the day. I missed her so much!! 

She was having so much fun with cousins. Dan said she hardly needed him at all! She was so big and independent! She also sipped back a Dr. Pepper. 

She played hard with her cousins

Meanwhile back in Texas we ran a few errands, shopped and ended up at the play place. 

We finished the night with dinner at McDonalds. 

Dan and Will went to a basketball game 

And more cousin play!

Church with the whole bunch! Including Kit! 

My Sis-in-law sent me this picture. Totally June! Singing and getting warm. Right where I expected her to be. 

For the main reason they went! Radiohead! I'm so glad that they got to go and enjoy the band!

Life long fans for sure! 

They traveled all day on Monday while us back in Texas went on with a regular Monday. 

From what I heard the trip was a blast! I love that my hubby can still rock out and enjoy doing the things he loves. Concerts are his go-to and where ever he wants to travel and whoever he wants to see, I will support it 100%!! 

They got back late Monday night and I couldn't put June down. I missed her so so much! Glad we are all back together and now getting ready for the next adventure! 

Monday, April 3, 2017

March Randoms

Well hello and goodbye March. Holy moly this month flew by! I can't believe it's already April and so many big things are coming!  AH!!! 

With A week being spent in Colorado and a week of Spring Break, we really don't have that many randoms to post this month. 

For one of our date nights we went and got pedicures. It was Dan's first ever pedicure. It was fun sitting with him and watching him enjoy. It's something that I can see us doing again. 

Kids just happily playing the latest Chick Fil A game. We literally have every game. Haha 

Little Kate has been rocking it on the leg department. She is getting stronger and more willing to stand everyday. She is starting to cruise around a bit and not completely hating moving her legs. I still think we are a long way off from walking. She just isn't there yet. Honestly, I really don't care. If this had been June I probably would have been freaking out, but I know that she is going to walk someday and she is progressing, so I'm happy to go at her speed. 

The little lady loves Ranger. She hugs him any chance she gets. 

Outside playing 

The weather has continued to be perfection which means literally everyday at the park. Meeting friends or just going on our own, we have definitely been living in the sunshine. 

One evening after a run. I love running our trails. I'll miss them. I will miss this view too. 

One stromy morning. The kids were doing their chores which sometimes leads us out to the garbages. We played in the rain for a bit. 

One afternoon Dan and I took the kids to the park where they could play and we could workout. My little mini me. This girl. I obviously know that no child is perfect, but truthfully, she's as close as they come for a child. Seriously, I cannot believe I have a daughter like her. 

More days spent at the park. Climbing trees, exploring and learning new things we can do. 

Literally one of the best date nights to date. This picture was taken after midnight. We were both tired and ready for bed. We partied hard. I loved every minute of it. 

Dan has been baking like crazy in our house. We ate four loaves of bread over the weekend. I couldn't even get a picture of the bread because we ate it too fast. He has the gift! 

Our April has a lot packed in it!! We won't be together at church pretty much all month. So I had the kids wear their new Easter clothes before actual Easter. 

One afternoon we made Easter cup bunnies. I didn't get a very good picture but they turned out cute. Owen turned his into a monster bunny with about 10 eye balls. 

June and I had a girls night and we went and saw Beauty and the Beast. We both loved it! I was surprised that June actually was catching on to the story even though we had never watched the cartoon version. 

When June is at school we spend a lot of our time playing games. Owen is so simple and easy to please. He's so content with so little.  I really like that about him. 

June had a Royal Feast at school. After seeing Beauty and the Beast June wouldn't stop talking about Belle's yellow dress. So I surprised her one day when she got home from school with the latest version of that yellow dress. Her reaction was priceless. I love those surprised moments! 

Owen wanted to be in the pictures too 

Kate woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and a nasty little cough. This poor girl, I feel is always sick. Goodness. 

After dinner and baths, the day was too beautiful so we headed outside and played until the sun went down. We were late to bed that night, but who cares! It was awesome!

Cleaning out the car which meant to these two goofs playing around 

More park days. One of our parks there are three slides that are really high up. The ladders are pretty steep to climb. Both June and Owen climbed those and loved the slides! June didn't want to stop! Another one of those afternoon park trips that turned into an evening at the park. 

There it is! All of March. 
Can't wait for April!