Friday, September 30, 2016

September Randoms

How is September over?! I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm a little anxious about October to be here. It's about to get insane for us Lancaster's  and I'm looking forward to the craziness and I'm also dreading it. But it's going to happen so I might as well go into with a good attitude! 

September was part of the calm before the storm. And it was a good month for us. Here is a glimpse of our month. 

Looking through family pictures that I'm putting into photo albums. I LOVE the kids looking at old pictures. I want them to know all about our life before they were here. One of the big reasons why I blog. Kate in the background is my favorite! 

 With Kate sitting up sturdy, we are able to bathe all three of them now. It's awesome and the kids love it. Kate LOVE'S her baths. She will sit and splash for ages! 

Ranger joined in too. He DOES NOT love baths! Hahaha 

They thought this was so funny to be sharing a towel 

One night after baths we had some time before bed, so we went to sonic to get shakes. June looks so old to me in this picture. And so much like her dad. 

We clearly like desserts in this house. June has this app on the iPad that you cook the cake in the game and then it gives you the recipe. She came to me one night and asked if we could make it. I figured, why not?! So we baked the cake. She did the majority of it on her own and was so proud! 

With June and Kate sharing a room, Kate goes to bed before June. We also let June stay awake and play in her room after bedtime as long as she doesn't wake up Kate. So she quietly sits next to her nightlight and plays so quietly. It's heart melting. I love this little girl so much and all she is and does. Soon she will have her own room and she is going to love it! 

Wednesdays Owen and June have school, which means we have all the freedom to do whatever we want. It also means lots of lunch dates with daddy!

Kate's new favorite game is to fall onto a pillow or the couch and then slowly slide down. She giggles and thinks its so funny! 

June is finally old enough to do MCO with me. So this year she will be performing in the same concert that I perform in. It's adorable and I LOVE her passion to sing. The girl sings everything! So it's been good for her to start using that talent. I truly hope its one that stays with her forever and she grows to love singing as much as I do! 

June is all about helping me as much as possible. Her choice! She wants to do everything for Kate and that includes changing diapers. She asks me every time if she can do it. It's a great thing for her to learn, so go for it! 

The kids feeding their cats... I don't know. My kids are weird. 

June asked me to take a picture of her and her cat asleep in her arms 

During dance class Owen most of the time falls asleep, so we sit in the car until dance is over. Kate gets to be my little front seat buddy. 

Playing at the library 

Sunday afternoon games. Including Uno Moo and Trouble 

Kate just sits and eats her blankets 

Birthday parties 

Chasing each other! So much laughter! 

They fight. Trust me. But they get a long more often than not. I'm grateful for that. 

June asked me to take a picture of her and the tower she made.

Sometimes Owen comes out from his room late at night. He's so innocent about it and so we cave and let him come snuggle with us for a while. It's so hard to say no to that face. 

Playing at play places 

Boogy noses but so happy! 

I grew up not liking spaghetti sauce. Still not a huge super fan of it and it looks like I passed that along to my children. So they have just plain noodles a lot of the time. They love it. Weird. But June started playing with them and spelling her name. It made me laugh 

And again she asked me to take a picture of her eating some ice-cream cake.  

Dan's Brother, Will and his wife Jess, sent us these pictures of their legos. They look just like us!! Then they put it in a story for us. 
We were hiking in the woods with Dans map and magic compass 

Dan gets lost 

I get angry 

Turn into the devil 

 And Dan ends up in the river 

Honestly we had a good laugh over it! It was kind of awesome!

I don't post videos due to the fact that it messes up my blog books, but this picture was taken from a video of Owen singing the alphabet and twinkle twinkle little star. He loves to sing too!! It helps him learn so much so I try to keep that going as much as possible! 

One night for dinner we made rainbow grilled cheese. It totally worked and I recommend you doing it! 

It was a huge success and the kids loved it!! We plan to make this a regular thing! 

The two of them cuddled on the couch watching a movie. It was cute to hear their little conversation and giggles. 

One was tired One is not. 

The girl loves to help. Which makes Owen want to help. So they feed Kate. It's great because I can get stuff done while she eats! 

 Let me tell you about this day. It was a chilly fall day for Texas. We had Nana Polly Pocket's (my mom) Chicken noodle soup in the crockpot, we had pumpkin candles burning and banana bread in the oven. It was a cozy fun day and it made me so excited for the cold season to come! 

Lately I have been seeing this little boy in a new light. I just see him growing up. His manners are changing, his vocabulary is booming and he's becoming more confident and less whiney. It makes for easier days. I caught him one night after bedtime coloring in bed. It was cute how he was laying on his tummy. Guys, I really love this little boy so much! 

They don't come much better than these three and they are mine.  I have the best. 

Waiting in the car for June Bug!

More birthday fun! 

Of course Owen wins the jackpot. He wins EVERY TIME!! 

She's special. 

And our adult friends int he background are special too. 

Little besties. It's going to be hard not living right up the road from them. We will take advantage of being so close for as long as we can. We are so grateful for such good little friends. 

Owen didn't like his cupcake at all! 

This picture kills me! I mean she is such a little outcast in her pink leotard and then her pose compared to the other girls, but yet she doesn't care, she just keeps going and practicing her own moves. It's so funny watching her! 

September was good. Now let October come and let the crazy, anxious and exciting times roll!