Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lancaster's Come to Visit!

In between the kids birthday's, Dan's parents came into town. We always love having family come to see us and the kids were especially thrilled to have grandma and grandpa here to celebrate birthdays! 

They flew in Wednesday night, a bit later in the evening, so Dan took June to go meet them at the airport while I stayed home with little OD. June was very excited to be out on a little adventure just her and daddy. She always feels extra special when she gets to do things like this without her brother tagging along! 

Dan and June took them to their hotel and called it a night since it was a long day of traveling, plus it was pretty late. We were excited to start playing the next day though.

June had school that Thursday. Dan had taken half days off of work, so he went and picked up his parents before lunch and then came over to the house. It wasn't too long before we needed to go pick June up from school. Grandpa and I loaded in the car to go pick her up...
June was beyond thrilled to have Grandpa pick her up in her class. She was so so excited and all the other little kids were asking where their grandpa's were. It was pretty funny and June felt special! She loved showing him around. 

When we got home, we let Owen sleep for a little bit longer and then we opened June's birthday Present from Grandma and Grandpa. 

June teaching Grandpa and Daddy a new song and actions that she had learned at school. It was just too cute! I mean I was so in love watching her teach them this song. It was a heart tender moment for sure. June felt so proud for teaching them all by herself too. 

Later that night, June had a soccer game scheduled, but of course the weekend we have family in town, it does nothing but rain. Literally. Everyday it rained. As we were all loaded in the car ready to go, I got the phone call that cancelled her soccer game. Since we were already loaded in the car and a little restless from being in the house all afternoon, we decided to go to DQ and grab some ice-cream.

Grandma and June dancing!

That night, June had a little extra iPad time with grandma 

Then she crashed in our bed. A regular thing these days. 

Friday we all went and had lunch then made our way downtown to the Dallas aquarium. We had never been there before and since it was so rainy and our outside plans were kinked, we decided it was a perfect thing to do. 

Owen was so intrigued with this waterfall. It was really pretty.


 Then the animals just kept getting larger and larger! It was awesome!

Owen liked the catfish best!

Under the tunnel of fishes

 My adorable little lady. It's funny because when you ask her to smile she gives you this really weird looking grin... hahaha so I love capturing her true little innocent smile. 

June definitely set her own pace at the aquarium and was flying through everything. Everyone mostly stayed back to look at animals, but I followed June wherever she wanted to go. We came to this turkey and there was this feather sitting right outside of it. June tries to give the feather back to the turkey and says "Here ya go birdie, don't you want your pretty feather back?!" It was adorable. 

We also had a fun little selfie session the flamingos. They have always been her favorite! 

Owen was intrigued with everything. He also is the type that will sit and repeat himself until you acknowledge what he is looking at. No word of lie, he will say plane 50 times if you don't look up and see the plane. He just really doesn't want you to miss out! 

Saturday was Owen's Birthday. Since I already blogged about that, you know exactly what we did on this day. Haha But here are a few photos that were also taken on Saturday. 

Father and Son! 

Family Selfie

Shoulder rides 

Sunday it was still pretty rainy and cold. Both June and I weren't feeling all that well, but we managed to make it to church. We took care of our church responsibilities and then settled in the house for the day. Like I said, we were trapped inside most of the week because of all the rain. Sunday was no exception to the cold drizzle. 
June and I cuddled up together for a nap. It  was great and well needed. 

Monday, Dan went to work and then picked up his parents from their hotel. June woke up with a fever and body chills, so she was pretty much out for the day. I spent most of my day trying to not feel like death because I too was sick, but still tending to my little lady. She is so incredibly clingy and needy when she gets sick. 

Dan and Brenda went shopping while the little ones rested, along with myself taking another snooze, while Greg tended to the house on his own. 
The sun peeked out a little bit later that day, so we spent some time out on the tramp just talking and hanging out. We had dinner and then called it a night. The Lancaster's had an early flight that next morning. 

Dan took his parents to the airport that morning before heading to work. And just like that, they left as quickly as they came. It's always sad to see family leave. It makes you realize just how awesome it would be to live closer to at least some family, but it's also very fun having them come and see your world as well!

The kids were sad when they realized grandma and grandpa were gone, but we promised that we would see them soon. It was a great visit and we appreciated them making the time to come and see us, even though we did tell them the weather was going to be warm, when it actually ended up being rainy and cold the whole time! Sorry Lancaster parents! 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

My little One's Stats at 2 & 4!

On top of all the crazy things going on, the little one's had their yearly check up! Our Pediatricians office had literally just moved a few days before their appointment and they were still working out some of their kinks, so we had a pretty long wait in the office. Thankfully, the babes seemed to hold it together. 


Weight: 28lbs (4th Percentile) 
Height: 37.3 Inches (8th Percentile) 
Still my itty bitty little thing. 

She was loving her gown! She also had to do a special hearing test, which she passed, and she did her very first eye exam! She ROCKED that! Honestly, I couldn't see half the shapes she was pointing out from across the room... might be time I head to the eye doctor. 


Weight: 26lbs (25th Percentile)
Height: 33.3inches (21 Percentile) 
He has slowed down on his growth. But nothing to be worried about. 
Owen had to get his sucker early from the nurse so that he would cooperate through his exam. Thankfully he only had to get mist up the nose and blood drawn from his finger. NO SHOTS! WOOT! 

June on the other hand had to get four shots! It was a doozy for sure!! 
She was just so so cute sitting on that table! 

And then shots happened. Oh they happened big! This little girl does not handle shots well! We were in tears pretty much the rest of the day! It was so bad for her she ended up falling asleep mid tears and slept for a solid 3 hours. And yes... I'm a totally horrible mom for snapping a picture while she was in tears. 

Just glad to see that the babes are in full happy healthy little bodies and continue to grow! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two and Four

June and Owen's yearly pictures. 
Owen age 2
June age 4