Monday, August 19, 2013

30 Week Update

Well I am about to hop on a plane in a few hours, with a beautiful 22 month old and a big round belly in front of me. We are taking a trip to visit Nana and Papa in Idaho! Could be an interesting flight but we are so ready to get there. It has been over 8 months since I have been home and that is WAY TO LONG.... I am very excited. I thought I better get my 30 week update done before we head out of town. 

Yep! 30 Weeks! WOOT WOOT.... 

Seriously this pregnancy is flying by, and I feel like I haven't even had time to really think about having another baby! I mean TWO kids.... It's quite exciting and I need to really start mentally preparing. I felt like I truly was mentally prepared with June and it helped immensely transitioning into motherhood. So, I think that with only 10 weeks left, I better start thinking about getting ready for the mister! 

Trust me. When we are taking belly pics, its not like the first picture is the greatest.... Dan told me I was standing weird... So I gave him my best normal stance without arching my back. It's really hard and I ended up looking like a hunched over sad looking lady. I had to put it on the blog. Everyone has bad pictures, but I think we only post the good ones, because who wants to see pictures like this: 

Now for the update! 


FAR ALONG AND MEASUREMENTS: I am 30 weeks and one day pregnant! Since last time I have gained 7 pounds! 7!!! Holy cow that was quite the jump, but I am still 2 pounds lighter than I was with June, so I am doing my best to just keep working out and trying to stay active, though it is getting harder being so big, and not having the energy.... I mean I am out of breath just by picking up June! 
It's good though. My Doctor tells me I am doing great and Dan tells me I'm beautiful everyday, so that helps! 

EMOTIONS: I'm a little more tempered and I seem to get really frustrated over things that make absolute no sense. It's a little weird. Like just yesterday I got super frustrated because the wii remote wasn't charged and I really wanted to play Mario Kart. I seriously pouted for a good hour about it. Pathetic. 

CRAVINGS: Nothing crazy weird. Just normal eating. I am eating cereal like it's about to go off the shelves forever. We cannot keep enough cereal in the house. I have made the switch to a little more healthy cereal because I was eating nothing but sugar deliciousness,  like Captain Crunch, So I am getting better at eating whole grain cheerios and Chex. I still get at least one sugary cereal. I never was good at quitting things cold turkey. 

LOVE MOST: Of course his movement. It's becoming more pushes and drags across my stomach, and he will move so much, until you put your hand on my stomach and then he just suddenly stops. It's so frustrating to Dan because he will be moving like crazy, and I will hurry and grab Dan's hand and he gets so excited, then he won't kick anymore.... hahaha it's a little funny! 

SCARED ABOUT: I honestly haven't had the time to think about being scared of things.... I am definitely more sad about the realization it's not just going to be June and I anymore. I seem to hold her a little tighter and night, and try to take advantage of every adventure we have, just me and her. So that's been a little saddening, and gosh June is just such a good little girl and so behaved, what if he is crazy?!?! 

                                    UPDATE: BABY BOY

HOW FAR ALONG AND MEASUREMENTS: My last doctors appointment, we didn't get a measurement of the baby. We did hear his heart beat, which is 144 bpm. Good strong little beat for the man. He supposedly is 18in and 3.2 lbs. The size of a butternut squash. He's just growing, growing, growing! Next appointment we get to do a sonogram and I will get to do one at my mom's office too! I get to see him a lot this month! Very excited about that!

NAME: I hate choosing names... Boy names are so incredibly hard. We have it dwindled down to a few names and we are calling him by one specific name just to see the tone of it and if the name fits in our family. June calls the baby by this name, so we decided that we will just keep calling him it and if we aren't sick of it by the time he's here, than that's what we will call him! So far so good!

RANDOM THINGS: Um nothing really too random. We have been doing great and staying crazy busy through the summer. I am actually looking forward to settling down and really getting to work on all baby things, once I get back from Idaho. We have a TON to do and we are really running out of time! I just can't believe I have only 10 weeks left! I am getting more and more excited and nerves are also starting to creep in. We have been working with June to walk everywhere instead of being carried so she can be more ready when I need to be carrying a car seat. It's going pretty good and we are trying our very hardest to involve her in all the baby things and not let her feel left out. I don't think she quite understands, but I would rather involve her and not have her get it, than just act like she isn't apart of it at all. Things are just good. I love it!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Random Photos of Life

Just a little photo dump of every day life. 

Sunday cuddles

Playing with Friends at Little Elm Beach

Trips to Ikea for little girl furniture

Baking delicious things

Outside and in the pool  EVERYDAY! 

Some I-pad time with Sally

Many Days Spent at the water Park

Library trips and story time with her little buddies

Fort Fridays 

Many errands just me and her... Also LOTS of shaved Ice! 

Summer has amazing and thankfully we still have lots of fun things to do. It's getting a little too hot right now to be outside like we have been, but we are still soaking in as much as summer as we can before it's too late! My absolute favorite summer and I'm sure it only gets better!