Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Randoms

July is over! It's crazy that school starts up in less than a month and Fall will be upon us shortly after. I love the fall, but man we are having a fantastic summer and I'm not ready to say goodbye just yet. 

Our July was low key and super fun. I was a bit worried because we didn't have any major big plans, but it has turned out to be the funnest month. It's been casual, full of fun and friends and lots of exciting things rolling in. Dan and I both have been in a great state of mind, Owen is making huge improvements (Post about that soon) and June and Kate have been my little sweets.  It's just simply been a good month. 

We of course have been living in the pool. These two. I love it. It gives me a break and it builds a better relationship for them!

Just chillin' one afternoon 

June had daddy's headphones on and connected them to the white pair. She put the white ones in Kate's ears and was singing to her. 

A friend was moving out of her house and gave us a bunch of dress up clothes that her older daughter no longer wears. June has LOVED it.  

Owen's sleep has been improving more and more. We are working on it and thankfully what we have been doing seems to be working. Except when his stubbornness refuses a nap and then a half hour later he comes and crashes on my lap. I secretly don't mind. 

Dan's coworker gave us A TON of princess and fairy stuff from Disney world. It was like Christmas when Dan came home from work one day. It's been so fun! 

One morning we ran to the park and while we were there, the city workers came and were chopping up huge tree branches. Owen couldn't take his eyes off the machinery. Such a boy!

A Saturday afternoon, we took the kiddos to a movie. Our first movie all together. It went surprisingly well! Kate ended up falling asleep in my arms and Owen and June chomped their popcorn and watched the entire movie. 

My little Sunday buddy in the mother's lounge. Which smells. The mother's lounge, not the baby. 

Random days at the library. 

More swimming with friends 

This picture is one of my favs. It's just summer and I love it!

The kids yelling back and forth at each other and laughing so hard about it. 

Climbing into the crib and pretending they are babies. I have to give them pretend bottles so they stop crying. 

One awesome day after the gym, I was driving home and heard a loud thunk. I ran over some large metal shard and slashed my tire. Thankfully, Toyota roadside assistance came to my aid and quickly got it changed. Too bad my tire was completely ruined, but thankful we were going slow enough and not on the freeway. The kids also thought it was pretty cool to watch a tire be changed. 

A random Friday night we went to Panic! At the Disco and Weezer. The concert was AMAZING!! 

We literally have the best little babysitter. Like you should all be jealous that she doesn't babysit your kids. June and Owen ADORE her and they always do the funnest crafts. Every time we come home, there is something tasty waiting for us or a craft they made. Plus she completely cleans my house. I truly love her. 
They made these flour bead necklaces. 

Oh what? You're shocked that we are swimming in the pool?! Hahaha
Just more fun with friends 

Best story: We put the kids to bed, Dan and I are in our bedroom getting in our pajamas and talking. About a half hour later, we hear little feet pitter pattering back to a room. Owen. 
We went to investigate. He came back out and we asked what he was doing. He went into the kitchen and showed us, that he grabbed a chair and climbed on the counter to grab a kingsize Reeses Peanut butter cup package. Opened it (somehow) and ate ALL FOUR PIECES! We couldn't do anything but laugh. He was so innocent about it. 

Don't worry, Kate is still the best baby ever! 

This picture will appear someday down the road. I will smile and probably have a little tear in my eye from him being such a little boy in my high heels. He will be mortified as I show this to his future wife.  

We have done our fair share of keeping our local shaved ice place in business. 

I had a particularly stressful day with certain responsibilities and I was coming down with a nasty head cold, so I decided to take a soak. Dan came in a bit later with a cup of hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate anytime of the year, but I loved how he put whipped cream on it and even shaved some chocolate on it. He knows me. 

A classic morning. Owen refusing to eat his breakfast at the table, he takes it to some random place and then Ranger eats most of it. 

One particular day, June was watching a movie, Kate fell asleep in her bouncer before I could get her down for a nap and Owen randomly came and fell asleep on the couch. It was a blissful two hours. So quiet! 

We've been feeding Kate little pieces of food and this particular moment was some melted chocolate. It was so cute to watch her little face! She of course loved it! 

More shaved ice! 

This summer we have been working on being more self reliant. More for June, but Owen has to do everything June does, so he gets to learn too. It's been fun watching what they can do. And surprising! 

One afternoon, we got home late from our morning outing. Owen was yelling he had to go pee so bad and Kate was crying because she was hungry and it was nap time. So I quickly took Owen potty and then went into Kate's room to feed her and get her down for her nap. Once I got her down, I came into the kitchen to start lunch and there was June, sitting at the table with her lunch already made! I was shocked and SO PROUD OF HER! She did it all on her own! She was extremely proud of herself as well! Now she makes her own lunches basically everyday. By her request. 

After swimming, it's easier to just throw everyone in the shower with me. We all get clean. That includes Kate. She loves it.

Kate caught my cold and its the saddest thing. She has had a pretty nasty cough too which we have had to keep our eye on. Where she had RSV earlier this year, I'm more cautious of it. We don't want to end back in the hospital again. So we have been watching her more carefully. That means naps in mom's arms. 

Painting nails. She can do that by herself too now. When did she get so big?! 

One Saturday night we ran a 5k with some friends. It was at Hawaiian Falls water park. It started and ended there and then we had admission to the water park for the night. It was so much fun without kids to just play in the water and go on any ride. We seriously had a blast. The run was fun too. Dan and our friends kicked my trash, but it's ok. I'm a slow runner, but at least I run. 

We have had these crazy thunderstorms blow in, but the rain has been incredibly warm. The kids love playing out in it. So why not?! 

Playing at our museum with friends and racing cheetahs. 

Plus getting our clothes soaking wet while eating lunch 

I wish I could really tell you how much this girl loves to sing. We signed her up to do the children's choir in the Millennial Choir that I am in. She is so excited!

And days just spent at home playing in the playroom after naps and just living. I actually think Owen is still trying to wake up from his nap here. Haha 

For some reason June thought this was so funny! 

Kate is officially rocking the solids. She is loving sweet potatoes and sort of liking bananas. The kids fight over who gets to feed her and it usually turns into mashed food all over the place, but they love to help and I'm trying to really let them help around the house and help with Kate. 

And more shaved ice 

Most naps spent in diapers after swimming and plus it's hot. And she loves being wrapped around with her blanket. 

So it's been a lot of randomness this month and I've loved it. We look forward to the fun things planned ahead but sometimes the best days are those that are completely random and full of possibilities. Most of those possibilities can only last a few hours at a time due to nap schedules. Haha