Thursday, March 30, 2017

House Update: Brick

I feel like we are at the part that people warned us about. How quickly the house goes up but then how painfully slow everything from then on feels. There is so much that has to be checked before they can move on to the next thing. So many inspections!! I am extremely grateful for those inspections because I know our house will be built right but it's so so so so hard to be patient! 

We finally have seen some movement on the house though and supposedly all "walk through" changes we made have been corrected. So it's now time for cosmetics. 
Now comes the part where we stress out with everything because it was all OUR CHOICE! So if we don't like something then it's our fault! Eek! 

We did our normal weekly drive out to the house and saw brick being placed, ready to be slabbed on the house. My heart skipped a beat! As we got closer and closer my heart sank in my chest because the brick looked SO RED!! I about had a heart attack! I told Dan they obviously made a mistake. We didn't choose this brick! It's all wrong! 
Getting up close though we realized that just the actual brick is red, not the pattern that our house will be. I was still super nervous about the whole thing and worried that we weren't going to like it. 

Thankfully everything is turning out fantastic! We love the brick color and we are so relieved that it's not red! Hahaha could you imagine!? 

So now we just keep on waiting and being impatient. 

In the mean time we are getting our house ready to sell. Our realtor doesn't seem to be in a rush to get it on the market, Dan and I are freaking out a bit... Ok a lot more than a bit. Hahaha but we trust our realtor and hope it sells in the proper timing. 

Dan kicked butt on house improvements while we were in Colorado. He basically painted the whole house, including the girls' room which was pink and white stripe. I miss it. I feel like we are in this weird limbo. We have taken down majority of our pictures and items hanging on the wall. 

Owen asks everyday if the house is ready. I'm not sure if he is aware of what is actually going to happen when it is ready. I'm so nervous about that transition for the kids. I mean it has to eventually happen, and the younger they are the better, but it's still hard. That part I am not looking forward to. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 Bluebonnets

2017 Bluebonnets!
I'm pumped to have it done early this year. Last year I waited way too long and the majority of the flowers were trampled on. 
Love me some bluebonnet pictures! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break 2017

This year I was a bit worried about spring break. We were just coming home from a trip, we were two hours off our normal body time because of the time change in Colorado and plus day light savings, so I was holding my breath for this week of being all together all the time. It Truly exceeded my expectations. It was honestly such a fun relaxing week. 

We didn't get home from Colorado until Monday night so that day was pretty much shot. 

Tuesday we all slept in until 10am! It was magical. I don't even remember Dan leaving for work. I was the first one awake and each kid slowly started to stir. It really was lunch time before we actually got going. We needed the sleep. 
Tuesday was our lounge day. Shake off our trip and get caught up on Laundry. 

We watched Moana for the millionth time and yet we still aren't sick of it. I might say I like it better than Frozen. Maybe...  I even sat down and watched it with them. I also may have closed my eyes for a while. I was so tired from Colorado. 

After our movie we painted flower pots to put some flowers in. I'm not doing a lot of gardening or flowers this year, we are moving and will save it for our new house, but I also couldn't just leave things so bland. So we planned to do a few in the front yard. 

Daddy came home and we made it to our body attack class. I was drained but desperately needed to get back to the gym. 

Wednesday we woke up a bit more earlier and started our day. We went and got flowers for our pots, along with some other things we needed.

It was colder than I was expecting so we planted our flowers inside 

Later that day we had friends over. My friends stayed too. We made cookies and drank chocolate and regular milk. The kids played while I got to catch up with my friends. It was a great afternoon. 

Wednesday nights are my free nights. I spent it at the gym. I ran for a while and then worked on some yoga. I can't believe how lazy I have been and it shows. 

Thursday morning I had planned to go to yoga, but for some reason I just really wanted to stay with the kids and do what they wanted. I don't get weeks like this very often, so we skipped yoga, grabbed lunch and played at the park well into nap time. Poor Kate could barley keep her eyes open by the time we were leaving. 

After quiet time we met up with our friends and played at another park. I got caught up in talking that I didn't snap any pictures. The kids were having a blast and it was a new park we had never been to before. So it made it even more fun for the kids. 
Dan went out and saw a movie and I got the house back in order and enjoyed a quite night at home. 

Friday Dan came home early, well earlier than his normal early, and we all took June to dance. We went straight to Klyde Warren Park and spent the rest of the day there. Eating and playing.

June wanted to pose with the tree 

They were pretending to be stuck in jail. Owen's face kills me. 

The local food trucks are our favorite. We love their ice-cream sandwiches. 

Dan was taking a picture and I wasn't sure if I was in it or not, So I gave a good half smile. Hahaha failed picture 

We were right by the game cart so we played some games 

We taught June how to play "Guess Who". She loved it so so much. We ended up getting it for our house. 

Friday was also St. Patricks day. We didn't do a scavenger hunt this time but we did have a very green breakfast for dinner. 

Saturday we went up to our mall where they do fun little shows for the kids. Dan had to go get some stuff, so I stayed with the kids while he went and shopped. 

These kinds of things are not Owen's favorite, but the toy area was being cleaned so he had to sit and watch. He was bored the whole time. He kept folding in half in his chair and melting like it was the end of the world. I was just laughing! 

We went and played at the play place after the show was over and then got lunch at McDonalds. 

 Nap/quiet time was spent in the car driving out to the new house. We had some stuff we needed to take out to our storage locker and we wanted to see if any progress had been made. 

After the house and kids woke up, we went and did some Costco shopping. I really only go to Costco with Dan. Guys, I'm so freaking attached to this man. Costco is just much more fun with him, so I usually save the trip for the weekend. 

Once we got home, we realized how hot it was outside, so we got our swimsuits on and went to play in the pool. The water is still chilly. Ok, the water is still really cold but the kids love it and they don't care what temperature it is. 

I love that us. I really do. We always joke how lucky we got because we really knew nothing about each other when we got married. Plus the first year is always an adjustment, so how we got so lucky to fit so perfectly together and balance each other out is beyond me. But I'm so glad it happened that way! 

Kate and her little curls. I love them all day long  

I really didn't want the day to end and we squeezed as much sunlight as we could until it went down. We played endless games of red light, green light and played hard. It was a really good day and I didn't want it to end. 

Sunday had to come and slowly was back to reality. 
I wad ward council that morning and then church, then back home. 1pm church is hard. The day just feels wasted. It's tiring and exhausted. I leave church feeling exhausted. I'm not a fan of leaving the church that way, but for right now it's just how it is. For some reason this particular Sunday was extra hard. I'm really really looking forward to our new time in May/June

Kate and I went outside to enjoy a little quietness just me and her. She loved the flowers. 

My little sweet June, Oh how she has grown. She really wanted to help with dinner, so I thought instead of her usual help (Setting the table, ripping up lettuce or cutting veggie's) She could do the cooking. She loved it!!! We had a safety course first and went over the rules dealing with the stove. She didn't miss a thing and followed all the rules exactly. Such a little rule follower. She really made dinner. Bang-Bang Chicken, noodles and rice with peas and broccoli. It's her favorite meal. 

Kate went to bed incredibly early that night because she doesn't get her usual nap. We played a few games with the kids and put them to bed. Dan and I stepped outside for a while and enjoyed the quite. It was such a beautiful night. 

Spring break was fantastic. I loved it. I really did. I was even more worried of getting back into normal life, but weirdly enough it's been ok today. Let's see what happens when school starts back up and schedules become a bit more busy!

Thanks Spring Break! You were exactly what we needed!!