Tuesday, April 30, 2013


June turned 18 months and that means nursery at church! Most people feel super excited to be able to drop their kids off at nursery, and actually be able to attend the rest of the meetings in peace and quite. I was excited too, until we actually went to drop her off. Then I couldn't hold back the tears. I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy hormones, or just the thought of June continuing to grow up and there is nothing I can do about it, but it was rough. I was crying, June was crying, Dan trying to comfort us both. We were quite the sight at church. June had just as a hard time letting go though. She sticks to us like glue, so leaving her wasn't the easiest thing for her to cope with. Last sunday we were all just a bunch of cry babies. 
      This past Sunday went so much better! No tears, and we actually got June to participate in all the activities. I did have to stay in the room, but she didn't have to sit on my lap the whole time. I stayed on the far side of the room. She had fun as long as she could see me every once in a while. 

It is fun having her in there. Watching her eat her little snacks with the other kids, and how excited she gets when it's singing time. I am hoping that nursery gets easier and that one day one of us wont have to be in there with her. I would like this to happen before Fetus #2 comes but we will see! 

After 4 years...

The end of our Waco, TX era. It's weird to think that it has been 4 years since I met these incredible people. How they became my family from so far away from home. We all met as poor college students with little in our bank accounts, and no children in our arms, and how much we all have changed in the past 4 years. 

Our husbands have now all finished school. Two Lawyers, a Phycologist, and a Geologist. We are now all moving or have moved on to bigger and more life changing adventures. We all helped each other survive those nights where our husbands were at school until the next morning, celebrated holidays together, and kept each other entertained while two of our husbands were off on internships for the summer. 

Really truly they made Waco, Tx home. It is sad that soon none of them will be there, but I will always love Waco. 

This was taken at my baby shower back in October 2011. 

This past weekend we headed down to Waco for one last shin-dig together. We all just met for pizza, talked, and laughed. It was a great afternoon and we are so grateful for friends who really became our family. 

Now in April 2013. 

None of us had children when we first joined forces, and now 4 toddlers are running around, a baby in arms, and another one on the way. 

The husbands

Waco was my first love to Texas. I NEVER want to leave this great State. I am absolutely in love with living in Dallas, and I really hope that we stay Texans forever. There is no greater state that shows their love and pride! GOD BLESS TEXAS!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The 2013 Blue Bonnets

It's that time of year in Texas to go hangout in some wild flowers. The Blue Bonnets. It's just what you do here in this great State.  We almost didn't take any this year, but I knew that I would be super disappointed if I didn't take some. I decided last minute to load June up in the car and head out to the fields. I was a little worried I was to late in the season and that they would be all gone, but we found a field still full of them! In the end, I'm glad I was able to snap a few shots!

So here you have the 2013 Blue Bonnet Pictures. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pregnant. Round 2.

So here we are again. Pretty much exactly two years from where we were last time. Pregnant.

I took a pregnancy test just for the heck of it one morning, and low and behold it was positive. I stared at it for a good 10 minutes, while June was begging for me to come get her out of her crib.

I wasn't expecting a positive. In fact it was a pregnancy test that I had from June, so it was expired. That's why I thought it probably was defective. I didn't have any other tests besides expired one's, so I had to wait until Dan got home, but I didn't want to tell him because I was worried he would get all excited and then I wouldn't really be pregnant. I can't handle a Dan sad face.  So I bit my tongue for a good week. I AM THE WORST SECRET KEEPER EVER, it was painful not sharing!!

I finally got 6 tests and they were all positive. At this point I went into a little bit of a panic mode. No word of lie. Panic. I had to tell Dan, but I wanted it to be fun for him. I took him out to eat, and handed him a gift. Inside was a dinosaur (I gave one to him with June as well) and a T-Shirt that said "Father of Two coming soon".   He was shocked. He just kept saying. "No, are you serious? No Wait, for real?, are you really? Oh my gosh 2?"
It was so fun to surprise him like that!

Last pregnancy I didn't even know I was pregnant with June until 12 weeks so I was able to tell people right away, but this go around I had to wait, and wait and wait and wait! I literally about died! I ended up telling a few people. Dan just laughed. He knows my weakness for a secret. But I thought I did pretty good.

Made it to 13.5 weeks. It's a wonderful thing to have it out in the open.

I am out of the first trimester and I am so happy! I was way more sick this pregnancy than I was with June, so it's so nice to have energy again, not feel sick every waking moment. I love being pregnant and I am so excited to be on round 2.

we are all super excited!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zoo Day

I realize that most of our pictures at the zoo are of June pointing, and Dan and June's backs. haha I just love her pointing at all the animals... OK on with my post. 

The zoo. We really enjoy the zoo, but well, lets be honest. No matter how big, or nice your zoo is, it's kinda all the same. With a child though, it's a whole new experience. I have never been to the zoo with June before, and it was so fun to watch her excitement and get a little scared when the animals got to close. It just was so funny to watch her. 

Saturday was a beautiful day. Not to hot, and a light breeze. Perfect for the zoo. It was really nice to be able to spend some time as a family. Things have been crazy around here, and Dan and I have been going in all different directions, that Sunday night comes and we realize we haven't spent anytime together. If you know Dan and I, you know that just isn't our style. So it was so great to just be together and have a little adventure with June. We need as many as those as we can get! 

We probably spent most of the time at the flamingos. June loved those funny birds, and she just couldn't get enough of them. 

We tried walking away...

But we ended back up at the flamingos. 

Zebra. June and Dan. June and Dan looking at the zebra. 

I always have to post pictures of the elephants. Dan loves them. 

June was having blast at this point in the day 

If it's a different texture to walk on, June will be all over it. She takes it as a challenge. And yes, she has a flamingo shirt on. totally planned. 

Train ride up to the Old Town Texas. Ice cream, fudge, suckers. We were sick after... and a little more chubby. 

The girl was out before we even left the parking lot. 
 This has nothing to do with the zoo, but I just loved it so much. Them, just loving our pup. I heart them so much!

Friday, April 19, 2013

June and Her Wagon

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day. We cancelled all plans and stayed inside to play all day! It was just too cold! 

When day's like this happen, we spend probably 90% of the day in June's playroom. Building forts, chasing Ranger, and yes, playing in the wagon. 

June got this wagon from Grams and Gramps Mendenhall for Christmas, and at first, she didn't really take much interest in the thing, until she realized that she can climb inside and sit perfectly. June is such a meek little thing, She is timid and likes to make sure I'm around. She isn't obnoxious, and doesn't feel the urge to attack everything insight.  she sits and reads books, plays with her toys, and does really well playing by herself. I really have no clue how we got such a well behaved child! I can only imagine what the next one will be like! Heaven help us all! We have our moments with the little squirt, don't get me wrong, but they don't happen a lot. 

Her wagon has become her go to sit spot. She sits in there to play with any toy, she loves to sit and read in her wagon, all her snacks are eaten in it and she puts all her dolls in there and pushes them across the floor. She even asks for you to sit in there with her, we tried once... and only once. No further comment. 

She is pretty incredibly adorable. She wins all adorableness awards. 

Anyways, I just wanted to make a little note of June and her wagon. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our Season Starter at the Ball Park

Summer. Its coming. I feel giddy and excited the thought of whats to come this season. Lots of fun things planned for these warm months, and everything is even better because we have a little one trotting behind us. I am ready for summer.

Summer is sitting by the pool, lots of BBQ's with friends, and lots and lots of baseball games.

We started our baseball season with Texas Ranger's vs. Tampa Bay Rays.

Dan's company was being appreciated by another company for being loyal customers. So that meant free food, face paint, balloon animals, and bouncy houses, PLUS free tickets to the game! SCORE.

It was a great way to start the season. We met up with some of Dan's friends and chilled before the game started.

"Daddy, I told you a hundred times that I don't want the rest of your hot dog. GOSH."
Is this what she is saying? 

Stupid kid photo bombing my picture. Ya that's right, I called him stupid. If he is old enough to smile in a photo bomb picture, than he's old enough to know to not get in it... No really It's kinda funny!

Our seats were second row on the 3rd base side. The sun was pelting down on us until about 7:30. We were dying of heat and it shows in June's little red cheeks. But once the sun went down it was a beautiful night for baseball.

About 7:45 June started to crash. Her normal bed time is 7. We knew she would get passed her little sleepy phase, so we just let her lay there until she was actually asleep or until her happy mode set back in.

The end of the night came with a Ranger victory! YAY! 

We seriously love our baseball. We are excited to go to many more games and to hopefully make it to the play offs this year in October! 
If only you knew how much these two really are best friends

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A bee with long legs and the size of a bat... To remember!

So last night.
It was around midnight, and we had just gotten done watching "Doctor Who". I was extremely tired. I have no idea how I even made it midnight! We rocked it on the whole landscaping thing yesterday, and were digging, and planting things pretty much all day. So I was beat!
I honestly don't even remember falling asleep, but I all of the sudden look up and I swear I see a bee with long legs that is the size of a bat. I don't panic or scream. I for some reason just start steam rolling over Dan. Trying to get away from this giant thing that's flying by the side of my bed. I just keep steam rolling him. Dan is half asleep, wondering what in the world is going on. I roll out of bed on his side and start crouching, trying to not get hit by this thing. I am telling Dan that it doesn't belong in the house. He said go into the bathroom and shut the door. At this point I am basically on my knees. I was so scared to go into the bathroom in fear it had gone in there. I looked at the clock and it was only 12:30. There is no way I fell asleep. This is real! I literally would not stop crouching.
    Dan Turns on the light. There is nothing there. Literally nothing. I finally come to my senses and realize it was a dream. "Doctor Who" got the best of me and when I realized what was actually happening, I just climbed back into bed and started laughing hysterically. Dan just stared in disbelief that this was happening. My dreams have been so real lately, but never like this where I actually act on it. 
Anyways I just want to remember this night. Remember how awkwardly funny it was, That I have a good husband who will protect me no matter what, and how real that bee with long legs that was the size of a bat really was.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter.... What else!?

So obviously it was Easter Weekend! And that's what I have to blog about. Easter.

Um... I have been horribly off on taking pictures! my i-phone camera is on the fritz (taking it in on Friday) and I have a nasty little habit of leaving my DSLR on all the time, so the battery is Dead! So you get gritty, horribly looking i-phone photos to look at. My bad.

Dan had "Good Friday" off which is always fun to have him home one extra day. Though he only works half day Fridays anyways,  so he usually is home by noon, but still a good few extra hours always is splendid.

The Weather was beautiful on Friday so we decided to pack up some pillows and blankets and head to the drive in! One of our favorite summer activities! It seriously is so much fun! Going definitely got me excited for summer and whats to come!
We Saw the "Oz" and I thought it was pretty good. It got horrible reviews, but for what it was, I liked it. June did great! She got past her sleepy crankiness and got to her drunk phase where everything was funny, Then passed out. She really did good and we can't wait to go again!

We watched all of the first movie and only made it about 10 minutes into the second before we decided to head home. So instead of getting home at 2 am we got home about midnight! Glad we did because we had a huge thunder storm and we would have been caught right in the middle of it. Good call by us! 


June not going to bed until 10pm slept in until about 9... The Easter egg hunt we wanted to go to started at 10. So I felt bad but I kinda had to stir her, so we could make it on time! Why would you wake a sleeping baby you ask? Well we are the kind of  "Making Memory" people, and sometimes it requires a little sacrifice on everyone's end! So Parents... shut it. 

It was so much fun! June had a hard time not going after the eggs until we were told to go. She was just begging to get started. 

 When the whistle finally blew she was off!!

Then she got a little scared of all the commotion... 

Once we got passed all the crazy people willing to do anything for an egg, She finally caught on to the idea and started filling her basket. It was adorable to watch. 


Sunday we woke up and went to find our Easter Baskets... 

We then got ready for church...

I feel so bad! I really have been so out of it lately and didn't even get a whole family Easter Picture! Gosh!!

That's ok though... This little lady is all the pictures I need, oh and dad half smiling in the background because he wasn't quite sure if he was in it or not... 

We had a great time at church, I sang with my ward Choir for our music program, and then had  a wonderful rest of the day... Happy Easter Everyone! 

OH MY LAME POST....  I am so sorry. This post was such an average post that I don't even think I would read it. I mean did I really just end with "Then had a wonderful rest of the day"? gross.  I am lost some where else with other things happening in life, and that seems to be taking from my blogging normalcy... I think sometimes that when I know everyone is going to be blogging about the same thing it makes the fun of it go away. It just makes me not want to do it... Lame excuse I know. So again I apologize for the lame blogging posts lately! I promise to make them better!