Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am sweeping my kitchen floor after dinner, now, I was always taught to stand on the dirty side of the floor because then you don't track anything on the clean part, makes sense right, but as I am sweeping I keep stepping on things, and they stick to my feet! I am constantly dragging my feet to get the little crumbs off! This means I am scattering the little crumbs everywhere causing my sweeping to be useless. How do you sweep to not have this happen? ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't make fun of me!

Guys I really love my dog. So what else could I do but throw him a birthday party on his 1st Birthday. It just made sense. Even though Ranger hated wearing his hat, he loved all the awesome treats he got that day.
We invited friends over to celebrate with us, and for his birthday they gave him a new chew rope and some milk bones, THANKS GUYS! (and Ranger made a new best friend Luke Mott).
It was so fun!

TEXAS RANGER TURNS 1. (7 in dog years)
This is how Range felt pretty much the whole time he had to wear his hat. The things I make my dog do. ha ha

We had an ice cream cake for everyone, and then we made Ranger a special peanut butter cake with cream cheese filling and crushed bone topping.
Yep me forcing ranger to wear his hat again!

I was trying to get a good picture with Ranger but he was being very uncooperative.

Dan and I got him this bed for his Birthday, and at the end of the night he disappeared and we found him curled up in it! He is so cute!

DISCLAIMER: OK People I do know that he is just a dog, and that half you are probably thinking I am weird, but we have so much fun with this little guy, and he keeps me company when Dan is gone. So make fun all you want, but I promise you there will be plenty more posts about TEXAS RANGER LANCASTER!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Its Christmas Time in the REXBURG!

This is a big post. So if you are not interested in reading the whole thing I bolded and * my favorite parts.

Christmas came and went so fast that it's hard to believe that it even happened. Luckily we had an amazing Christmas with my family this year, and that defiantly helps the realization that the whole experience really did happen.

Lets take it one step at a time....

MY BIRTHDAY 12/23/2010

It all started on a beautiful sunny day in Texas, when I woke up and thought "ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND I AM @$!!!" I love my birthdays.

Dan took Ranger out for his morning routine and come back with a birthday card from Ranger. IT WAS ADORABLE! We then finished packing and headed to the airport but first..

*I came out to the car and the whole inside was decorated with balloons, confetti, and streamers! I LOVED IT!!!! Then every time we hit a major city on our drive to Dallas Dan gave me a birthday gift. I admit it was the best drive to Dallas I ave ever had. I WAS SPOILED!

We flew from Dallas, and I thought it was going to be way stressful with a lot of people, but the airport was empty. We were checked in and through security within 20 minutes. It was awesome.

*We flew with Ranger.... Need I say more?
Poor little thing was put in a tiny little bag and had to stay at the bottom of my feet the whole time. It was a very stressful day for him.
We took him out at Denver and started walking around. We were both busy looking at the screens and trying to figure out our next connection when we looked down and Range left a nice little present for us. :) DAN WAS MORTIFIED, I LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY!

It felt so good to see snow again flying into Idaho Falls. We walked off the plane and my sister (MEGS) and my parents were there with balloons and very happy faces. I love that feeling of seeing my family after being gone.

Ranger hated the snow. He tipped over again, and again trying to not get his little paws wet. It was very entertaining to watch him walk around like a prissy little girl.

When we got home we settled in and my other sister (MICH) and her family got to the house. We ordered Fongs (WHAT ELSE) and had a great birthday celebration.



Christmas Eve was full of Christmas Eve festivities!

We shopped a little, cooked, and played out in the snow.
I have missed the snow so much and it felt good to be outside in such crisp air.

*We hooked a tube and sled to the snow machine, and rode around. We also took rides out in the field and just cruised around. It seriously felt like the old days! The kids had a blast and no one wanted to go in, but it was time for the festive Christmas Eve dinner.

I don't know what it is but Christmas Eve dinner is the best dinner out of thee entire year! The food is always perfect, people are just happy, and everything is amazing.


Christmas Eve was full of food, games and the opening of Christmas Eve pajamas.

CHRISTMAS DAY 12/25/2010

All of Christmas Day gets to be bolded

*Christmas morning was hectic, and super fun with my nieces and nephews.
The day always goes by so fast, there is just no time to stop.

My dad got a Red Wii for Christmas, so we pretty much played that, played millions of games and ATE, ATE, ATE!!

We went snow machining some more, and just played all day.

If you are wondering what this is, we played a game where we had to do these random acts.
Dad had to wear a pickle mustache for one whole turn
I had to act like a cat, and drink out of a bowl
Megan had to switch socks with Michael.... NOT PRETTY!

Pretty much the same thing as Christmas day.

* We did go out to a field and we attempted shooting some guns, my brother and brother in law who think they are invincible got stuck, and so we spent most of the time digging them out. When I say we I mean them (Dan, Mikey, and Cam) the girls just watched....and laughed

my oldest sister (Brooke) came down with her family, so everyone was home! it was so chaotic, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!!

GOING HOME DAY 12/27/2010
Flights were delayed everywhere.

Our flight from Idaho Falls was delayed 45 minutes. When we landed in Arizona, WE LITERALLY HAD 5 MINUTES TO RUN A MILE! Our connecting flight was clear across the airport. To this day we still can't believe that we made that flight.

When we get home, we headed to the car and Dan's unlock button wasn't working, we thought thats weird, then mine wouldn't work either. come to find out OUR CAR WAS DEAD!
I admit it was me who left the over head light on, but lucky for me I have a very patient husband who laughed and solved the problem! Thanks Dan!

WOW! I made it to the end. I told you there was a lot to read, but it was worth writing it all down!