Saturday, January 19, 2013

A day in the life of June: January

So... I had this idea. I really have been missing June's monthly documentation of what she's up to. The girl turns 15 months old tomorrow, and though she is a year old, I still find myself counting in months... lame or does every parent do this? I'm really hoping the habit at least breaks by the time she's 2.

Any who... I thought it might be kind of fun to snap a day of June's life each month. I take pictures of the little thing everyday. No literally everyday. So I thought why not, just capture what she does during the day... I gave it a try today, and it was a total blast! I totally plan on doing this every month. We'll see. I might come to the realization that I am a little over the top and need to find a new hobby... But my hobby is taking pictures, and blogging, so why not? Don't worry freaks, I have other things I do. In fact, Just tonight I went on a date with my love, so don't even give me judging eyed looks, I do have other interests than just stocking my daughter all day long! but no really, stocker mode totally was on today...

Maybe I will do this for a month, maybe  I will manage a whole year, or maybe just continue it on her personal blog, who knows.... For now though, I love the idea, and I look forward to watch her grow and continuing to capture what it is that makes my world go round.

The weekly throw down of getting dad out of bed

Blush brush in hand, getting beautified with mom in the morning

Ikea Shopping

Yes, two juice boxes

Grocery's at Kroger


Still nap time



Dinner alone tonight, Dad and mom are heading out on the town

had to wait a little on this one. needed to let her fall asleep before sneaking back in there. 

Park Day

We love the park, and it's finally getting warm again, where we can actually enjoy being outside for longer than 10 minutes. 

It was a beautiful day, and this wasn't just any ordinary visit to the park. June went down the slide all by herself! It was a very exciting day! I got some weird looks at my over enthusiastic cheering that continued on after each ride down the slide. I didn't care. I was so proud of June. She started on her back sliding down, but then she got braver and braver and ended up sitting and riding down. She even went down the twirl slide all by herself. I'm so excited for this summer to watch her continue to learn these new thrills that she doesn't even know awaits her..... 

There is a short video of her going down the slide by herself. Don't mind my loud over-ness of the event. I know... a little over the top.... 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snow Day!

Today we woke up to SNOW! It seems we are getting a lot of the white stuff here in Dallas, and I love it! When Dan got up for work this morning, there was thunder and lightening, and then snow started falling! I thought by the time I actually got out of bed it would be gone, but nope it was still sticking and much more was coming down. It was only 7:30 in the morning, but I knew it wouldn't last all day, and I really wanted to go out, So I went and snuck in June's room to see if she was awake. She was kind of rolling around, so I got her out of bed to go play in it. No worries that she's had a cold for the past 3 days and I am just getting over one... I just had to take her out! 

   We lasted an all 15 minutes, but we had fun taking pictures, throwing snow, and watching it fall from the sky. 

Range even came out with us... He lasted about 2 seconds. 

June was LOVING the snow! She would start laughing whenever a snow flake landed on her face! Totally worth taking longer to put on our snow clothes than actually being outside! 


Like I said, it was early in the morning. Literally rolled out of bed and went to go grab June! 
Look at her face! I mean, how can she possibly get any cooler?!? Gosh I love her. 

 Sadly the snow has melted. Probably a good thing. Today was a special moment of just hanging out with June in the stillness of the morning. It was peaceful and so full of love. This is why I'm a mom, for day's like this.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

June and her walking skills

The moment has come that when someone asks if she is walking I can say yes!! 

Once a baby turns one you get that question a lot, because supposedly a child should be walking by their first birthday, but it seems that after talking with my other lovely mother friends that a lot of babies walk way before and way after, so I wasn't too worried about it. We have been working with her and trying to persuade her to walk, but  she is a very content crawler until this past week...

This past week she had figured out how to stand up without any support. So she was doing this a lot, then one day Dan came home from work and sat on the couch, June stood up in the middle of the floor and Dan told her to come to him, and all of the sudden she just started taking steps towards him! It was a total heart attack moment of trying to watch her and finding my phone to record it... Though nothing tops Dan's excitement that she waited for him, and that he saw it for the first time also. 

I wasn't quick enough and she started giving up, and tired of the constant persuasion. We persuaded her with about 5 Twix candy bars... She loves those things. NO we didn't give her the whole stick, she just likes to hold the packages! 

  Best moment to date!! 

Now she is taking more and more steps! She still crawls mostly to get to things faster, but her walking to vastly improving and I'm just so in love with her! 
I am so happy that I was able to capture the first few times of those wibble walks... They are my favorite!

Now that she has learned how powerful her legs can be, she has been busting all sorts of moves! I am so in love with watching her discover new things, and literally there is not a better feeling in the world than to watch your child discover something new..... TOTAL HEART MOMENT!

Clearly she is my daughter...

Good Work baby Girl! I love you so much!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mendenhall Christmas 2012

Do I even need to do a disclaimer that there is an overload of pictures? No... didn't think so

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. We get to focus even more on our Savior and his birth, and let's be honest... It gives us an excuse to eat whatever we want, do TONS of crazy festivities and sometimes feel like we are chickens with our heads cut off. It's so magical. 

I really really enjoy the hustle and bustle of it all. It excites me. It pumps my adrenaline to find that perfect gift, and then I feel a smidge amount of guilt because I remember we are to focus on our Saviors birth, so I try my very best to do both.... It's just so exciting! 

After all the holiday party's and non stop festivities we finally crossed off the last day before we left. Guess what folks we drove. From Dallas Texas to Rexburg Idaho. We have been on so many planes this year that we were so tired of it, and it was MUCH cheaper to drive. We planned very carefully on how we would handle this road trip and then threw that plan out the window and pretty much just winged on when we would stop and how far we could make it before June exploded. 

We had lot's of snacks and lot's of toys to keep us all entertained! 

We took off on the 21st once Dan got off of work, and we headed out. 
We actually did pretty good. June only had one melt down at the very end, so we stopped in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I think we stopped in the most shady part of town... a little ghetto. 

When we went upstairs to our hotel we saw that their was a diaper on top of our car. I changed June's diaper outside a gas station right before we hit the free way out of Dallas. It lasted all the way up until Spanish Fork.... We think. We heard a loud THUMP at a stop light and it was gone. 

We stopped in Amarillo, Texas so Dan could do some work and to give us a leg stretch break. We roamed around in the car for a while, walked around outside, and ate 6 donut holes. Well... June ate 6 donut holes. SUGAR HIGH!


Our Next night we stopped in Salt Lake City, Utah. We had about had it, and didn't feel like driving the extra 3 hours to Rexburg, so we stopped and went and walked around Temple Square. It was a little Pre-Birthday celebration for me, and it felt good to walk around. We even ate at Olive Garden. That is a big birthday tradition! 

I have never been so Happy to see the Rexburg sign. We went through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and we hit Idaho around 1:00 pm. Oh little town of Rexburg.... You brought great joy to me that day. 

My Family welcomed us with lot's of hugs and pushing to get to June. 
Once we got settled me, my sister's and mom all went for a little walk in the back of our yard. Our Usual. 

Later that night we had a great birthday celebration. I am now 26. Mid twenty's. Ya I'm ok with that. I think once I am in the late 20's I will feel a little different, but for now I still feel young and lively and no hip problems... That means I'm still young right?

I was so excited that my mom got me a vacuum. Don't Judge, I have been using a little $9 vacuum since I got married, and so to have a real vacuum was AMAZING! LOVE IT.... I was VERY spoiled this year! I have an amazing Husband and family! 

Christmas Eve is just as much fun as Christmas day at my parents house. So much prep for dinner, and playing games and hanging out. It never is dull. 

My mom always makes it so beautiful for Christmas Eve dinner. Every year is a different theme. SO PRETTY! 


 Even June and Sam had their own plates. ADORABLE! 

Dinner was delicious. My grandparents were able to come over and so were my Aunt and Uncle who were visiting from Georgia. It was so great to see them, and I shoved and shoved and shoved food in my mouth. I will be honest... gained a good 5 or 6 pounds over the week.... Totally worth it!


Just a big girl playing barbies with her cousins

Christmas Eve night was full of our family traditions. Open Christmas Eve Pajamas and Watch the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Nativity.... 


Re-enact the nativity with cousins why my dad reads from Luke Chapter 2 

And then tried to settle down children... That took a while 

Waiting for all the children to go to sleep so "Santa could visit" We love all our technology... The hubs got me my very own Ipad for my birthday, I felt so bad because just the day before I dropped his and now the volume button doesn't work... oops! Looks like I know what to get him next... Really sorry babe, but Thank's bunches for mine! 

With children asleep we finally were able to get Santa all set. It was so fun with June this year! We were actually able to get her fun things that she will play with. It was hard to stop shopping for her. 

We Got June a little push stroller with a doll we named Mae. I made her a new quilt since she seems to be outgrowing all of her other ones and then I made her doll a matching quilt for when she gets older... have I ever mentioned before how much I love having a little girl? 

Christmas morning was a BLAST!! So many fun things to look at, and little kids so excited with what Santa brought them. We don't take short cuts at the Mendenhall's. Christmas's are always full blown! 

She cruises with this thing all over the place! 

We spent the rest of the morning looking at what Santa brought the adults and opening the rest of the presents. We of course ate orange rolls and spent most of the morning in our pajamas.

We finally got ready for the day and spent the day playing with new toys and electronics. 

She just melts my heart

We played out in the snow 

My mom is the BEST MOTHER IN LAW EVER! Your Husbands should be jealous they aren't in our family! 
Every year she finds some new toy or fun thing for the boys to do... This year it was BB gun's and a target range. Our back yard became an obstacle course and targets 

The girls even got a few hit's in 

My Nieces got this awesome auto powered barbie car for Christmas. It was a little to slick to drive, but they were loving it! No Really. I know it's hard to tell my Reesey's face but they were in Heaven! 

Sammi and June became best friends. Sammi as about 3 months younger than June, Though it looks the other way around. Juney is a tiny little thing. They had matching pajamas every night! 

The Day after Christmas my oldest sister Brooke and her family came home. We played games while my parents took the kids to a hotel for the night. Such amazing grandparents!!! again your children should be jealous! 
We celebrated my nephews 13th birthday! TEENAGER!! Love it! 

Then Saturday the 29th we packed up the car and decided to head home. We went back the way we came, so the drive wasn't that exciting as before. June was a sick little bugger with a temp 102, she wasn't feelin the car ride too much. We bought her a DVD player which saved our lives!! We watched "Despicable Me" more times than I can count, but she LOVES that movie. Really. We tried "Beauty and the Beast" and "ELF" but "Despicable Me" was the only one she would actually watch. Silly girl!

She loved getting out and moving around in the hotel rooms. She became a whole new baby when we weren't in the car. 

Oh yes, we brought our blasted dog. Just Dan and Range sharing some Chicken Nuggets! 

My poor sick thing! This is the last picture you will ever see with her having a pacifier in her mouth!! 

We made it back to Dallas Texas. 5 different States, 6 days, and  3000 miles later we made it there and back! 

We got home New Year's Eve Day and started unloading. There was SOOOO much to unload. We were so tired that we really didn't do a whole lot for New Year's. We enjoyed each other's company and LOVED Bringing in the new year just together in our home. 

June has not had a pacifier for 3 days now and tonight she went to sleep without a single peep! NO MORE PACIFIERS!!! That's what I call a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

Christmas was amazing! I am always so sad when it's over but it felt really good to get home, and take down Christmas decorations. Our tree is outside our front door just ready to be picked up.... 
Very much looking forward to the new year! 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas as well!! HO HO HO!