Monday, April 28, 2014

June said...

"I found a ho ho hat" -June 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

We Made it!!!

We camped! and we finally made it through the night!! 
Remember this post?! How Dan and I, as a married couple, have never made it through the night camping?!? So it was a big victory for the Lancaster campers to make it to the next morning. 

Camping was a blast! A group of our friends made the decision to go camping and to hopefully beat this Lancaster camping curse of ours. Us girls (Amanda, Makenna and Myself) all met together and planned details for our camp trip. We made meal assignments and anything else that we would need for camping. We were really excited! The day before Makenna called with some bad news, that her little girl was sick and they weren't going to make it camping! AH! It was happening again! But us and the Watsons were bound and determined to make it. Friday came, we packed the car and met up with the Watson's on a campsite a little past Lewisville lake camping. It was a really nice camp site. 

We unloaded our car and set up camp. It's kind of funny because even though we were only camping for one night, you still have to pack like you are going for a week with two kids. You just have to be prepared in the woods. 

Dan and I decided to get a bigger tent so that we could all fit. Yes. We camp in comfort. I know it's not really roughing it, but still... 

June loved having her "camping bed" and she loved pretending to fall asleep and then wake up all surprised! It was pretty funny!

When camping, all rules seem to go out the window and you eat pretty much whatever you want whenever you want. June pretty much ate an entire half bag of potato chips. 

After getting all set up, and settled for the day, we took the girls down to swim in the lake. We didn't think it would be warm enough to swim so none of the adults brought their swimsuits, but when we got there the lake was so warm! We were kicking ourselves for not bringing them to swim. The little ones really wanted to swim so we made the dads take them in. Clothes and all. 

And us girls sat and watched getting some sun! 

Range came with us too. He is such a pain to bring camping but I also love the little guy and of course we had to bring him. 

Me and my love.  We just keepingAdding more and more greatness to this marriage everyday! 

Camp naps are the best naps. He looked so comfortable and he slept for a solid two hours. He didn't move. I love my chub chubs! 

This little lady loves walking around edges. She loves walking on balance beams and anything that makes her keep her balance! I can't wait for her gymnastics class! She is going to love it! 

My favorite men!

Just working on more balancing skills. No but really, she loves it!

Little miss Emma bringing me a flower.

June wanted a picture of her flower that was tucked behind her ear

 Amanda here, brought and makes the best treats EVER! Between her white chocolate popcorn and then her dirty Dr. Peppers, I was in heaven. So grateful we are friends. I mean obviously I love her for her friendship nit just because of her awesome food she makes! 

Slowly but surly, June got more and more tired and finally just layer down on the tarp outside of the tent. 

We made a fire and started cooking dinner. June ate and ate and ate. We roasted hotdogs and again leave it to Amanda to make AMAZING camp fire chili cheese fries! I really wish I had some right it front of me right now! So good! 

June was ready to go get into the tent, but we wanted to stay by the fire for a bit longer and chill by the fire. We let her watch her i-pad until we came into the tent so she wasn't scared. 

I LOVE CAMP FIRES! The smell the warmth, everything about it, is amazing! I have loved it from a little girl, bon fires in high school and college and now being around one with my little family and friends. 
We made "smoreios" A roasted marshmallow between and Oreo! Oh my! SO GOOD! 

We talked and talked and laughed until our fire slowly died down. It was such a fun night. It was time for us to call it a night and let the little ones fall asleep. 
I was a little worried about keeping June and Owen warm since neither of them like having blankets on. But they both slept so good! I ended up stealing all the blankets freezing Dan out and I woke up in a sweat. I felt bad, but I really slept great, so there was a smirk behind my apologies. 

The next morning, I woke up feeling victories and excited that we finally made it through the night camping!

The Watson's made us breakfast. Yes we know that they completely fed us. hahaha! 
We hung out with Emma and June why the made breakfast. No word of lie the best breakfast burritos I have ever had. I'm telling you I don't think I could ever go camping with out the Watson's ever again! 
Me and Emma's attempts to blow kisses. She was giving me the weirdest look! 

Exploring down by the lake

We let the girls wander a bit and walk the dog. We were right behind them, but they felt pretty special walking the dog on their own. 

Being able to give OD food is the greatest! He loved the Water Melon! 

The Anderson's came up that morning to hang out for a bit and then we loaded up the car and headed home. Everyone was dirty and pretty beat. Home was looking pretty good. The kids fell asleep before we even left the camp site. 

As soon as we got home we headed straight to baths. Owen, June and then Range all got a good scrub down to get out all the sun screen and bug spray. 

It was early to bed for my babes and then Dan and I still had our Saturday night to hangout. 
It was so much fun camping and we are so happy it was so successful. We were a bit nervous. It was a blast being with friends. We know how lucky we are to have such good friends. We can't wait for the next camping trip which we hope is sooner rather than later! 
Now on to the next adventure!! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

6 Months Old

Dear Owen, Chunk, Owit, OD, Chub Chubs, and baby,
     I cannot believe that you have hit your half year mark. It does not feel like you should be that old! Time is slipping away to quickly and it's not fair! I feel like I am constantly trying to suck in as much of every moment as possible because I feel it slipping through my fingers so fast. I want time to slow down. I am loving this age of yours!! You are all smiles, you seem so much more content and now that we have the eating, and sleeping routine thing down, life seems a lot smoother for all of us. So here is where we are at for six months old.
     You are a chunk. You are very close to weighing the same as your sister, and in pictures you pretty much are the same size. She adores you and you are always laughing at her. She is always so worried about whether you are happy, or content. If you don't have any toys, she will be right on it to make sure you do. I hope this relationship always lasts. 
    We have seemed to find a happy spot as of right now with a routine. You wake up between 5 and 6am, eat and then go back down to sleep until about 8:30. You wake up so incredibly happy. It's my favorite time of morning coming and getting you out of your crib, just because you are all smiles and so content. You are still nursing which I am actually surprised. I wasn't able to nurse this long with your sister, though we are starting to add formula to your milk at night and sometimes in the morning. It just depends on if I think you are getting enough from me. But I am very excited to have you start eating more solid foods. You HATE rice cereal. and I hate it too. So I stopped forcing it down your throat. Don't worry, we stopped with your sister too and she seems just fine. It's just awful stuff and smells awful so there is no more of that! We have given you a few saltine crackers which you gummed up pretty quickly. 
    You tend to get a bit grumpy around 9:30 and then fall asleep in your crib at 10. I love you napping in your crib.  You are also continuing the whole suffocation thing with your blanket to put you to sleep. I'm not sure when you will give that up... but every time it gives me a panic attack! You sleep longer and so much more sounder when you are in your crib. You are usually up around 11-11:30 or you stay asleep in the carseat if we have errands to run in the morning... Sorry about that. We play and then I attempt to get you back down around 2. For some reason you hate your crib this time of day and usually you end up taking about a two hour nap in the bouncer. Not ideal, but I will take it. Then we eat more, bounce in the exersaucer, which you could play in all day. You love it!  Then it's bath and bed between 7-7:30. Your night sleeping is getting so much better. The short nights are still 5 hours, and just this week you slept a solid 12 hours. It was glorious! But not every night. We are still waking up and I really need to let you just cry it out, but for some reason I am having such a hard time with you. But we will see. I can't  give in every time!! 
     You are getting so playful and you LOVE the attention. You can't be alone or you cry! You love playing with your toys and shoving any cloth material into your mouth. The car is not your favorite thing. In fact you hate your car seat. You have learned the whole arch your back, shake you head nonsense and I feel so bad forcing you into that thing. It's sad. 
     You are babbling up a storm. Constantly spitting bubbles or gabbing away. You are a squealer just like your sister. You have a very high pitched scream and when you get really excited! I love it. 

You aren't really a cuddler. You like to have your own space and fall asleep at your own pace. But sometimes I can get a good snuggle out of you. You just love to see what's around you and constantly kick your feet. 

You are getting so incredibly good at sitting up by yourself. You tip over still quite a bit, but for the most part you have it down. Especially if something is in front of you keeping your attention. 

Those teeth of yours continue to try and push through causing a constant fountain. Your tongue rubs against your gums non stop and you suck in your bottom lip when I think they are really hurting. 
All in all OD, you are continuing to grow and you get more awesome with each day. I am so in love with your contagious smile and your constant state of happiness... except when you are hungry or tired of course. I am so in love with everything about you! I am just simply in love with you. You are my chub chubs, and my little boy. I love having a son and all that comes with it. Your dad has already started mapping out his plans he has for you and his adventures... You will have quite the time son. He loves you!! We all do. 

Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Owit!
     Love, Mom 

Monday, April 21, 2014


I sure hope everyone had a fantastic Easter. Our's was low key and we loved it! Since we had just gotten back from San Francisco we decided to not go to over the top this year. 

On Saturday we were planning on going to an Easter egg hunt, but Dan and I slept in past 8 and June slept in close to 10am!! So we obviously missed it. Luckily we had a little friend egg hunt planned for later that day. 

We did some yard work, and spent most of our afternoon in Lowes. I love this time of year. It makes me want to do so many home projects and get our house all in order. Spring cleaning fever is in the air!! 

Later that day we went over to our friends house and had an egg hunt for the girls. I seriously love these 5 little ones. They are so cute together! The husbands went out and hid the eggs and we had to make the girls patiently wait. It was very difficult! They were very Excited!! 

We got the call to have the girls come and the hunt was on!! 

Not prompted, June felt bad that Owen wasn't getting any eggs, so she went to go share with him! Such a sweet older sister! 

After the hunt, attempting to take a picture of them. 

Later that night we had a special talk about Easter and then we went out back because daddy had some special Magic jelly beans that we needed to plant. 

Then June watered them so that they could grow

We put the kids to bed and the set up Easter baskets and hid them 
Owen's Easter basket was themed with items that are meant to help him eat, since we are starting on real foods this month! And June's is themed for our trip coming up!! 

The next morning June woke up first thing and went to find our baskets. She helped Owen find his and brought it to him. He was more interested in eating the grass. No matter how far we put it from him, he found someway to get it... I think his big sister had something to do with that! 

We spent the morning eating candy and getting ready for Church. 
All of us in our new Easter Dresses and outfits. 

June is really starting to love Owen. I love how much she is interacting with him! 

Owen getting so good at sitting up on his own!! 

The Sun was a bit bright so we are squinting in most of these, but you get the idea

After church we got ready for dinner. We grilled and ate outside because the wether was so beautiful!! 
June went and saw what grew from her magic jelly beans! Bunny Suckers!
This was totally Dan's idea! 

The rest of the night was spent playing with the babes and eating so much candy!!! Totally worth it! 

It really was a fantastic Easter. I am truly grateful for this time of year. A time where we can dedicate more time and thoughts on our Savior and the sacrifice he made for us. Because of him I am able to be with my little family forever. Because of him I am able to learn new things and grow from my mistakes. I love my Savior for loving me so much that he died for my sins. What a magnificent amount of love he must have for us!  Happy Easter All!