Friday, July 26, 2013

Friends Came to Stay

We got back from Canada Saturday night, and it was so nice to be back into our own beds again. I was still sick, and June had caught my cold. We needed a good long nights rest in our comfort zones. 

The fun was not about to slow down! Adam, Nicole and Jason would arrive that Thursday to spend a long weekend here in Dallas. We were so excited! Adam is one of Dan's best friends. He is apart of TEAM B.A.D. (Brady, Adam, Dan). I am sure that I have talked about this before. Nicole is Adams wife, and Jason became a part of the clan through our college years back at BYU-Idaho. These boys are all Geologists, and they LOVE getting together and talking about it! 

So here is the thing. I took no pictures except for 2. I have a good reason though, June was super sick. More sick than she has ever been, and it was awful. Let's just start from the top. 

Adam and Nicole arrived Thursday, late night from Vancouver, Canada. I was feeling a lot better, still had a bit of a cough, but I could actually hold my head up and feel like a functional human being. We chit chatted for a bit, and then headed off to bed. 

The next Day we all went and did a little shopping. June was starting to get a little worse, but nothing we hadn't handled before. The boys golfed in the morning, and then we went and hit up the malls.  Did a little swimming until Jason arrived from Oklahoma. June woke up from her nap super cranky and I knew it was going to be a long night. 

We had so much fun catching up, listening to the boys talk geology, and just taking it easy. I really wish we lived closer to these people so we could see them more on a regular basis. 

Saturday we convinced Jason to buy an i-pad and we went and had some delicious Sugar Queen Cupcakes. June had taken a turn for the worst. We got back home and I decided it would be best if I stayed home, so they all went and played Top Golf, while I tried to put June to sleep. A fever, runny nose and cough is a horrible mixture to put a child to bed. I felt so guilty for even taking her out that morning, but I felt guilty for not spending more time with our friends. It was all in all a frustrating day with June. 

So no pictures from Top Golf. They seemed to all have had a great time. We swam a bit more until later that night, where we had tickets for a baseball game. We love baseball and we go all the time with June, so we knew it would be a fun thing for all of us to do. Except June's fever still was high, and she literally couldn't breath she was coughing so much, and her little nose was raw. 

Once again I stayed home, while everyone went off to the baseball game. Again They seemed to all have a good time! Meanwhile at home... 

June was coughing up so much mucus that she started choking on it. I had to shove my finger down her throat to scoop it out, and finally got enough where she could throw up the rest up... along with everything else and on everything else. Including Range. I think she felt better after that. We got in the bath, and then went straight to bed. I was able to get Range washed and myself cleaned off and showered, and enjoyed a quiet night. I was sad to have missed the baseball game, and again another chance to hangout with friends. 

I talked to my mom earlier that day, to see about medication. I called June an inconvenience  and after realizing what I said, I cried for a while because I felt so guilty for saying that. Here my poor little thing is, her body just achy and just wanting nothing but her mama and I called her an inconvenience. I felt so guilty for that, but I also felt so guilty for not being a better host and spending time with people who made the trip out here to see us. Just one of those days I guess. 

Sunday, Dan was being sustained as Young Men's President and I really didn't want to miss it, though June was feeling a little better, but she was still pretty sick. I decided to take her just until after the Sacrament and then headed home. I really didn't want to miss him being sustained. 
Nicole, Adam, and Jason went to Six Flags and spent a few hours there, until they realized that the Texas heat and roller coaster rides don't really mix. They came home and we all laid down for a bit. Dan came home from the rest of church, we had dinner and we said goodbye to Jason. 

Monday Adam and Nicole were heading home, but not until later, so we went and had lunch, then went and walked around the Perot Museum. June seemed to have a bit more energy that day, so I thought I would come along for a few hours. I only got a couple pictures here. I don't think I have ever lacked so much in taking pictures. It was sad and weird. 

She still wasn't feeling well, but she still seemed to keep a smile on her little face. 

 After the Museum we headed home to get Adam and Nicole all packed up. We said our goodbyes and Dan took them to the airport.

It really was so much fun having them here. I was happy that they had fun and that Dan was able to spend more time with them all. I obviously wish June hadn't been so sick, but that's what being a mother is all about. I thought that out of 21 months, if this is the first time that I had to choose between my child and missing out on things, than we have been doing pretty darn good, and I have a pretty darn good lady. I sure do love her.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


The word is out. Today, Dan was sustained as Young Men's President in the Carrollton 1st Ward. 

He is really excited to be working with the Youth again, and I am excited for him. We were a little taken back when the Bishop came to our house and told us he was going to be President. We had a feeling that he was going to be called to Young Mens, but not as the President! 
      It is a calling in the church that will consume a lot more of his time, and I know that at first, it will be an adjustment, and lot's of patience on both our ends. We both have had pretty easy callings in the past, so it will take time, but it will totally be worth it. There will be so many blessings that will come from this calling. Blessings that will be personal to Dan and also blessings that will make our family a better one. I'm already proud of him. I'm proud of him for having such a good heart and a testimony of the gospel, that would show he will be a great example to the young men. 

I am simply in love with this man. 
             You go Mr. President! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

25 Week Update!

Another 5 weeks has passed! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I felt I would die by the time June arrived because time was going so slow, and now I wish it would slow down, because I have nothing prepared! 

I failed again at taking more belly pictures. But I at least attempted to get the 25 week one. I think every 5 weeks is a good indication of where I am. 

I also Fail at taking self pictures of the belly. I really wanted to get this update done before our friends fly into tonight and then I don't get a chance to do a 25 week update and then it all just falls apart from there, so I knew I had to do it this afternoon. Dan isn't home to take a picture of my growing belly, so I had to do it all on my own. 

I don't know how girls are so good at taking pictures of themselves in the mirror with their I-phones. I seriously could not do it. The concentration it took just to keep the camera from shaking was more than I could handle. So I took the best one I had from my I-phone and am posting it on here, just to show how I obviously am not meant to take selfies in the mirror. 


And then yes, I totally did it. I pulled out my camera and put it on the tri-pod set a self timer and snapped a picture. That was even harder. I know I love this little boy, but to go to this much trouble for a belly picture? Well my attempts clearly were not all that great: 


I was over it by this point, and took one more, closed the camera and thought good enough. I will now remind myself to make sure that I have Dan take the belly update pictures. Again not meant to take self pictures.... 

So here is where we are 25 weeks into pregnancy: 


FAR ALONG AND MEASUREMENTS: Today I am 25 weeks and 4 days. I have gained a total of 9 lbs through my whole pregnancy up to this point. Not bad. Not bad at all. I am doing a lot better this go around than I did with the weight with June, So that's a plus! I definitely am pregnant now, and people are noticing more that I am pregnant also. People are so much more nicer to you when your pregnant, and it's even better when you have a little one tagging behind you. The treatment you get is fantastic! 

EMOTIONS: Keeping the emotions at bay! I'm emotional to begin with, but it helps knowing that the random tears at random times comes from the pregnancy... or does it? Not sure. I think I am getting more irritated these past few weeks, my patience has been extra short, and I feel like little things set me off more than they used to. Dan likes to warn me now when he is about to say something that he knows could set me off... I worry he's a little afraid of me right now. Oh to be married to a pregnant lady. Sorry my love. 

CRAVINGS: Not so much cravings, but just wanting to eat ALL THE TIME! I go through a box of cereal in one day. No really. I went through a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch literally in one day. Did it worry me? A little... I have tried to slow it down, but I still eat a lot of cereal, it's my go to. 

LOVE MOST: That Dan and June have felt the baby. It's my absolute favorite time when Dan get's to feel him! June mostly finds it annoying, because it's usually while she is sitting on my lap. She turns around and pushes really hard to make him stop. We are working on being nice to baby inside mama's tummy. 

SCARED ABOUT: Really not so much with the baby this go around. I kind of had a break through and realized how excited I am for this little boy. I'm ready to have a newborn again, and I can't tell you how much of a relief that is! I think the biggest thing right now on my mind, is switching rooms with June and putting her in a big kid bed. I think she's ready, but I am scared to attempt it. Also just getting both rooms ready. We are doing a total remodel of both bedrooms and it's going to be a lot of work. Time is becoming an issue with so many things going on, and lot's more things coming up! I am secretly hoping I can convince Dan to do some painting while I'm in Idaho for 2 weeks... maybe... if I'm real nice. 


HOW FAR ALONG AND MEASUREMENTS: Not a whole lot to report here, since we didn't have an ultrasound this past appointment, but supposedly he is the size of an Eggplant (9.2 in 2 lbs)
We did get to hear his heartbeat and it's at 151 bpm. Good strong heartbeat! LOVE IT!

NAME: Nope, not even close. We have a few names that we haven't completely veto'd out, but nothing that has stuck! It's tricky business naming your children, and I am hoping that one of these days a name will just stick. June's name was already decided at this point, so we would like to get things rolling in the name department, but I guess it will come when it comes!

RANDOM THINGS: Dan and I have a good laugh at ourselves looking back, when we were preparing for June. Holy cow we over did everything! At 25 weeks with June we basically had her nursery finished and things hung on the wall, and with this little guy we seem to not be as in big of a rush, or we just are running out of days. I admit that I like the second pregnancy much more. I feel more in control, I know what to prepare for more, and I feel more confident in things, and not panicking over the tiniest pull or twinge on my stomach. I know it's normal.  I just like to think back to those moments and really laugh at myself. I really over exaggerated things all the time! Let's hope I can keep the calm about baby # 2 as long as possible!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Across the Border

It's a good day to blog. It's cloudy and rainy out, June and I both have nasty colds, and sitting, watching movies all day and blogging seem to be the right things to do. Besides the constant coughing and blowing of noses between the two of us, we are pretty content. 

This past week, we crossed the Border, over to Canada. We haven't been up there in a year and a half, so it was way past time for us to get up there and visit Family. 
I love going up to Canada. Yes, it pretty much is the same as America, but there are a lot of differences too, and it's always fun to point them out. I also LOVE how Dan instantly reverts back to his Canadian ways. His speech and his love for his Country just to name a few. He soon will become a U.S. Citizen and I think why it's taken him so long, is because he isn't ready to de-nounce his home land. It's a work in progress. 

We flew from Dallas to Calgary (Direct flight!) on Sunday. 

At the airport, June was being so funny. She was laughing at the weirdest things. I think she was a little wired from no nap, and just the excitement from the change of scene. She loved to watch the airplanes take off, and make airplane noises... I think she is preparing for a little brother! 

 Of course she made a little friend while we waited for our flight. These two hung out for a good half hour, just playing and watching the planes. It was pretty adorable.

Our flight up there was only 3 1/2 hours, so really not to bad. June did pretty good. She was frazzled from not having a nap, but we thankfully had a whole row to ourselves, which made it super nice for her to sit and watch movies, read her books and play on the i-pad. 

We had the worst turbulence Dan and I have ever experienced. At one point our plane dropped probably a good 6 ft. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but when your floating in mid air... it's a lot! There were a couple of people who screamed and some more panicked faces, but the plane evened out and we made it safe and sound to Calgary. 

We had a little greeting party at the airport with Dan's brother, SIL and his dad. 

On the way to the house, I felt a little tickle in the back of my throat. I thought it was just allergies, because of the weather change and all that, but no. It wasn't allergies. By Sunday night I had the worst soar throat and I knew a cold was coming on. 

Sunday night, we just talked and talked some more, hung out with the little ones and caught up on life. The majority of the family was there except for Will and Jess who would arrive the following day. 

Monday, the girls (except for Dan's mom) all went out and shopped for a bit, until Will and Jess arrived. I love shopping in Canada. Though it's more expensive, there are stores that aren't available in the States, so it's fun to have more of a variety! I finally shopped for the little man arriving in October! It was a little weird, and kind of not as much fun as shopping for a girl, but I bought a load of things for him, and Dan loved picking out all the little man things!

Side note: Why do boys clothes always have to have animations on them? I feel like I can't find any clothes that are just stripes, or even a solid color! It always has to have Mickey Mouse, or some other creature on it... Not my fav!

Will and Jess arrived and now the true party could get started!

Vanessa is totally the cool aunt. All the nieces love to play with her, and she is super good with them!

 June loved her older cousins. They read stories to her and played with her all day long! She had no interest in hanging out with her parents, which made me a little sad. She is becoming such an independent little girl.

Tuesday we spent the morning at the park.

You bet June made another new little best friend. 

I love going on walks with this little lady. She is getting really good at knowing when to hold my hand to cross the street, or reach for it when a stranger is coming near her. She loves to explore, but she knows how to do it cautiously. 

After naps, we headed to the Airdrie swimming pool. It was a really nice pool. They had different sizes for all different ages and a water slide. I haven't been down a water slide in years, so it was fun to go down, Though there was a sign that specifically said pregnant women not allowed.. but what were they going to do? assume I was pregnant and call me fat? ahahaha 

June loves the water. That probably has to do with our everyday swimming, but she had a great time. They had a little whirl pool that she kept going around yelling "WEEEEEE" we were laughing so hard. 

 The belly is baby and not fat. Remember that.

After swimming we all headed home for dinner and more talking. 
I don't think any of us went to bed before midnight every night! Though I was super sick, I never want to miss a party, so I sucked it up and got about 5-6 hours a sleep at night. Not the best thing for a pregnant sick lady, but totally worth it. 

Wednesday morning we went to the park again, and played in the splash park. It's just right down from Dan's house, so it was easy enough to take the little ones with us. The library was right next door too, so we could take a break from the outside and read some books. 

These two are so inseparable when they are together. She totally chooses him over me, but I love it. This week back to work is going to be hard for her to adjust not having him around all the time. 

 This may have been my favorite moment of the week. We went to go lay June down for naps, and as we were reading stories, she laid down on the pillow, so Dan and I laid down with her. We finished reading a story and singing a song. We asked if she wanted to go get in her pack n' play and she said no. I asked her if she wanted to lay on the bed, and she said yes... Next thing I know she slowly fell asleep. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. It was such a peaceful moment just laying there with my family. I know it's a little grainy but it was dark. I had to take a picture though! We all took a good two hour nap!

Wednesday afternoon, was meant for Calgary stampede. Dan and I woke up from our naps and some of Dan's family had already left. We woke up a little late and we made the executive decision to not go. I was sad to not see Stampede, but I was told it's just like any other fair, and I was also relieved, because being sick, I don't think I could walk around the fair grounds.

So we spent the rest of the day outside with cousins and playing. I think June had much more of a fun time staying home and playing than being stuck in a stroller... Who am I kidding, she is such a people watcher, she probably would have loved it, but still, we had fun staying home.

Thursday was Riley Park day. A really fun wading pool. The water was FREEZING! I forget about how cold North water is. We had a fun time splashing around, but just for a bit before June's lips turned blue. Some of Dan's cousins met up with us there, which it's always fun to see them! 

 She's to cool for you. 

Like I said... attached to daddy. 

Later that night after dinner, we bundled up and headed to their small towns little Farmer's market. It was itsy bitsy, but I still got June some new hair bows, (Like she needs anymore) and it was fun just to walk around.

Friday we spent the morning in the house, and then later that day we all went bowling. Canada bowling is always fun. 5 pins and tiny little bowling balls. They were perfect for June. I admit I did pretty darn good. Totally bowled over a hundred! 

That night we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and then headed home. The Horton's came over... (Some of the Lancaster's really good friends and next door neighbors) I love them! They brought over some rhubarb and strawberry crisp, which was sooooo good, along with Vanessa's homemade ice cream that she had made earlier that day! Again, Delicious!! 

Saturday was fly home day. June woke up with the cold that I have had all week, and a fever. I wasn't feeling all that great either, but we were ready to get home. We had to be to the airport pretty early, just because customs is on the Canadian side, so we have to be there a little earlier to go through all that... We made it through just fine without any complication. I don't know why, but I always like going through customs,  I like the different ways they ask the questions, but really they just want to know what you are doing, why you are going to America, and what stuff you are bringing with you! Some patrol men are nice, others are not. 

The flight home was again pretty good. We had the row to ourselves again. June fell a asleep but would wake up screaming because the pressure in her ears was hurting her from having a cold. She slept for a good solid hour though, which was super nice! 

We landed and we were all exhausted! It was so nice to be home though! 

Poor little June bug. She had, had enough and her little face says it all! She just did not feel good. 

We made it home and got ourselves in order. We got June down for the night, and Dan went and did some yard work, just to pick up from us being gone a week. While he was out there, he discovered a nice little surprise! 
We have a peach tree growing on the side of our house! We picked the peaches that hadn't been eaten by bugs and even ate one. It was fantastic! We were so happy to realize this little treat and can't wait for more peaches! 

Canada was fun, but we are happy to be home and getting better! It does bite getting back to reality, Work and schedules and all that boring stuff, but luckily for us reality only lasts until Thursday when Adam, Nicole, and Jason get here, and Dan is off for another 5 days!   

P.S. Being sick while pregnant should not be allowed. Not being able to take any drugs and fighting the cold on my own is a killer. We are going on a solid week here of not being able to breath and coughing my lungs out! It's glorious. Ok enough of my complaining... Because it's dumb. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

It just hit me...

Hey all! Doing a little posting here in Canada! A thought struck me today and I wanted to write it down. 
Two of my Sister-in-laws have two babies,and I love having babies around! It makes me a little sad to see how fast June actually is growing up, and that she is no longer a baby, but I also love how she is running off playing with cousins, and could care less where mom and dad are... She just wants to play. 
  With these babies around, it just kind of hit me that I am ready to have another baby... Not in the sense where this little guy could come tomorrow, no, but I am ready for the baby world again! I was standing in front of the mirror getting ready this morning and I really saw how big my belly is getting and how we really are having another baby. I really am ready. I'm ready for those fresh baby smells, nursing, waking up in the middle of the night, carrying car seats, spit ups, blow outs, and just having a little snuggler again. I'm ready. I honestly can say, I don't think I was at first, when I found out I was pregnant second round.... We got pregnant A LOT quicker than I thought we would and it just took me by surprise. But I'm ready. It really hit me how much I miss those little baby things. I am super happy and super relieved that I do feel this way!! I'm not ready for the mister to come yet, I have still way to much to do, but I'm glad I feel baby hungry and that I'm getting into that mental state! 
             24 weeks pregnant. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Our 4th

Oh America. What a great Country to be apart of. I truly am proud to be an American. Cheesy? You bet, but we all know that being an American is super awesome. 

Our day was spent in Texas, where the Proud of the Proud come from. Gosh I love being a Texan! 

Independence day is not a slack off day. It is a morning until midnight kind of day, where you don't catch your breath until you hit your head on your pillow that night, It's a thrill, if you do it right, and I love that feeling. 

We started our day with a parade which was super short and super lame. A total disappointment, but we were with great friends, and we made it a great morning. We even found ourselves chowing down on doughnuts and Kolache's. 

Just to remember: June was super awesome that morning... Woke up with an eye swollen shut, She threw a couple of tantrums, didn't want to sit next to anyone, kept stealing peoples candy, and felt the need to glare at anyone who dared come near her.  All in all, awesome parade for June. A little to early for her to wake up I guess. 

You can just see the attitude in her face. No one was going to bother her, and no one was going to touch that sucker other than her. 

Thank goodness for her little buddies. These little girls can always make June happy 

and daddy of course... 

She finally showed a little excitement and waved her little flag, today was a day to celebrate her American side! 

Don't worry they weren't just sitting there, in fact by the end of the parade these fella's had come up with a whole game plan for how they would be in the parade for next year... I think they really are planning on doing it. I guess whatever makes them happy? 

After the parade and breakfast, we all said so long for now, and took the little one's home for  naps.. A MUCH NEEDED NAP! June slept for close to 4 hours... The grump in her really needed it, and I was happy to have my little happy girl back for the rest of the day. 

Dan and I decided to throw our first annual pool party! We have the house, the pool, the people, so we thought why not?!? Perfect opportunity to gather and feast on food and swim. 


June is super, allergic to bug bites. Like really bad, we have been the medical center too many times to be treated with antibiotics, because she swells like a balloon... The day before, being outside all day like we are, she got bit something and the eye closed up! Thankfully the swelling went down during the day...

Our friends had bought a big pack of fire poppers and little fireworks for the kids, so we went out front and used those all up! The kids were LOVING IT, obviously not as much as the adults, but still... 

 Afterword, we all headed out back for a little more swimming. 5 hours later we were all exhausted... I'm not sure how we all lasted that long swimming, but we had a really fun time, and we loved having friends over to celebrate our right to celebrate.
We really did call it a night. Mostly. So here's the thing... I really am a sentimental person, maybe too sentimental. I don't want to miss anything, any experience, and moment that I know I will look back on and be happy I pushed through the cranky kids and tired parents eyes, to make memories and say, Yes, that year we did it all! Is it worth it all the time? No. In fact it blows up in my face all the time, but  the other times are epic. 

So even after the craziest, funnest, and most tiring day, I dragged my little family out to go watch the fireworks, and yes, I am so happy that I did. It may have been 3 hours past June's bed time, and June probably won't remember, maybe it was stupid, but I remember, I know that I try to make every experience count and that is what I want out of life. 

We had fun watching the fire works over Castle Hills lake. We sat there together as a little family, June on my lap and Dan holding my hand, with a little baby boy kicking inside me, letting me know he's there too. It was such a great ending to such an amazing day. 

Now for my Patriotic-ness: I am an American. I am so grateful that I get to be from this Country, and have the freedoms I do have, down to the smallest one's that I take for granted every single day. I really don't even think I comprehend how hard people fight for this country, what they give up, and what they do to provide me with such a privilege to use the word "free". I guess all I can say is thank you. It is a privilege to know my rights, to know that my family is protected, and that justice is fair and equal... (Shut up all you, who say... "Well Mostly".) haha, I am proud to teach my children the heritage of our Country, and to let them know they will always have rights here and be free. It is a blessing to call this place home and I don't think we realize enough of. I really do love this Country, and I am proud to be an American.