Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Mother of the year... to me. 
   The little Junester dislocated her Elbow and it was super sad. 

Here's how it all went down. 

June has been OBSESSED with being outside and walking up and down our side walk stairs that leads up to our house. As much as I love watching her go up and down she is SUPER SLOW and we had already walked up and down the street for the millionth time, so we (I mean me. Just me.) was ready to go in. We were walking up the stairs and I was just wanting to help her along, so I grab her by the hand like I do ALL THE TIME, and start lifting her up. All of the sudden I hear a horrible crunch sound. I look down at June with horror in my eyes! She has the same look in her face, and then the water works took over. 
     After calming her down, she seemed to be doing better. She was babying her arm, but I thought that maybe it was just sore. I moved her arm around, checked all her fingers, and she seemed to be ok. Dan came home from work and looked her over too. She really seemed ok. 

We went to Dan's softball game and she still wasn't putting full pressure on it, but again I just thought it was sore. 

The next morning, I went to go get her out of bed, and she couldn't even stand up, because she was trying to support her arm. I felt horrible! So Dan came home and we took her to the Doc. Checking in, I explained what happened, and they reassured me that this happens all the time. The Doc came out and was talking and playing with June and all of the sudden POP!! She grabbed June's arm and put in back in place. Again the water works. 

She got extra spoiled because of this small accident and she had to keep her arm in a sling for a few days. We decorated it with stickers, and she got to watch Tinker Bell on the big screen instead of the I-pad. She even had little friends come and stop by to check on her. 

On a side note: This girl is crazy about Tinker bell. She drags the I-pad around and wont watch anything else but Tinker Bell. haha Oh that girl.

We are ok now. She is in full force with the arm again, and falling on it and all. I am doing my best to not pick her up by the arm. 

So it was all my fault and it was  Sad sad day at our house.

Doing some Tinker Bell watching. Her little face. I mean it just melts me

Friday, February 22, 2013

A day in the life of June: February

Her day on February 21, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Week!

So many blog posts about Valentine's Day and I love it! I felt inspired to write about our Valentine's! I think Valentine's day is starting to become one of my favorites... Maybe because I just have so much love to give. Oh my gosh gag me that's disgustingly cheesy....

      This week has not been my favorite. I'm pretty sure the only thing that has gotten me through was knowing all the festivities we would get to do because of this love holiday.

Our Valentine's kind of worked it's way through the week instead of just one day. It started off With heart shaped pancakes. Thanks to daddy and his pancake skills. No word of a lie, I can't make pancakes and it really bugs me that Dan is so good at it. He's so talented with a spatula!

Then the day from hell happened so we really didn't take to many pictures of those moments.

Tuesday was much more cheerful and happy. June and I spent the afternoon making cookies, and making a HUGE mess. I LOVE homemade sugar cookies, but they take FOREVER and the cleanup is even more annoying. You pretty much get cookies out of me twice a year.

 She ate more dough than I think I am aware of. We wasted about half the dough because she kept shoveling it her mouth!

Whenever you put socks, or gloves or really anything on her hands she starts flapping like a bird. She loves it and she's weird. 

The cookies turned out pretty good. Dan helped me throw some frosting onto them so that I could get them delivered before valentines day. 

We had fun playing with our Valentine friends and delivering cookies. June was getting ready to have some play time with a friend. 

P.S. Thank goodness for friends, who just seem to get you, and let you vent without judgement. 

 Valentine's Day finally arrived! June and I had lot's to do! We woke up to surprises from daddy! We each got our own flowers and chocolate. We ate the chocolate for breakfast. 

 We Took lot's of pictures and got ready for when Dan got home for his Valentines. 

Those Valentine's necklaces have not left her neck. She screeches if you try to take them off. So I would have to sneak back into her room when she fell asleep to take them off. Gosh what a stink. 

Dan got home from work, and we had a Valentine's scavenger hunt waiting for him all through out the house.

June's Valentine's 

She finally started to come off the sugar high of all the cookies, and candy and non stop craziness.

 After a warm bath, we got her settled down, and she clasped that bear all night. Oh the Oven mitts.

June went to bed and Dan and I had the evening to ourselves. I told Dan to go wait in the bedroom while I got dinner ready. Obviously it was take out. I'm not a cook. I'm a total recipe follower. So night's like this we do take out. I set up a whole little restaurant thing in our living room, with lot's of candles and soft music playing in the background. It was sorta romantic. Oh wait I TOTALLY rocked Valentine's day!! It was great!

I really love my Valentines. Maybe this holiday was made up by card company's... AH HALLMARK YOU GOT US AGAIN!

But I don't see anything wrong with giving a little more love on a special day.
Happy Valentine's day a little late.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It totally changed the day!

So.. how is everyone doing? Good I hope! It's been a few weeks since I've jotted some thoughts on the blog. Sorry! We have been like super people making our house even better with paint, and new furniture and I am so excited that June's new play room is almost finished! We are just getting last minute things to hang on the wall and we will be complete! Next step is the yard. Texas Yards are hard enough as it is, but ours is well... ugly and weedy and you feel like you are walking on glass, thankfully I have a husband who seems kind of obsessed with a good yard so he is getting estimates and seeing what it will take to make our yard glisten... on that note, that's the reason for the no posts. Do you care? not sure, but I do. 

OK so the point of this post today. Let's take a step back into history. Yesterday. 
This day was awful.  I hate bragging about June... oh wait no I love it.. seriously though I feel like June has been such an amazing daughter, and I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings when I say this, but to me motherhood just hasn't been that hard! I said that until Yesterday. Oh yesterday. I hate you. 

I won't go in to much detail, but yesterday was the first day I was driven to tears because I was frustrated. With myself, with June, with my dirty house, with no dinner plans. I just hate feeling so unplanned.  She wouldn't sleep. All she wanted to do was be held. Dishes were still in the sink, and the things I wanted to get done yesterday just didn't happen. It was a horrible feeling. I hate my house being a mess. I hate the feeling of constant laziness and how it's just so mind numbing. Yes, yes it's parenthood and I know these day's are few and far between, but it happened to me. I feel a little embarrassed it happened to me. I was a mess. I felt ugly all day. I admit that I felt like a bad mom yesterday.  

I even officially caved and plopped June down in front of our TV and a bowl full of cheerios, just so I could get some things done around the house. It's not me, I didn't like it, and I totally judge myself for it. 

Dan came home and hugged me tight while I shed a few more tears. He reassured me I was a good mother, and that June would not grow up dumb for how much TV she watched for the day... Oh and P.S. Don't get me wrong, June does watch TV. I'm not that weirdly crazy. I just keep it very minimal and it's NOT an everyday thing! OK record straight! 

Despite the 5am wake up call with only 4 hours of sleep and no nap with a cold. She still made me laugh and Thankfully today she is back to my happy girl. Napping away! I love her so much! 

Here is a little video of her laugh even during the ugliest of days. Oh yes, I do call her Quasimodo because of her little teeth. I watched this video a lot. Her laugh is so contagious and It really did change my day. 

So obviously we made it through the day. We are back to normal and feeling much better. I really wanted to just post the video, but somehow my whole pity story left my fingers and continued to keep typing.I don't expect  pity from anyone. I think it's good to write down bad times too. I am not all about writing butterflies and ponies of life. I like the real things every once in a while. I apologize, in a way that I really don't apologize. Ok. Bye.