Monday, July 23, 2012

1st Week Off Call

So Dan.
He's a pretty smart guy.
I love him.

Dan recently made a little up-bump in the world of Geology and is now what they call a "Geo-Steerer" I'm not even sure if that's how you spell it, but well, it's close enough.
Ok, we have established Dan as a Geo-Steerer, now what does that mean? I really don't know.
He shows me all those cool things, features, maps, diagrams, so on and so forth. Nope, still don't really get it.
In normal people's terms, an oil well is drilled into the earth. No off sore drilling in his company. Dan is the man that when the drilling bit hits a certain point he takes over and tells the oil crew where to steer the well. He is enjoying himself, and challenging himself enough to keep him on his toes, but not enough to drive him to insanity. Since oil wells Drill 24 hours a Day 7 days a week without any vacations, Dan is on a work schedule of 2 weeks on, 1 week off. He goes into the office about 6ish-7ish (depending) and comes home around 3ish-5ish (again depending on the well), but he is still on call. Which means call's at 2a.m or in the middle of taking the Sacrament at church. He is on call for 2 weeks. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. The great thing is though, that when he has his week off, HE IS OFF! NO office, NO work, NO phone calls, nothing, but he still gets paid. This position is only temporary. They told him it's usually about a year, but could be sooner, could be later until he takes another step forward in his career. I'm Just so proud of him.

So this was his official first week off! We didn't do a bunch, simply because we just got back from Idaho, and June and I are heading back there in just a couple weeks, so we thought we would take it easy and get things done around the house. But don't worry, we have some great adventures to come during the future off weeks. Take advantage while we can right?!?

This is what we did for the first week...

We swam Lots and Lots. 

 and Lots

I chopped off more of my hair. 

We bought June new alphabet bath toys

 June having a rough week with teething. It's a very rare thing to have her fall asleep in our arms
Just melts my heart

Watched countless power struggles over toys

Had late night swims

Played the guitar
 Shopped and ate all over the city including Sugar Queen cupcakes
 Continued attempts to make a grumpy girl happy

It honestly was a lazy, but a much needed relaxed week. Dan is now back at work and I am home trying to get june back on her schedule. It was so fun, and I can't wait for the many more weeks we have off together!

Friday, July 20, 2012

9 Months

Dear June,
   Another month past and another month older. 9. 9 months. You today are a grumpy nine month old. You definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. It's cool though, being grumpy once in a blue moon is something I can handle, but non the less you are a GRUMP!
     Starting out as a 9 month old you are busier than ever! Your on the move, your pulling things down, tipping things over, and making me constantly have to keep an eye on you. I love watching you move. You are constantly steam rolling all over the place and scooting that booty! You are crawling in your crib, you just crawl back and forth, but when we put you on the floor you are back to on the belly.
You can go from you back to belly to sitting up in record time. You love just sitting on your bum and kicking your legs.
     You love to eat really anything we put in front of you. I think if we let you, you would pound an entire waffle by yourself. You love waffles! You also love fruit slices, and well like I said really any food we put in front of you. You are feeding yourself and it keeps you busy until you run out of food, then you are arching your back and banging your head on the back of your chair. You just like to eat.
     The summer has been non stop fun with you. You love the going to the park, and swimming. You love reading books, and listening to me read to you. You clap whenever you hear people clap, on TV, Radio, and people right in front of you. You just clap all the time. You start bouncing up and down when music starts, and you laugh so much when you and daddy dance. From day one you have loved music and that just makes me so happy.
     You are so dainty with your movement. The way you pick things up is so adorable, and you are just so curious about whatever you are doing. It melts my heart. You love playing with wood blocks and rolling them across the floor. Ranger thinks it's a game and chases after them, and you just laugh and laugh. You and Ranger are getting more and more into each other's way. It's funny, but I am constantly breaking up fights between toys. Sometimes you win, and sometimes he wins. Don't worry no one has gotten hurt. yet.
     Sleeping. Well we put you to sleep awake and let you drift off on your own. um, but you have learned out to get to a sitting position on your own and now we find you playing in there, but you're quiet so I guess what ever floats your boat. You're sleeping through the night and we are still on the same schedule throughout the day. I am getting you to go to bed a little bit later now days, I feel that you aren't ready to go to bed yet when we put you down, so we are working on that.
     You are constantly talking. Constantly, constantly, constantly. Da Da is coming out of your mouth non stop, and your daddy is just going wild with excitement. He loves it. You are always jabbering about something, and making a new noise every day. Last night you were starting to make this deep man voice, and it was creeping me out a little bit. Funny, but creepy.
      June, there is so much more I could write but I think I would write forever and ever because I just every little thing that you do.

             You continue to be my perfect baby. I worry about your next sibling.

          Oh i love you Ju-Ju.
                   Happy nine Months

               Love mom.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rexburg in July

I really enjoy going home. It's just home. I think my favorite it walking into my parents house, where I grew up, and the smell of home hits me and it's the greatest smell. Our house always smells so good. I hope that one day my children will feel the same way about our house as I do my parents. It's a good place to be. 

(LOT'S of PICTURES!) You have been WARNED! 

Dan's family had a Lancaster Reunion in Idaho Falls over the 4th of July, so I thought this would make the perfect opportunity to head home a little early and spend some time with my fam. I was really excited to hear that my other siblings would be coming home too, well except for megan, because she is to cool for us... JK MEG! 

I headed to Rexburg a few days early before Dan, just to hang out. June and I had a great time just us and Grandma and Grandpa. 
We went for walks, played on the Tramp, had lunch, went shopping, and did a major grocery trip before all the family came. 

We're gangster's. It's just how we roll. 

Um... She's just too cool for you. 

While the boys played in their golf tournament, us girls and the children went and swam in the Walter's pond and had a grand old time. We even all jumped in. The water was freezing. I think that I will stick to my Texas lake water. 

My Brother Mikey. I really love having a big brother.  Teachin June how we roll in the Burg

Saturday Night we had a BBQ and outside games, along with face painting. I did Brooke's face. It turned out Fantastic.

After Dinner we took the young ones on a nature walk by my parents house. It's actually really pretty where they took us. 

June Loves her Nana

 Sunday was Canada Day. I usually Do a blog post on Canada Day, but I was a little busy, So June celebrated it for us! She is half Canadian after all. 

June and the Mexican... Oh wait I mean my sister. She is the tannest person I know! All that baseball!! 

Our Last Day at Grandma and Grandpa's house. June Playing in Grandma's make up while she got ready. Look how Tiny my mom is. Like seriously! 

We Said Goodbye to my family and headed to Idaho Falls for Dan's Family reunion. It's weird. A Canadian family having a reunion in Idaho Falls. It's a rarity when our families are close together. 

We went to the Idaho Museum and visited King Tut. Cool.

They had dress up clothes so we dressed June up as Davy Crocket. She obviously is a natural hunter. 

The Reunion was held at the Davis Residence. June Loved the swing. 

and the slide

My Hoodlems 

 The 4th was a fun day. Since it was June's first I was bound and determined to make sure she celebrated right and saw it all. Parade, fireworks, the whole sha-bang! 

 Back to the Reunion. We swang some more

Grandpa Lancaster and June a little wired on otter pops
 We had a little down time so Dan and I decided to head to the Green Belt to walk around. Don't mind June's gangster face. 

 My Love

I didn't get any pictures at the fire works. It was just our little family but it was perfect. I woke up June so she wouldn't miss her first big firework show. She didn't take her eyes off the fireworks once. 
Waking her up was well worth it, even though she was laughing like a crazy person the whole way home because she was so wired. Dan and I couldn't stop laughing because of the things she was doing. Crazy Lady. 

June is a great little flyer. It was a little more challenging this time since she isn't 4 months old any more and sleeps the whole time, but she did great and people loved her! 

Just some light reading before take off...

It was a awesome trip! It always goes way to fast so I guess it's a good thing that I'm going back in 4 weeks! Trip #2 coming up!!