Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Weekend!

We had a fantastic Easter weekend. It was fun having family here, the weather was beautiful and everyone was just happy and in good moods. Even little Owen managed to keep a smile on his face all weekend without too many tantrum meltdowns. It was great!

Dan's parents flew in Thursday night, So Dan took June and Owen with him to go get them from the airport and take them to their hotel. Of course June insisted on seeing their room and jumping on the beds is a must. This girl loves hotel rooms! 

Kateorade has been sleeping like a champion. She stays awake until about 11ish and then boom she's out for the night. She wakes up around 6am, eats and then back to sleep for a few more hours. I also love when she sleeps with her hands above her head. She's the best! 

Friday was "Good Friday" So Dan had the day off of work. The weather was warm enough, so we packed lunches and took Dan's parents down the Klyde Warren park. 
June was showing me her sandwich. She was weirdly proud of it. 

It was great having Grandma and Grandpa meet Kate for the first time. Kate is number 10 on the Lancaster side. 

We played all afternoon 

Kate continued to be the most content baby ever! 

Owen and June rode in Daddy's car. They never sit side by side so it was pretty exciting to be sitting next to each other. They fell asleep on the way home. The sun does that to you. 

Once we got home we all just took a break and chilled. I was laying on June's bed and Owen came in and snuggled right next to me. 

Saturday we woke up early and headed to an Easter egg festival that we go to every year. When we were walking in we saw the Easter Bunny, so we of course had to give him hugs. 

Owen was so funny! He wouldn't go near the Easter bunny, but he did randomly go up and hand him his Easter basket... 

And then walked away, leaving the Easter Bunny just hanging onto his basket. It was pretty funny. I'm chuckling to myself now, reliving the moment!

Waiting for the egg grabbing to begin. 

It's crazy to think that June was only 18 months old when we first started this tradition. She was so scared and timid to grab eggs and now no one was going to stand in her way. She didn't even need my help! She went for it and scored! 

Daddy helped Owen 

Afterward, checking out all the fun things they got in their eggs. 

Owen just wiggled himself right into Grandpa's lap. 

June saw the race track and she wanted to instantly race. She is actually getting pretty fast for her little body. 

Riding the train. 

We got home and Dan's parents went back to their hotel for a bit. The kids had some quiet time and we cleaned up the house and rested ourselves. Once Owen woke up I went and laid down by him. We took another selfie. 

Once we all woke up and shook the sleeps off we enjoyed the sunshine in the backyard. 

That included jumping in the pool. It was warm out but the water is still freezing!!! The kids were playing in the pool, but we dared the husbands to get in too. I told Dan that if he got in he wouldn't have to give the kids a bath for a week! (We both hate bath time) He accepted and went into the water. We are now on night 4. Dan of course is more than willing to help, but a deal is a deal. 

We all came back inside and the kids dyed some Easter eggs. 

That night, we had dinner, put the kids down and Dan's parents called it an early night and headed back to the hotel. 

The next morning was Easter.  We have 9am church, so we woke up pretty early to get ready and not feel rushed. It somehow worked out that we had a lot of extra time. It was nice because we were able to get pictures before church. 

How June is holding Kate's head is the best! Easter Dressed. It's so fun making them match! 

She then just wanted a picture of the girls 

So we of course got one of the boys! I mean it doesn't get much more handsomer than this!! 

We had a wonderful morning at Church. In Sacrament meeting, I sang in a trio of "Beautiful Savior" and June sang with the Primary. June takes after me so much in the singing department. She loves to sing!!  

Once we got home from Church it was FINALLY time to go look for our Easter baskets. I was a mean mom and made them wait until after church! Haha 

June got a backpack to carry her American girl doll in. Owen got Spiderman Legos. 

After we played for a bit we had a traditional Easter ham dinner. We decided against a luncheon with it being Easter and all. It was fun just having a nice dinner with family. 

Kate became a bit fussy Saturday night and it continued into Sunday. This was the only position she was comfortable in. Total gas! Dan rocked her to sleep and she just looks so small in his arms. 

Gramps and June rocking out on the guitars. 

Grandma and Grandpa were heading home the next morning, so they said good night to the kids before they went off to bed. We love having them here and taking part in all our celebrations. 

It was a great weekend with lots of fun with the kids. They sure are spoiled!! Hahaha This could totally back fire on us someday.... For now though, I will do all I can to make their childhood awesome!