Saturday, May 28, 2016

May Randoms

 May is almost over!! WHAT?! So I needed to get the pictures of May off my phone and get ready for a new month. Plus Memorial day weekend, but that will probably be a post of its own. 

Our May Randoms 

Spending much more time outside and in the backyard. 

Dan in the background with some power tools. He has been a building machine lately and building all sorts of fun things and fixing things around the house. 

My girls sleeping together for the first time and probably many more days to come. 

One day Range was acting so bizarre and was just standing on our tub. He would not get down for anything! He's weird, but I love him. He also ran away for about three hours and it was so terrifying. I'm so glad we found him and it made us realize that he may be super annoying with his barking but we really love our little puppy. 

Sunday afternoons. June's asleep and the boys just cuddling. They stayed like this for a while. It was pretty adorable. 

Sunday afternoons for me. A good snuggle fest with my Kateorade. 

Owen has been REALLY REALLY REALLY struggling with his sleep lately. So much to the point where we consulted our doctor about it. We have a few things we are trying to help him out and if those don't make any progress than we will have to see a specialist. It's pretty rough, but when Owen climbed on my lap and fell asleep I didn't have a care in the world at that moment. It was peaceful and we don't get these moments with Owen very often. 

More time spent outside 

One day we had a birthday party and we played all morning long

Owen put his token in and he spun the wheel 

He ended up totally winning the jackpot. 250 tickets! Hahaha it was pretty awesome 

Little friends from the birthday party 

Enjoying some pizza 

My little goof

My big goof

Kate has been rocking tummy time. She is getting so good at lifting her neck so high! She doesn't enjoy it all that much for very long, but she's getting so strong! 

We met with some friends at the DFW airport viewing plaza. It was muggy that day but the kids enjoyed playing and watching the planes land and take off.

Playing at the park

Kate all fresh and clean from a bath and in comfy pajamas. My favorite kind of baby. 

Naps all around. Don't judge me. I swear I do more than just nap. Haha 

It's no surprise to you when I say that Owen is OBSESSED with Kate. He cannot leave her side. I love it and hate it. I mean he wants to share everything with her. 

Playing inside  

With sleeping for only a couple hours at night Owen isn't always the happiest kid. I wish I could tell you all the struggles. I do. But I can't because I just don't know how to explain it. But on days where he doesn't have night terrors or other conditions we are dealing with than we get our happy sweetheart. He is simply my favorite when he's happy. It's amazing and I wish we could have this kid all the time. 

On the topic of Owen he so awesome at  his colors, letters and numbers. He knows them all without skipping a beat. He's a special soul and I sometimes wonder how I am to be his mother, but then I remember that I was given this spirit for a reason and instead of focusing on the hard part focus on the amount of love I get from him and what it is I am to learn from him. I learn something from him everyday! 

Then perfect baby Kate just keeps melting our heart day by day. 
Happy End of May! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kate's Check-up at 4 Months

Weight: 14lbs 6oz (67th Percentile) 
Height: 24.3in (52nd Percentile)
Head: 40cm (24th Percentile)

Monday, May 23, 2016

June's Preschool 2015-2016

June had her last day of preschool for the summer. She had a wonderful year at Holy Covenant and can't wait to go back this fall. This year she went two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-2pm. She loved it and I can't believe how much she grew socially and academically. I'm so proud of her and who she is already at the age of 4. She truly is a special little spirit. 
A little while back we had a parent teacher conference with her teacher and June is a little rock star. Her teacher said June grasps things very quickly and has learned a lot through the year. She also told us that June is very mature for her age and really good at problem solving (That we already knew). She's very aware of her surroundings and her friends around her. 

June will have one more year of preschool, three days a week. Then it's off to kindergarten. I just can't think about that. It's just too crazy! 

June's teacher Mrs. Nowak. June loved her! During teacher appreciation week, one day we were to bring a flower for Mrs. Nowak to put in a vase. June was sick that day and was so utterly crushed that Mrs. Nowak wouldn't receive her flower. Daddy saved the day and delivered the flower to her in behalf of June. The next time June saw Mrs. Nowak, the first thing she asked was if she got her flower. Hahaha good thing daddy came through. 

I wanted to have a little pool party to celebrate the last day of school, but unfortunately it was raining and rather cold. So instead we had one of June's little besties over to play away the afternoon. 

I loved this idea! They had the class draw self portraits of themselves the first day of school and the last day of school. 
First day of school. 

Last day school. 

We also received an envelope full of pictures taken from throughout the year. So these are just random pictures from preschool. 

We are really looking forward to summer and having lazy days and lots of playdates with friends. Now we just need it to stop raining and warm up!