Monday, January 25, 2010

Newest Addictions.

My new years resolution was to add addictions not lose them. I mean what kind of life would that be to give up things that may not be good, but still are awesome to me! ha ha anyways so here they are:

#1: Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites Chocolate, I can't go a night without having these delicious little things. They are well kind of good for you and its better then eating real chocolate, but I love them! I get so excited when I pour ice cold milk over them and I get to sit down and enjoy a big bowl of them. Definitely give them a try.

#2: Sushi, I really used to hate sushi, but all of the sudden I had a sample of sushi, and I was like "DANG THESE ARE GOOD!" Ever since that particular moment I want sushi like all the time.

#3: Last but definitely not LAST, The Mighty Ducks 2. Oh man I have been dying to watch Might Ducks 2. I have searched high and low for this movie, and no store seems to have it. I looked on our netflix watch instantly and NOTHING! I did find it to have them send to us so I am looking forward to that, I have been keeping myself busy watching #1 and well I guess its alright.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas with the Canadians

Hello! I'm Back! my fellow blog readers I have let you down by taking forever to post things, but I am here now so no need to worry. I promise to do a lot better its just last month was craziness. Ok so by the raise of hands who wants to hear about my first Christmas experience away from home? (LOTS OF RAISED HANDS) ok well lets get started...

It all started on December 22, 2009 we woke, and our great friend Rob drove us to the airport so we wouldn't have to park our car for 2 weeks. Wow what great friends we have. so we fly and the flight it actually smooth (which rarely happens) we get into Calgary and have the rest of the evening to chill. That's exactly what we do....

DECEMBER 23, 2009. This day was my birthday and I was in tears the whole day! Yep 23 years old and I cried on my birthday.
This was my first birthday away from my family, and your probably thinking boo-hoo get over it, well when your birthday is part of Christmas its a little difficult, and this was my magical birthday.. 23 on the 23rd that only happens once and I spent it in tears. Don't get me wrong Dan absolutely spoiled me and it really was a great birthday but well I cried because of reasons, (stories I can't share on the blog-people might be reading)

So the next few days where good, Christmas eve and Christmas were spent doing the traditional things, reading and acting out the nativity that was a lot of fun. We played a lot of Nintendo Wii and opened gifts.
Christmas was different, GREAT, but different.

-Side note, do you guys notice that i put words in parenthesis a lot?
This was my first boxing day, and I loved it. Dan's parents gave all of us kids money for shopping and it was awesome. We hit some pretty good sales I do have to admit. It was a lot of fun. we went with Dan's brother Dave and his wife Vanessa. We were on the hunt for a Nintendo Wii for ourselves but who knew they would all be sold out on boxing day. HA HA I crack myself up.

DECEMBER 30, 2009- We left Dan's house and headed southward to our friends Brady and Lisa's apartment. We spent the day laughing, playing Mario Kart and catching up. Had a great dinner and we all went to bed.

DECEMBER 31-2009 Adam and his new fiance Nicole came down and we all hung out. Went shopping and waited for Lisa to get off work. We all got ready to party. That night we hit the Calgary Zoo lights and firework show, a very late dinner, and well what happens when you get 6 couples together?....? you all head back to the apartment and realize how tired you are. Ha ha I feel old but who cares. We actually celebrated the new year with the cheering and kissing, and of course Mario Kart, and a great way to end new years eve was Star Trek.

JANUARY 1-2010 We realized how tired we actually were, but we all were troopers and got ready for the day. The boys got caught up on things (Which I don't know what because these boys basically talk everyday, but I think its very cute) then we headed to a movie, Sherlock Holmes. By the time it was over we were all beat, he ordered Pizza and finished the night with a few episodes of House.

JANUARY 2-2010 Said a goodbye to our friends and got back in the car to spend the last few nights with Dan's family. We played games, Dan and I conquered Mario, and slept. I felt so tired even though we really haven't done anything. But Vacations wipe you out.

JANUARY 4-2010: Going home day. Well thanks to a bomber dude on some plane flying international became way more of a headache then it already is. Due to this bomber we had to arrive at the airpot 4 hours early, no carry ons, and 3 long lines. checking baggage, Customs, and Security. I feel very violated when being checked through security. they do one heck of a search up and down our bodies. Great fun. We got on our flights and headed towards warm weather. TEXAS! Rob and Lauren came and picked us up at 11:30p.m meaning we didnt get home until about 1:30 a.m. THANK YOU SO MUCH ROB AND LAUREN!!!

JANUARY 6-2010: So here I am sitting in my bed after a long day at work, with my love sitting next to me thinking about Christmas, and how I will never forget it. We were so spoiled and got a lot of great things, way to many to share, but I will say that after all the Wii playing Dan and I are now proud owners of wii & wii fit. Its simply great. Life is simply great.

Enjoy the pictures.

Dan and I went for a walk at like 7:00 am on my birthday it was so fun to be in snow again.

Christmas Eve dinner, W/our crackers sitting on our plates

Crossfield has this sweet tradition where the firemen come around dressed as Santa's and bring all the kids Candy Canes. It was awesome

Christmas eve Pajamas of course Dan gets me Baylor pajamas

SLEDDING, I don;t think I mentioned this in my blog up there but we went sledding.

Will & Jess with their girls about to go down

So funny. My brother in law Mike went off this jump and totally missed his tube. It was great

Dave and Vanessa

Our small little family is now complete with Nicole (WELCOME TO THE FAM NICOLE!)

The Zoo lights had this tunnel of love it was really cute.

The girls. Nicole is a lot taller then us but we still love her.

Thats the end... STOP!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009

2009! The year of change for the Lancaster's. I started to right down my top ten things that happened to me this year, but as I started to think about it and going back to old blog posts I just couldn't do it. Yes there were things more important than others but each event had a change on my life. I can't believe where my life is, a life I never thought I would be so lucky to have. 2009 brought on major challenges for both Dan and I, some I have shared and some that i can't. I look back on this past year and laugh at all the ridiculous things that i did, and all the accomplishments I have done. There are things that we are still waiting for, prayers to be answered, but if 2010 is anything like 2009 then bring it on!