Monday, May 21, 2012

7 Months

    Dear June,
           Yep, another month has passed! 7 months old. You are just as cute as ever, and getting cuter! I think you really are the cutest baby ever. We just hope you left some cuteness for your siblings! 
June you are continuing to make everyday so much fun and exciting. I never knew watching you learn a new skill or hear you talk would be such highlights of my life. I love you. 
     Starting out for 7 months you are learning new things everyday. You are sitting on your own completely, and can stay that way for a while. You love being placed in front of your big basket of toys and go crazy with any toy that you choose. It's a game to see how quickly you can pull out every toy. 
     You are a great sleeper. You rub your little eyes when you are ready to go down, and start rambling on. You are still Sleeping through the night and we finally got your naps down. That was a little troublesome but you figured it out. Thank goodness! You are sleeping from about 7pm to 6:30am. The 6:30am was a little rough to get used to, but now Daddy gets to see you before he leaves for work, and it gets me up and going, so it's actually made for better days. You take 2 long naps a day and usually a little cat nap in the morning in your stroller while we're running. 
     You are going through a separation anxiety phase right now, where no one is good enough but your mom. Sometimes daddy will do, but you would love to be in my arms at all times. I do love holding you, but I do have to get things done, so don't ask my why, but if I put you in front of mine or your daddy's shoe's, you don't mind being on the floor. You really love playing with shoes. Playing with you is so much fun! You are starting to interact a lot and responding to things we do. You laugh so hard when daddy dances for you. Even if you are in the worst mood, you start laughing hysterically, to the point you can't breath when daddy dances. I adore it. You still are enjoying sucking on fabric and playing with Ranger. You are starting to get the best of Ranger, pulling on his hair, grabbing his toys from him... It's a constant battle between you two.  You LOVE water! Splashing in the bathtub and in the pool make you so happy, which is great, because we want you to grow up to love swimming! 
     We finally started you on solids, and boy do you love them! We thought you would start at 4 months, but with lots of opinion, lots of research and recommendation for your Ped to wait till 6 months, we decided to wait.  It's been so fun trying new foods with you. The faces you make are priceless, and  I always have to have the camera ready with a new food. You eat very well and so far haven't had any problems digestion wise. You are an eating, pooping machine! 
     As far as movement goes, you are flipping back and forth, but are quicker to roll from back to belly. You are scooting all over, but still haven't figured out the hands and knees position yet. No rush, but it's still fun to watch you scoot on your belly. 
     It's been so great so far! I don't know how it keeps getting better, but it does. 
I love you Juney Toons! 
    Love mom.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Signed the dotted line...

*One note real quick. LOVE the new blog posting layout. I don't have to go rewrite the code in HTML anymore to make my pictures big! Good job blogger.


We signed the dotted line. and signed some more. and signed again. and then again. then one more time. then the house was ours. oh wait one more. OK now its ours. 

The house hunt started in March. We looked all over Dallas and I mean everywhere. We went through a lot of gas in the past couple of months, but it was totally worth it. 
We actually found a house back in April, and we put an offer on it and everything. Oh my gosh the house was so ugly. I don't even know what we were thinking. The offer came through and the house was executed. Oh my panic attack, I gag still thinking about how we almost bought the retro 1970's house. I called Dan the day it executed in Tears telling him that I can't live in this house. He chuckled to himself trying to not hurt my feelings. I think he secretly knew this would happen, but of course I love making dramatic affects like waiting for the house to be executed before I say anything... Dan came home and made a few phone calls and made that ugly house disappear. I admit I rely on men to make my problems go away. One time I got pulled over and was given a $126.00 ticket and my license suspended. I called my dad crying and he too made a few phone calls and made that ticket disappear and my license reappear. Thank goodness he knew the judge and all was solved. Don't worry I solve my own problems and Yes my dad raised a great independent girl, but I see nothing wrong with getting a little help sometimes. :) 

Back to the house. 
So our amazing realtor was very understanding and continued house hunting with us. 
Dan went out of town to Houston for a week but Adrianne and I still went to look for houses. This house had only been listed for 4 days and already had 4 offers. Of Course I fell in love. I told Adrianne to make an offer right away. Oh wait Dan's out of town, still made the offer! This was on a Wednesday. 
Dan came home Friday, we showed him the house and he loved it too. The seller liked our offer, but an open house was scheduled for Saturday. SON OF A.... Two more offers. 
Our price stuck though and we ended up getting the house. We have been holding our breath for about 2 weeks so scared about everything. 
We passed inspection, funding and all other things. 

Today May 16, 2012 we closed on our first home. Let me take you on a tour. 

The Front of the house. Our yard, front and back, will be our only project for the house. Planting flowers, bushes, Trees, it's going to be great! 

So the outside view. Before you go in the front let me tell you that the house was actually a for closure and then a contractor came in and gutted the whole house, so EVERYTHING is brand new! 

You Walk in and around the corner is our living room. The furniture is for staging purposes.
Another view
Can't wait to decorate! 

You turn left and walk into a "Breakfast nook" Keep walking straight and you walk into a GREAT laundry room! I have decided I am going to paint this a random color. It has a door so if its ugly I will just shut it. 

Then off to the left you have my beautiful kitchen. All new appliances and nice space. Compared to our one cupboard apartment kitchen its rather large. I think I might paint the ceiling like a really dark gray. What do you think? 
Another view of the kitchen. 

Dining room. We aren't really dinning room type people. We are more TV tray type people so We plan on turning this into a fun reading room/sitting room or a play room for June. Fun rugs all that stuff. Not sure. I don't think I'll paint this room. But haven't decided. I need an interior designer. 

On the other side of the living room you walk and turn down the hall to the bedrooms. 3 bed 2 bath. It's a great little starter home. 
Guest bedroom/ Dan's office for when he's on call and needs to take an oil well call at 2am. Oh you have no clue what I am talking about. a later post will need to be written. Paint? Not sure! 

This will be June's room. It's very private and very spacious. Both bedrooms have walk in closets. Her room will be painted, YAY FOR FUN! 

Guest Bathroom/ June's Bathroom. The staging people wanted to make this a Sexy bathroom with the satin shower curtain... 

Continue the other direction down the hall and you have the master bedroom. There is a private door that leads to the back yard, so Dan and I can sneak out? We are such dare devils that we needed a secret door to sneak out of our room instead of using the living room door. 
Master bath, connected to our room. Need I say more about this bathroom? 

The backyard. Like I said our outside will be our most work. It's pretty much a blank canvas so the possibilities are endless. First things first is a fence for the pool. A pool is a must in the summer time! We actually were really hesitant about a pool at first, with kids and maintenance, but after Dan's thorough research and everyone telling us having a pool is the coolest we decided to get one. We like to be cool people. 
Another View. The fence leads back to our garage,there is a door that connects the garage through a laundry room.  
I am hoping to have this looking green and very colorful with flowers and other stuff. 
Well There you have it. The new Lancaster house.
We would like to call ourselves the all american family now since we have a baby, a dog, and a house, but we can't because of the Canadian blood.... Stupid. 
I hope you like it! I am very much looking forward to the BBQ's and pool party's this summer with friends, and family! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Check up @ 6months

June at her 6 month check up! 

Everything is going great for June Bug! She is Healthy and Happy and continuing to grow. 

                 She is weighing in at 13lbs 6 oz which puts her in the 5th Percentile and measuring at 26 inches in height putting her in the 70th percentile. Tall and thin. When Dr. Tomecko told me she was in the 5th percentile I panicked a little. That is really low, but I was reassured that it is completely normal and that she is just a little baby. I feed her, lots and lots and then some!