Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Becoming a baker!

I decided to become a better wife, and take a cluster in culinary arts up at the University, & I am loving it! Dan of course is loving it too, because he always gets to have something to eat up at school. So now I just love to make things! If anyone has any good recipes that they want to share let me know. They kind of have to be a little easy because well I am just a beginner, but i want to get really good, like my mom! This was my first attempt to make french bread, and it turned out great! i was actually really suprised. Now i know you are all probably like its not that hard, but for me, cooking doesn't come first hand, So this is an accomplishment.

Then I decided to make some banana bread, from a recipe that my sister megs has posted on her blog and it turned out so good! Dan even said it was better than his own mothers. It feels so good to be able to do something better than a mans own mother!!

Last of this blog entry is a sugar cookie recipe with the frosting. My friend Amber gave it to me to try and Holy cow they are so good! so give them a try and let me know how they taste! they are really easy to make and no refrigeration is involved, like other recipes! SO TRY IT!
you will need: 4 Eggs
3 cups sugar
2 cups butter
Mix those together until creamed
add to mixture: 4 tsp of cream of tarter
6 1/2 C. Flour
( Slowly put flour in, sometimes it doesn't need all the flour, so just kind of go by texture)
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
Cream all togethre, role it out and make into awsome shapes!
Then Bake @ 400 degrees, for 10-15 minutes (DO NOT OVER COOK)
2 TB real butter (melted)
2-3 Tb real Creme ( I put 2 1/2 and it was good)
then slowly beat in powder sugar until the texture is what you want

Thursday, May 15, 2008

HaPPy.... Mother's day!, Birthday, and 6 month Anniversary

A WeeKeNd FULL oF HAppInEss.........

Another exciting birthday for my dad.........

IT was mothers day to the best mom in the world.....


So.. What a weekend. mothers day, birthdays and a six month anniversary. Me and Dan celebrated our six month anniversary at Olive Garden, and then a long night and following day leaning over the toilet and sleeping the on the tile floor. Thats right I got the stomach flu, and it was awful.. Don't worry I won't give details but just imagine the worst, because thats what it was. Poor Dan, he took such good care of me though, I couldn't ask for a better guy.
We made it over to my parents house on sunday for a great celebration. My Dad got a gun, not sure what kind but he was pretty excited, a wicked awsome hurmanica, a tennis racket, and clothes! MY DAD ROCKS!!!
As for mom, she is a crazy one! she seemed to have a pretty good mothers day! she is the best mother ever and wow the things she does for us. I simply could not ask for anyone better to be my mom! MY MOM ALSO ROCKS!

We had a great dinner (well it looked good, but i couldnt eat anything or else..) with my grandma and grandpa, it is always so good to spend time with them, I wish we could see them more! All in all it turned out to be a pretty good weekend full of good things!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

One Random Weekend!

This was such a random weekend, we did a lot of random things that made the weekend great!

1st: On Friday we decided to head to Ririe for a giant hamburger, yup at Big Juds. We ate so much that i felt like I was going to throw up, I have no Idea how people manage to eat the whole hamburger, fry, drink and ice-cream. It was really good though.

2nd: We came back down to the burg to see Iron Man. It actually was pretty good. I thought it would be a lot different, more comic book action but at the first of it, the movie was kind of serious, and had a thick plot, but all in all Dan loved it so thats all that matters to me! oh I liked it too!

-So all in all the Friday was the regular date night for me and Dan. Then saturday comes. It was really warm outside but I had to work all day, so we thought it was just going to be a boring night! well It was actually very entertaining.

1st: My mom and dan called us up and said some of our family was in town. To be honest I really didn't know them. They were my grandpa's brother Cliff, I am pretty sure, anyways we all went out to dinner. Dan and I were the only ones under the age of 50 there. (No offense parentals) :) ha ha it actually turned out to be really fun, we ended up staying there for like 2 hours after we ate and just talked it was really fun.

2nd: After dinner we weren't really in the mood to go back to the apartment and just sit, so we thought of things we could do outside. Being the man i married the first thing Dan mentioned was going to hit some golf balls. OK so I totally suck at golf! that is all that has to be said about that. Really fun but also really frustrating.



3rd: After I pretty much wasted all of the golf balls that landed 5 feet in front of me, I got frustrated and was ready to be done, so i watched Dan hit a few then we headed home. oh but the night didn't end there!

4th: We got home and neither of us were tired and we didn't have church until 1:30 the next day, so we decided to have "The office" marathon. Pretty much we watched all of the 3rd season. It was pretty much the best marathon wathing party ever!

This was the weekend of the Lancasters. It was really entertaining!