Thursday, February 26, 2015


We have had many visits to Nana and Papa's house over the years, but this was our first trip to their home out on the mission. Having my parents in Colorado is kinda awesome, because the flights are fast and cheap! So it makes it even easier to go visit them, really whenever we please. It's really nice. 

Meg and her two girls were meeting us in Colorado to spend the week with my parents. I always have a blast with my sisters and so we knew it was going to be so fun! Especially with our little girls. Sami and June are the same age so we were really excited to get them together. 

Our flight out of Dallas went smooth enough. It was delayed for about a half hour but nothing compared to Megs flight. She was delayed about 8 hours. We were supposed to arrive at the same time, but that did not go according to plan. 

Oh little OD, he definitely keeps my life entertaining... He also kept the flight entertaining as well. 

We arrived in Colorado with open arms waiting for us. It's always so fun seeing my parents there waiting for us and how excited June gets to see her Nana and Papa. Seriously one of my favorite moments... I know I have said that before in past trip posts, so I know it's true! :) 

I love this picture so much. Just so much happiness!

Owen was strapped in the stroller so he wasn't able to get all excited, but trust me, he had lots of wiggles on the plane ride, so being strapped in wasn't the worst thing for him. ;)

Nana rode in the back and kept these two little ones entertained. June thought it was the funniest thing having Nana ride in the back with her and Owen. She loved it! 

As soon as we walked in the door June wanted out in the snow instantly! She is such a little outside girl and I LOVE IT!! I love how she never cares how cold it is, or if its pouring down rain, she wants to be outside. So outside we went. 

The only two men in the house for the week. Thank goodness for my dad, he kept Owen entertained 90% of the time! He's awesome!! 

So since Meg's flight was sooooo delayed, My parents had to go pick her up about 10:30. June was still awake and really wanted to go and greet Sami,Quinn and Aunt Meg, so she went with my parents while I stayed home, since Owen was asleep. My parents said she was out cold before they even hit the freeway. 

They all got home safe and sound and we probably stayed awake talking WAY longer than we should have, but we were so excited to party and have the whole week to play! My parents had even worked the SUPER BUSY missionary life around us being there, so we would be able to play and see them more! 

The next morning Sami and June were up bright and early already playing their little hearts out. I mean these two became instant best friends and stayed that way the whole week. 

They played in the snow and had their own little snow ball fight. 

Owen hated the snow. Owen hates most things these days. Except his mom. Oh he LOVES his mom and being held by mom, and being in moms sight at all times.

Nana was out in the snow with the girls most of the morning. She's kinda the coolest! 

The girls played and played and played NON STOP! 

Poor little thing had a lot of his naps in his carseat and covered in drool. OH how I love him. 

Later that morning we headed to a Children's museum in Denver. So cool and completely catered to children! So much fun! 
Papa helping the girls make masks. He also made Owen one. 

They had this section that was full of recycled products, like wood... You can just build whatever you want. In each station they had a ton of tools and it's all just open to play with. It was really cool. 

Hahaha my dad braved holding the nail for June while she hammered. Good job Grandpa! 

We obviously had a lot of fun as well!

There was a big room full of different ways to make bubbles. There was even a rope to pull that you could put yourself in a gigantic bubble!

Owen was in ball Heaven. This kid loves to chase, throw and catch balls, so he stayed in this room the majority of the time. He was not too pleased leaving! 

In another room it was full of how nature lives. Lot's of holes and fake trees to climb

June was pretending to be a bird sleeping in her nest. 

The kids attempted a puppet show. 

She's so special! 

We had a lot of fun at the museum!! 

After we headed to Walmart to grab a few things for dinner. 
Leave it to my mom to do something like this. Hahaha I was laughing so hard and Owen was wondering what in the heck was going on. 

The girls had a little downtime with ice-cream sandwiches and a little Sophia the First. 

We stayed in that night and played with the girls and had dinner. My dad had some missionary business to take care of, but he didn't miss playing a Sophia the first game that he got the girls! 

The next morning we got up and got ready to go shopping for the day. It wouldn't be a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house without shopping. My dad had a few meetings he had to attend so we took the kids and headed to a mall to go pick out some fun things for them and have lunch. 

Me and my cute little Quinn! 

We went and had lunch in the mall before shopping. We got the kids situated and fed and then we went and grabbed food for us. Well I sat down my salad and as soon as I did Owen started squirming in his seat. I picked him up and went to sit down with him. His foot hits my salad and dumps the entire plate in my lap and on the floor... awesome. I couldn't do anything but just calmly clean up and tell him it's ok. You just can't get mad in those situations... what's the point?! 
My sweet sister went and explained the situation to the salad place and they gave me another salad. SUPER NICE of them!! 

Nana keeping the kiddos entertained with her makeup. 

These two were sooooo cute together! We knew it was going to be so sad to split them up! 

After lunch and about an hour spent in the Disney store, which led to these grandkids to be spoiled rotten some more, my dad met us at the mall and offered to take the kids, so that we could go shopping. I'm just going to say it. I have the best dad. Hands down. He took the kids so we could shop, he got them down for naps and let the girls play. It was so nice being able to shop without little ones in tow. THANKS DAD!!! 

Later that night we took "The Missionaries" out to dinner. That would be my parents. The kids did really well and we got to talk and enjoy the evening.

We got home and played for a bit. My parents got caught up on a few missionary items and phone calls while we relaxed. 

 Owen LOVES to wrestle. If you sit down anywhere, he comes and tackles you! Luckily papa makes for a great wrestling partner. 

Nana promised cookies would be made later that night, and nana always keeps her promise. While Meg and I put down the little ones the girls and Nana made cookies. That also involved my dad! Haha 

After cookies and baths it was time to get the girls to bed. 

June and Sami slept in the same room together. They were so cute! We would put them to bed but they would stay up late playing with their flashlights and playing make believe. 
Nana and Papa tucking the girls in and singing songs. 

The next day we all went to the butterfly museum right down the road from my parents house. 

So there was a tarantula named Rosie that you could hold. I had no intentions of holding it, but June wanted to, so I went to go help her. June saw the spider and got nervous and backed out. Therefore I ended up holding the big Ol' spider! Super creepy and gross, but kinda cool. 

We went and saw a ton of butterflies! They were everywhere and really pretty! 

Two little besties! It's great having them so close in age! 

They got to pet some sea creatures. I don't remember what these were but they were pretty cool! 

Finding Nemo 

Flying our own butterflies 

Is this spider not super gross?! I know it's dead, but still, super gross!!! 

The butterfly museum was really fun and the kids loved looking at all the different bugs and playing around. When we got home, we put the little ones down for naps and let the girls play, while we went and grabbed some lunch for ourselves at Cafe Rio. 

Meg was  flying home late that night so we started getting her ready to head home. While we both started packing, since I was leaving bright and early the next morning, my parents entertained the kids with a game of Go Fish. I remember growing up playing Go Fish with my Grandma and Grandpa all the time! I love seeing my parents now play with June!  

Saying goodbye to the Porters. Mom and Little Quinn. 

It was really sad having the girls say goodbye to each other. They played amazingly well together and were by each others sides ALL.THE.TIME. They always had to have the same toy, same lunch, snack... You name it they had to be twins about it. I love having them so close in age. Now I only wish they lived closer. 

As always a trip "home" was amazing. I can't ever blog all the things that happened on our trip. So much laughter and memories that won't be forgotten. I have one of the best families and I am so grateful to be apart of all the love and support we give to one another. 
I am also so grateful that my dad is a Mission President in a place where we can go visit. The Lord definitely had a hand in that! We are a very tight-knit family, and being a part for 3 years would have been a disaster! Love this family of mine and all the adventures I always have with visiting them!