Friday, February 13, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! I sure do love Fridays and it has been a good one. In fact all week has been pretty darn good, but I will blog about that later...

We have a few exciting things going on in the next few weeks, starting this past week, so I thought I better get the pictures off my phone of our little simple day to day on the blog. 

We are really loving play dough on those cold days we can't go outside. And it's been even more fantastic to include Owen in some of our play. I always feel bad when he just sits and plays by our side while we do some activity or play a game, so play dough has been something we have been enjoying to do together! He has learned to not eat it and to roll it. 

We enjoy Oreo's at our house on a regular basis 

Our Super Bowl was low key this year. We still made a bunch of delicious food, and chilled. It was nice. Our Sundays are sometimes our busiest days of the week, so we kept it low key after church to just enjoy being together. 

We have been really liking green smoothies, especially since I have found a bag of frozen fruit that changes the color. Owen drinks them either way, but June isn't such a big fan when the smoothie is green. One night she told me she didn't want a cup, she just wanted to drink it out of the blender. We were all served up, so I figured why not?! 

One night, Owen was finishing up his bath and I needed to give Range one, so I just ended up throwing him in with Owen. 

For those who got Valentines from us, you know that we now have lots of army men around our house and Owen has been loving them!

She's just too cute for words!

Owen learned to go down the slide all by himself and he was adorable doing it! 

The playroom was a huge DISASTER... BUT the kids were playing so happy in there, what felt like forever, and it was just good. 

So Thursday mornings... the only time I have to workout is while June is at school, since I can't do it at my usual time because I have MCO at night. But this particular morning Owen fell asleep on the way home from dropping June off. I picked him up and took him inside to see if he wanted to lay down. I tried to lay him in his crib, but he clenched onto me so tight! I continued to hold him and eventually sat in the chair and rocked him. He fell back asleep and we stayed like this for the whole 2 hours June was at school. Even though I didn't get my workout in, and nothing else got done that I had planned, I wouldn't have traded those 2 hours for anything!! The snuggles were totally worth it! 

If you have been to our house, you know that our light switches are super low, which makes it easy for little fingers to reach and turn it on and off. 

June wanted to stay dressed up as Anna from "Frozen" while I had to run to a few stores in a mall... I didn't mind, so when we got done, we went and played at the play place for a bit. She met a little friend there any they played hide n' seek forever! This little girl only called her princess Anna! hahaha it was cute!

Our weather has been AMAZING lately and we have had daily walks on the path by our house. 

June and Owen both at 15months in the exact same spot, exactly 2 years apart to the day. 

At the end of the day, these two really are best little buds and I love watching their relationship bloom 

June loves asking daddy "Will you teach me how to make a spoon?" She means spooning. 

Learning young

Owen has recently learned how to climb, and he climbs on, or up anything! He loves it and it scares me to death. He's tough though!

Enjoying the Sun

So.... This is a Super unflattering picture of me, but June has been loving taking pictures with my phone and I was pretty impressed with this picture, so for documentation purposes I'm putting it on the blog. 

Sibling Selfie... brought to you by June

The sandbox has definitely been our go to! 

And working in daddy's shoes!

Nothing to crazy has been going on, just our day to day and it's been pretty fantastic!

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