Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Worth Sharing

Hello Blog Readers.
I plan on blogging about Christmas very soon, and how awesome it was celebrating with June, but before I get to that wonderful holiday I feel its worth mentioning the HELL (pardon the language) we went through to get to Canada and back to Texas.

We booked our tickets on in July to make the expense of flying international a little cheaper and so that there wouldn't be any problems when it was time to fly. We wanted to make traveling during the holiday's a little easier since we would have June and Ranger with us.

(Call #1) December 12th comes and in order to fly with a dog you have to call and make a reservation for the pet. Our flight schedule was fly up to Canada with Continental airlines and fly home with American airlines. I called Continental on the 12th to reserve a spot for Ranger. The agent on the phone told me that there was a problem with our tickets, that they have June and me as an adult and Dan as the infant. The Agent said it shouldn't be a problem?!?? Really?!?! So she said we can book your dog a ticket, but I didn't have my credit card at the time so I had to call back.

(Call #2)December 13th: I call Continental with my credit card number for Rangers ticket and the agent then said there was a problem with the tickets (Same story I heard already), but this time she said that there was nothing Continental could do and that we would have to call to fix the problem, and we would also have to call American airline to fix the problem for the flight home.

(Call #3) December 13th: Call they said that their records show that all the names are correct and that it is a continental issue and that they couldn't solve the problem themselves.... (I said a swear word at this point)

(Call #4) December 13th: I call Continental and they say the exact same thing... (I Hung up on the agent)
-Dan takes over at this point-

(Call #5) December 14th: Dan calls Cheaptickets again. They call Continental. The agent from cheaptickets said that the problem is solved and that June is now the infant and Dan and I are shown as adults... FANTASTIC.

(Call #6) December 21st/22nd: 10:30p.m. I first Call American airline to confirm that the information shows correctly on their side. It does... I also book a reservation for Ranger. Confirmed. I then call continental to confirm and make a reservation for Ranger. They said I couldn't because June is showing as the adult and Dan the infant and they can't solve the problem. I said another bad word.. or two...or three... I am on the phone with continental until 3:30 in the morning. We got a free ticket and everything it resolved.

(Call #7) December 22nd: I call American airlines again to CONFIRM Ranger and that our tickets are correct. The agent GUARANTEED ALL information was correct.

December 22nd: Go to the airport. Our tickets can't print because June is the adult and Dan is the infant (SHOCKER!!) Good thing we arrived early. Took an extra hour! Get through security.
Flight is delayed 15min.... 30 min.... 1 hour.... 1 1/2 hours.... Its finally here. We fly on the WORST and LOUDEST PLANE EVER! I made a video of how loud it was. I can't wait to share it.

We arrive with about a half hour to make it to our connecting flight. The gate agent tells us that we wouldn't make it and that she rebooked us for the next flight out. Great! That gives us an extra hour to get something to eat and stretch out legs. She said we just need to go to the gate agent at the other flight to get our tickets... About six of us go over there and that agent hadn't heard a thing. At this point we had missed our flight with no connecting flight in site.
3 Continental managers later everyone gets a ticket but us.... Why you ask? Because our child is showing as an Adult and Dan as a child. They re-worked out tickets, hand wrote one of them and we made the flight...
4 hours later than we should have.. We arrive in Canada. We go to get the carseat from cabside check in... They haven't seen a carseat. (They accidently checked it.) Had to wait.

We watch all the luggage come out. Of course none of ours. Our luggage was lost. They said it would arrive on the next flight... Our luggage missed that flight and didn't arrive in Canada until about 8:00pm the next night. My Birthday. With a baby you can't just go without things so we had to go buy Everything!!!

Go Check in. Oh what? June is the Adult and Dan the infant? I haven't heard that before. Remember I called to confirm that it was all correct. We are holding up the line and American Airlines computer goes down. We have an hour before our flight leaves and we still have customs and security to go through. We FINALLY get it all worked out and then they tell us that Ranger might not be able to fly because there are to many pets on board. I MADE A FRIKIN RESERVATION!!! I had to walk away and Dan took over because I was embarrassing him. FINALLY! with ANOTHER hand written ticket and ANOTHER delayed flight we made it.
Thanks goodness we had a direct flight. Range had enough and wasn't so good on the plane. June was an angel and slept the whole time! That helped. Our luggage did make and we are now home safe and sound.
I have never been through that horrible of an experience. I feel really bad for the rude comments and bad language but I was in the heat of the moment and I am hoping that I'm forgiven.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

June hits 2 months

Dear June,

You have hit your 2 months old mark. Say what?!? Oh how you have changed just in the past two months. I love it and hate it all at the same time. It’s so fun watching you grow and see more of a little personality come out, but it’s hard to not have you be a newborn anymore. You are still in some newborn clothes, mostly the onesies. You’re practically in 3-6mo pants because your legs are so long. Even the pediatrician can’t get over how long your legs are.

You’re so funny at the things you do. We bought you a swing this month because your dad and I both got so tired of bouncing you so hard in your bouncer that we needed something that would move you automatically. Though you prefer your bouncer the swing keeps you moving. You LOVE to move. We practically hit the floor when bouncing you in your bouncer and the swing has to be going full speed in order to keep you happy. We think your going to love roller coasters and crazy rides when you get older just because of how vigorously you love to move.

I think that it’s safe to say you officially sleep through the night. You will take a nap around 8p.m wake up at about 10p.m for one last feeding frenzy and then your out until about 7 or 8a.m. You do still have a random fussy time for about an hour at night, but its alright, it gives me an excuse to just hold you without having to worry about anything else.

You’re really lazy when it comes to tummy time. You really don’t try at all. I would be concerned about your neck if you weren’t already holding it on your own, but you seem to be doing just fine. Tummy time just makes you fall asleep, or you start getting upset, so tummy time doesn’t last that long.

The pacifier still isn’t happening. You will take it if your hungry and I keep holding it while in your mouth, but as soon as I let go, you spit it out. I know you really hate it because you are gagging on it any other time I try to give it to you other than when your hungry. So, no pacifier success.

You are smiling so much more now. Your Dad can get you smiling so much. I no longer think it’s the gas bubbles. I really think you are a happy baby. I’m glad you are smiling more now, before you had a natural frown on your face and you were always giving people dirty looks. I prefer the smiles.

Your Dad and I are so excited for your first Christmas. You have your very own passport and we can’t wait to show you off in Canada. You are only 8 weeks old, but we wrapped your gifts and got you stocking stuffers. We couldn’t resist. It’s going to be so fun!! We will see how you handle the freezing cold. I’m just praying you don’t get sick.

Well that is really all I wanted to share for your 2-month update. Time is flying by way to quickly, but I’m trying to capture as much as your life as I can to remember my favorite little things. You’re my favorite little person. I love you more than words could ever explain.

Love you my 2 -month old Juniper.

Love Mom.

Monday, December 12, 2011


A little late, I know, but I am finally getting to it.

We blessed June over Thanksgiving weekend in Idaho. The reason for doing it in Idaho is because all my family was there for Thanksgiving and it was easier for Dan's family to drive from Canada rather than fly. So we got permission from our bishop here in Texas and permission from my homeward back in Idaho.
It was such an amazing day. It is a day that really makes you realize the blessings you have in your life and how powerful it is to have a husband who holds the priesthood and that he can give our daughter a blessing. Dan did a great job and spoke from the heart. It was so amazing sitting in the pulpit surrounded by family and friends and hearing him bless our little girl. We were able to write down her blessing and plan to give it it her when she is older. I'm so grateful for all those who came and thankful for my in laws for making the drive all the way down to Rexburg.

By the end of the day, June was worn out. It's so true how cranky babies can get when they get out of routine. She was completely pooped! I don't blame her though, I would be too after being passed around so much. It was kinda nice though because she slept through the night.

We had a lot of family traditions for her blessing. The dress she wore was from the Lancaster side. All the granddaughters have been blessed in this dress and than Grandma Lancaster embroiders their name and the day they were born in it. Such a fun tradition! Than she wore the booties that every granddaughter on the Cheney side have worn. My aunt and uncles were blessed in these booties and now the grandchildren. I love that we have all these traditions that I really hope it continues.

4 Generations.

It was an even greater day because of all the hard work of my mom. June loves her grandma. She really knows her.

The great men in June's life. I love how June is curled up in Dan's arms. She is just way to precious!

I love her. I love her dad. I love the gospel. The end.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome to Parenthood.

I feel like tonight Dan and I experienced parenthood for the first time. June has been such a good baby and pretty easy that we feel our lives have gone on as normal, so we thought that we would push our luck and attempt going to a movie. We planned ahead and I fed her right before we went to the movie so that she would be so drunk on milk she would fall asleep and be snuggled in my arms for the movie. Well like I said, Parenthood happened. Dan was a trooper and took me to Twilight, Breaking Dawn. We sat at the very top and sort of on the end so we could stand and bounce June if necessary, but right at the last minute a stupid couple came and sat at the very end, like the worst seats in the show house so we thought no one would sit there. We figured it would be ok though. June slept through all the previews, but as soon as that opening scene started... eyes wide open and grunting. I am super paranoid about June making noises in places that babies really shouldn't be because I remember what it was like to have a baby being loud and rolling my eyes saying "why bring a child to a movie?" I now understand.
I felt bad for the couple sitting next to us, Dan was the best and took June out hoping she would fall back asleep.
He came back in...
She woke up...
He went back out...
I went out....
I came back in....
Dan came back in....
She woke up....
Dan went back out....
I watched the entire twilight movie by myself. I smiled and thought yep this is now our lives.
I came out of the movie theater and there was Dan just sitting there with June passed out in his arms and a smile on his face. We were thinking the exact same thing.

Welcome to parenthood.

*On a good note. One of the theater workers saw Dan out in the hall. She felt bad for Dan that he was out in the hall the whole time and gave us a free movie pass for the next time, which I'm not really sure when that will be.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Newborn

June's Newborns brought to you by Brooke Rasmussen and Megan Porter, Staring June Lancaster.
When I uploaded them some photos changed color weirdly. Not sure why. I'm struggling with the blog lately.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Month

I made June a blog and I am so excited about it! They are little notes to her so that I can document things that happen in her life and as she is growing up. I'm hoping I stick with it so that when she is old enough I can print it in a book and give it to her. I Just love her so much. If you would like to see her progression feel free to read it here. There will be things that I duplicate on her blog and our family blog, just giving you a warning.

Dear June,
Today you are one month old. I can't believe how much you have grown and how much I love being your mother. You are such a good baby that makes things very easy on me. I guess I expected the worst, but you have made me love being a mother.
You look just like your dad. Your a Lancaster for sure, though I am hoping as you grow older some of me comes out in you. I joke with people saying its a good thing you came out of me or I would wonder if you were my child.
You're such a great little sleeper and you eat like a champ. That's a very good thing! I think you have figured out your days and nights, which I am very thankful for. You hate any pacifier that we give you, and we have tried every kind. It would be nice sometimes if you took one but I guess it's one less habit we will have to break. For the most part you do a pretty good job at soothing yourself. Again MOST of the time. :)
When waking up you grunt and move around, you don't cry, but when your really mad you scream a very high pitched scream. I think it's adorable. Your puppy Range adores you. He is so protective over you and doesn't leave your side. He is always bringing you his toys to play with him, and rolls on top of you when you start kicking your legs. Don't worry we are working on that!!
OH you are so beautiful and I love that you are mine. This month has been so fun hanging out with you and laughing at the smallest things that you do, and people only tell me it gets better. I am very excited to start taking you out more and show off those chubby cheeks of yours.
June I love you so much. Your Dad loves you so much and he works so hard to provide for you. He would do anything for you. You seem so much more content when laying in his arms, maybe its because there is more cushion, not sure, but he loves you so much.
I love you.
Love Mom.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

For You Megan Porter

Megan, I am posting these pictures for others to enjoy.... But mostly for you, so that you will stop bugging me about seeing pictures of June! Love you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011


We are literally OBSESSED with June. I feel like I don't get anything done during the day because I just stare at her and still try to contemplate the fact that she is my daughter. I just love her. My friend Mary explained it pretty good, that you love your child so much, your heart is going to explode. I seriously feel my heart is going to burst out of my chest!! It is the most amazing feeling. I don't know how else to explain it. Yes, I am tired, Yes I worry constantly about every little noise, sneeze, or cough, I get up a hundred times a night to make sure she is still breathing, but it is all SO WORTH IT. I think of how long it took Dan and I to bring her here, and it makes me so grateful to hear that bloody Murder scream she uses instead of a cry, or how feedings, and changing diapers has become my new pastime. I LOVE IT ALL. I am aware it has only been two weeks, and I know there will be MANY tough times ahead with this little squirt, but for now I am enjoying being a mother who is obsessed with her daughter.

I made a little slideshow thing of June's adventure getting here. There are some of the same pictures from my last post but I thought I would share it anyways.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Number 20

Dan has a friend who is crazy smart with numbers and calculates things in a weird way.
The day June was born he wrote on Dan's wall congratulating him and wondered if we liked the number 20. Here is why:

  • June was born on the 20th day of the month
  • There are 20 letters in her full name
  • The most common constant in her name is "T" which is the 20th letter of the alphabet
  • The name of the weekday of her birth "Thursday" starts with the 20th letter of the alphabet
  • The first two digits of her birth year go together to make a "20"
  • When she is 20 months old, it will be the month of her name "June"

I know that some are obvious like her birth year but the rest is pretty cool. We have no connection with the number 20 it's all a coincidence.

It just makes our baby girl, June, all that much more awesome!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I can't believe it.
I can't believe that she is here.
I can't believe how no one can prepare you.
I can't believe we made it through labor and delivery.
I can't believe how much I love this little girl.

She is here. I am going to BLOG all about it. I BRAG all about it. It is going to be a LONG blog post, so grab yourself a snack, get in a comfy chair, and get ready for our story.

Let me take you back to October 18th, 2011....

As many of you know I was complaining non-stop about her not coming, because I was purely expecting her to come early. My mom's flight was scheduled to come in on this day, so I called her and told her no baby. She changed it to the 20th. I went to my Dr. appointment and we decided it would be best to be induced on the 20th of October at 7:00 a.m. So that was the plan. I would go to the hospital the night before at 10:00p.m sleep at the hospital and be induced that morning.

Dan took half a day on Wednesday (the 19th) because I was very nervous so he kept me company and luckily the Ranger's were playing that night so my mind was pre-occupied with the game. (Well Kind of..) I couldn't eat or drink anything until after 4p.m. so Dan took me to a late lunch and we got ready for this baby.

9:50p.m arrives and I am ready to puke because of the excitement and nerves. I knew I wasn't having a baby until later the next day but still....

We got all checked in and they hooked me up to the monitors and we started our night. Not everything went according to plan.

The plan was to give me some medication to start softening my cervix. I can't remember the name.. Not petocine, but something else. It wasn't meant to put me into labor, just to help prepare to be induced on the next day. They knew it would be an uncomfortable night for me so they gave me Ambien to help me sleep through the night. If you have never taken Ambien before it does some crazy things to you.... That is an important part of the story.

So I took my drugs and hung out with Dan until the drugs started to work.
This picture was before anything started. I was just hooked up to the machines ready for a good nights sleep!

Dan had to tell me what happened, so a lot of this story is second hand from Dan. Here is why:

The Ambien. It took control over my body. The problem was, was that I went into labor on my own, which was NOT supposed to happen. They took me off all medication and put me on my side to help slow down the contractions until they could get my doctor to the hospital.
(Remember Dan's Words)
I was getting prepared to get my epidural, but supposedly I was very uncooperative. They kept telling me to hold onto the pillow and bend my back, but I guess I was doing the opposite. I remember holding the pillow and wondering why I needed to hold the pillow, so I don't remember getting my epidural at all.
I am telling you it was the weirdest experience of my life. I remember certain parts, them telling me certain things, but Dan said for some reason I kept doing the opposite of what they said. My Doctor came in about 4:00a.m and I was ready to push... But again I wouldn't. Finally Dr. Hoffman (my OBGYN) had to get firm with me and I guess pretty much put me in my place. Dan said it was kinda funny, and I kept appologizing for not cooperating, but I just couldn't think straight in my mind how to do what they were saying. He also said that I was very polite and kept telling everyone thank you for the most random things. Again I do not remember any of this, but Dan said I acted alert and aware of everything!
I do remember the pressure, there was just so much pressure and I remember delivering her and feeling the instant relief. I remember talking to my Doctor about his new house and how moving was going... Guys I seriously do not know where my mind was.
In the end I was on labor for about 5 hours... I remember some labor pains, and I remember holding her in my arms for the first time, but than I was out cold. I don't remember even going into the postpartum room. It was a pretty wild night.
I am VERY SAD about not hearing her first cry, but Dan said she cried right away and that she got perfect scores on all her little tests.

BORN: October 20, 2011
TIME: 4:51 am
WEIGHT: 7 lbs 14 oz

So this is what I may have looked like. All smiles, feeling amazing and knowing exactly was was going on.

This is how it really was. I was out of it.

From what I can remember and what the nurses told me, Dan was Dan. AMAZING. He is already an amazing father. He was so supportive and calm.

"ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?" I love this photo. She doesn't cry she just has a very high pitched scream. I know its lovely!

I actually remember this. I was able to sleep off the Ambien and felt like a million bucks. It was an amazing feeling holding her in my arms. It is a feeling that no one can explain. The love I have for this girl the instant that I saw her was so over-powering. It is so true how you ask yourself, how could I have lived for so long with out this little girl in my life?

She has so much hair! She also has Dan's little ears. I am in love with her ears!

Proud Parents.

The look on Dan's face is nothing but pure love. This is one of my favorite pictures of Daddy and Daughter. Ya Dan hung out in the hospital bed a lot with me.

The next two days in the hospital were full of pictures, smilies and love of this little girl.

Here is why Dan is so amazing. The next morning it is just me, him and June in the room, and he pulls out these little diamond earrings. He got them for her when she is old enough for us to pierce her ears. They were so petite and just perfect. He then grabs another box and said that it only makes sense for June and her mother to having matching earrings. I got my very own pair of Diamond earrings to match my little Juniper. I can't express the amount of love I have for this man. No... not because he bought me and my daughter diamond earrings, but because the love that he has for his daughter and her mother. And yes... They're real. :)

GOING HOME: I was BEYOND ready to go home! Let me just say I am SO GRATEFUL for all the nurses who were watching out for June and me, but they were constantly coming in our room. I didn't get lack of sleep because of June, but because of the nurses. Dan and I counted and realized that a nurse was coming in almost every 8 minutes. It was a little much, but I guess necessary.

The first picture in her car seat and getting ready to come home.

Our first family photo.

Coming home to my mom at our place was amazing. The house was spotless she had dinner on and it smelled so good! It was warm and cozy, a perfect way to bring a newborn in the home.
Nana and June

He was so excited to have us home after being gone for 3 days. He wanted to know what in the world we had in our hands. We tried to introduce them nice and slow.

Range was at a little hesitant at first, but slowly got more courage.

He sniffed for a while, tried to roll on top of her a couple times, but soon started ignoring her.
Now he is protective over her, he follows her everywhere and is always laying by her. It's pretty darn cute!!

This is how we spent the rest of the night.

These are things that I don't want to forget....
My nurse board. I don't think I would have been able to keep them all straight if it weren't for that board.
June's alligator animal from Nana
Dan having to sleep on the couch that turned into a bed. He slept horribly on it, so a lot of the time he spent laying with me.
Her little bed that she slept in. She spent most of the time asleep in my arms. I just couldn't put her down.
My bed that allowed me to go up and down without having to do a thing! It was pretty legit.
My water bottle. I'm not a huge fan of water and I had to drink 4 of those big things a day! It never happened!

We are a family. We are so in love with this little girl. We are tired. My mom has been amazing watching her and letting us get some sleep and plus making us all these meals and cleaning our house and everything else. I don't know how I will ever repay her.

She is now 5 days old. We are doing so well. She is a great little nurser and I feel really blessed that breast feeding is coming so easily for her and me. She is already gained back most of her birth weight. Ya she's a chunk! Everything is great.

I hope your still reading this, and that you enjoyed the story of how June Loretta Lancaster came into the world and has already changed our lives for the better.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Her Name and Her Nursery

I first want to thank everyone for the phone calls, messages and comments about my last post. I am feeling much better and beyond excited to get her here and ROCK motherhood!

I am excited about this blog post. I don't know why I waited so long to share what we are going to name our little girl since we have had the name picked forever, and the majority of you already know, but I thought I would tie it in with the nursery blog since you will see her name in block letters above her crib. I know, name above the crib? How original... Well SHUT UP we like it! :)


She will go by June. Dan has had the name picked out since we found out she was a she. We went through a million names and no other name was good enough. It grew on me over time and now I can't picture a better name. I think its cute he named our first child. We get a lot of compliments on it and a lot of weird looks but we love it! Loretta is my grandma Mendenhall's middle name. We wanted to keep some type of family name going and it has a nice ring to it! I'm stoked to get it printed on that birth certificate and make it official.


It is finally finished with one week to spare. Of course there are a few tweeks here and there that we want to finish up but for the most part the nursery is done.

We pretty much made or re-made everything in her room and we laugh at ourselves because she won't even be sleeping in there by the time we move so really we decorated for ourselves and it kept me busy during the summer.

I took a bunch of idea's from different nursery's that I saw online and made it our own little creation. The colors are random, yet organized and I feel like that portrays the type of people we are. :)

Let's take the tour.

When you first walk in this is the view you get. Our second bedroom is massive. It's bigger than our bedroom upstairs so we had a lot to play with.

The crib wall. See "June in Wood blocks" this is her crib which she won't be sleeping in for a while but it's still cute! It's a good thing we hung her name above the crib just in case we forget her name.. The quilt, fitted sheets (4), crib skirt, and changing pad cover are all homemade. Nothing in stores was what I wanted and I love that it's one of a kind. Back in Rexburg was where we made her bedding. LOTS of help from my mom and sister's!! We saved a TON of money doing the bedding ourselves. In the end we saved over $200.00 for the bedding. For us that's a lot of money. We decided against the bumper pads simply because we have read a lot about how they can suffocate a child and plus I think it gives it a cleaner look! I am very pleased how it turned out! Don't worry I know to take out all stuffed animals and pillows in the crib. There should be nothing but a baby. See I can do this.

This it what is on the sides of her crib. To the left we have her rocking chair, hanging stars (Which Dan and I made over conference weekend), her laundry hamper, and my favorite painting, The Four Dancer's by Dega. Dan actually got that painting for me when we were dating because he knew it was my favorite. I don't think he planned on having it hung in our little girls room 4 years later!

The right side is her diaper pail, an old rack we had that Dan painted blue, and a white shelf Dan painted orange. I can't wait to get real pictures in the frames instead of the model babies...

Since we only have two bedrooms right now we kept the desk in there and it actually filled some space that otherwise would have looked off kilter. We made it as baby as possible without going over the top. Yes the mobile in the corner is hanging sideways a bit, but its because of the ring not how it was hung. I did the hanging so Dan doesn't believe me but still I can't fix it. The alphabet was all Dan. He made that happen and I think it turned out perfect for her room.
The left side is the desk (Obviously) and a mobile that I made thanks to pinterest. I made it more my own than what they had me doing but it still turned out pretty cute and its back in the corner so no one can see it to closely. My sweet Ikea lamp is a dimmer which will be super nice for those dark nights. I'm pretty sure it's a curse to have Ikea so close to where we live.

The other side of the wall is actually a whine rack that I got for $20.00 when Dan and I got married. He has hated that thing from day one simply because we really had no use for it and its heavy to move. When you have moved as much as we have I'm sure it gets really annoying. :) Poor guy. Now he loves it. He painted red and its super convenient for holding our million and one swaddle blankets, and burp cloths along with her other little goodies.

So in Rexburg we made a bunch of burp cloths. They looked super easy and super fast to make so we did a ton of them. When I got home and started washing all of June's things I pulled the burp cloths out of the dryer. Some turned out great.....

and other's didn't quite make it. I'm still learning my sewing skills...

That is the nursery. I wish you could see it in person, its much better but pictures will have to do for now. I had so much fun putting this nursery together and I must say Dan did a lot of the work. Probably more than I did, I just had it pictured in my mind.

Well Unless I have another mid-night crisis I think this will be the last time I blog until she gets here which we are hoping is so soon!! I hope you like her name and her nursery. If you don't keep it to yourself! HA HA XOXO