Monday, February 29, 2016

Today, Motherhood was Hard

It's Leap Day and since it only comes around every four years I knew I better have blog to mark the date!

 I had planned to do a "Randoms" post for the day, but plans change and things happen that change my train of thoughts. 

So here I am blogging about how today, motherhood was hard. This blog post is not what you think it is. It's not talk about the amount of stress, the endless laundry or how the kids are always fighting. No. Today was a day where motherhood was hard because my heart was broken for my little boy. Motherhood was hard because I have a newborn who is in constant need of me. Motherhood was hard because I had to trust that June was ok spending all day with a friend. Today, motherhood was hard. 

How I had to watch and hold Owen down while they put in an IV. Him laying there screaming "mommy home" and looking at me wondering why I'm letting this happen. 

Motherhood was hard today as I had to leave my baby boy behind while I had to go care for my other two littles. I felt horribly guilty leaving him, though he was safe with daddy. I had to go get June and get Kate home. Oh I have never wished more to be split in two. 

My heart hurt a lot today with questions, making decisions, and watching Owen be in so much pain and know there wasn't a thing I could do but sit there and try to comfort him. 

Today, motherhood was hard. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

Kate's Stats: One Month

Weight: 10lbs 2oz (74%)
Height: 21.5 in (63%)
Head Circ: 36.3 (28%) 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kate at One Month


Dear Kate, Katorade, Chub-Chubs,
You are already a month old! Seriously?! How did time go so fast. I love it and hate it. I seriously can't get over how much I love you, nor do I want to. You are the sweetest little thing and such a good baby. It's fun to have you still be in the new little baby stage but not so much of a newborn where everything is so sensitive. It really has been such a good month with you.  

You have rocked your first month with eating and sleeping, a little bit of tummy time, snuggles from mom and dad, plus a lot of attention from your older brother and sister. All June wants to do is be by your side and make sure you are happy, and Owen sings the alphabet to you at least 10 times a day. He gets very concerned when you are upset. He's already a protective big brother over you. I really like that and hope it stays that way. 

Kate, you love to be swaddled, and covered in blankets. You love to be snuggled and all wrapped up. No wonder you hate getting your bum changed or your clothes changed, because it means you have to be naked! When it comes to baths you don't mind the nakedness so much as long as the bath water is extra warm. We have experimented with this and you like an exceptionally warm bath.

Right now you are wearing size 1 diapers (but honestly I think thats going to change soon) and wearing 0-3 clothes. You have already grown out of all newborn sizes. You are sleeping in your bassinet right next to me and sleeping like a champ. You usually do about a 4-5 hour stretch, eat, get a bum change and then go right back to sleep. It makes for a very happy Mama. 
You also did your first sleep through the night and it was glorious! I knew it wouldn't stick around, but I sure enjoyed a full nights sleep for the fist time in a really really long time. So thank you for that. 

You have had a rather good first month little one. You have been a trooper tagging along to all of your siblings playdates and appointments. You don't fuss or get cranky unless you are hungry or have had enough of your carseat. Sorry toots but we got to keep moving and a carseat is going to be a big part of your life. 

I just can't believe you are already a month old. I truly love you so incredibly much and I wish I had all the time in the world to snuggle you. It's a lot harder to find the time to just sit and hold you, but know that when the other kiddos go to bed thats our time together, which usually means a good snuggle session on my chest for a few hours. I love it. I love you and how perfectly you fit into our family. 

Love you little girl. You have stolen my heart. 

Love, Mom 

Monday, February 22, 2016


It's super awesome having talented friends that are willing to come to your house and deal with two little ones running all over, a little boy who wouldn't hold still for any pictures, and a newborn who peed and pooped all over! Plus having to stop a bunch of times for the little lady to be fed. It was quite the process but I am so grateful for the patience Alison had for us. We truly are blessed. 

Kate's Newborns. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Our Valentines was super low key, due to the fact we have a two week old, but we still had a fun Valentines! 
We started the week off with some sugar cookie baking. Always a gigantic mess but still fun and June decorated some for her teacher. Owen would roll out the dough then eat it. So we didn't have a whole lot of cookies. I was shocked he wasn't sick later. He ate so much! 

She was saying "Mom! I'm decorating my cookies right now! NO PICTURES!" Hahaha

June had a valentines Party at school. They made their own Valentine boxes and everything. As soon as we walked in the door from school June rushed to the couch to look at all her Valentines! 

On Friday we went and did our annual delivery of Valentines to Dan's office. It's always fun to go visit Daddy at work. June LOVES it! 

And Owen actually braved up and handed some out too! He usually gets shy around people, so we were surprised! He loved it too! 

After delivering all our Valentines we walked down to the mustangs and played down there for a bit. June wanted me to take her picture with Owen. 

When I pulled into the garage the car was dead silent. Everyone was asleep and it was peaceful. I liked it. 

Owen's car that he got for Christmas has been our go to for walking to the park. Its super easy to push and the kids love riding in it! 

And playing at our park 

Sunday morning (Valentines Day) we woke up early because we have 9am Church. Well...
I decided that little Kate needed one more Sunday home, and I told Dan that he should just stay home with me. So we stayed home all together and had a fun little Valentines together. 
Dan and the kids made pancakes 

After feeding Kate I came out to roses. It was very sweet and made my day!

My little Valentines. I heart them so much!

Our Valentines to the kids and to Dan and I too!

Dan and I really do not do gifts for each other for Valentines. It usually is flowers and cards. Some chocolate and we call it a day.
Well Dan decided to break the rules this year and got me a couple gifts. He kills me. 
He completed my necklace by getting me a "K" charm for my necklace. It was a super awesome surprise and I loved it! He also got me a  s'well water bottle which I also love. Even though he broke our no gift rule! I secretly love when he breaks the rules! Haha

My extra Special little Valentine. Oh I AM SO IN LOVE!!! 

We spent the day playing and writing Valentines cards to each other. It was such a great day. Later that night we made heart shaped pizzas and watched a movie all together. 

It was a simple but wonderful Valentines. We couldn't really do a whole lot and Dan and I couldn't go out, but it was still our special little day.