Friday, October 22, 2010

Ranger's First Race

Last weekend, a local animal adoption center put on a race for dogs, and of course humans. There was a 5k and a 10k, but there was also a 1k for dogs. It was for a good cause and we thought it would be fun so we signed Range up for his first race.
We got to Heritage Square about 7 am and the place was swarming with dogs. Some were dressed up in halloween costumes because there was a halloween costume contest after the race. We didn't dress Ranger up, he just wore a coat, but it was fun to see all the dog costumes.
Ranger did very well, we were nervous of how he would react around other dogs, but as soon as the whistle was blown, Range took off! He was in it for the win! ha ha. It was a fun to get out and spend a Saturday Morning with Dan. I swear I'm not a crazy dog lady, really I'm not, but I can't believe how many things there are for dogs. Its a whole new world I had no idea about. ITs GREAT! ha ha
Here are some pictures! ENJOY!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where will He go Next?

I have been feeling a little guilty lately, and I would like some reassurance that I am not a horrible wife, but Dan has been gone so much that my patience is waring thin. I know the reason why he is gone all the time is for our family to have a wonderful life, I just miss him like crazy!!

We figured that out of the two(almost three) years we have been married Dan has been gone six months! We have managed and Dan has been so incredibly patient with me and my complaints, but this summer and early fall seems to be toughest.


Then Since Then:

JOB INTERVIEWS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Oklahoma, Colorado, Houston, Dallas, Wyoming
SECOND JOB INTERVIEWS OVER AND OVER AGAIN... Ok I do have to brag about this one. So far since school started Dan has had 5 interviews, and has received all 5 second interviews. YA HE'S PRETTY BRILLIANT!!

SEE! all this stuff it for us, for our future, for our children, and here I am complaining at how much he is gone. Yes I guess I am asking for a pity party and how pathetic I am. I don;t want you to think that I am not grateful for all of his hard work, I know how stressful this has been on him, but I'm ready for my husband back! Please tell me I'm not a bad wife.