Monday, November 23, 2015

Baby Update 28-30 Weeks

I was going to be so good this pregnancy and update so much on this little girl. I failed. I can't even believe that I am 30 weeks 5 days pregnant. I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for this little girl, I sometimes forget how far along I am and how in all reality we are just not prepared for baby #3. I think with the holidays we just have been caught up in so many other things that we tend to forget that this little girl will be joining our family in almost 9 weeks. But, Panic mode can set in once the holidays are over.... 

So here's an update. 

I had my glucose test back at 28 weeks. Both Dan and I really thought I was going to fail. Haha. I'm still just so scared of everything with this pregnancy that I thought for sure I was going to end up with gestational diabetes. Thankfully I passed. It's funny because my other two pregnancies I NEVER thought twice about the glucose test. And this one I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I even had a bowl of cheerios for breakfast because I was worried about it. It was the worst. 

Far along and Measurements: I am so much bigger with this pregnancy. I feel bigger and much more tired. I compared 30 week picture to my other two pregnancies and I am definitely showing MUCH more now than I was with my other ones. I don't really know how that makes me feel.... Big. It makes me feel big. I am weighing in 153. I know it's not about the number. I'm pregnant. I get it, but no matter what it still stings watching the scale go up. Haha. I've still got a ways to go before I catch up to my last two pregnancies weights, so all in all, its ok. 
Really quick. I have to give a shout out to June bug... She totally took my belly picture! Right?! I really don't like mirror selfies and I didn't want to wait for Dan to get home, so I turned the camera over to June. She did such a good job!! Love my little lady!  

Emotions: Well I've kind of been on the fritz, but after a little  break I am feeling so much better and a lot more confident with thing going well with baby girl. I still cry over everything and every commercial that relates to anything family. Feeling pretty good though, Just really big. I seem to be a lot more aware of my bigness this pregnancy. I think it's because my last two pregnancies were during the summer so I could wear a lot more skirts and loose fitting clothes like capri's. Now Its jeans and long sleeves. Just a different take. But for the most part feeling good. 

Cravings: I've always been a sweets girl and that hasn't stopped. I crave cereal like no other. It's like 90% of my meals. Chick Fil A... still just gets me every time . I LOVE IT SO MUCH but HATE how close I am to one. I am really trying to slow it down because I know it can't be good  be going there all the time. Like the drive thru blonde haired kid knows me. Maybe thats why I'm so aware of my weight this time, because I eat like a cow.... Maybe?! 

Love Most: Watching June and Owen and their reactions to baby things. June loves giving my belly hugs and kisses all the time. She loves talking about the baby with others and to make sure everyone knows we are having a baby. She tells me all the time how much she is going to help and all the things that she gets to do with her new baby sister. It's so so cute! Owen claims everything as "Baby". He goes into the baby's room and makes sure I know what belongs to the baby. He loves to rub my belly and lay on it. Though it might be just because it's big... Either way he's aware of baby. 

Scared Most: I think right now what scares me most  is how quickly her arrival is. We have so many things unsettled and unplanned for, that it kicks up my anxiety, but I'm working on it and I know I have time to prepare. It's just crazy. Thanksgiving and Christmas always go by so fast and then Boom we are going to be a family of 5! How not ready I am really does scare me. 
Dan is getting so excited for another little girl. He loves all the little girl things and I can see that little twinkle in his eye when we see new little baby girl clothes. It's adorable. 

I just had an ultrasound. We had the whole family with us and it was fun to see June's expression watching the baby. It freaked out Owen. Dan did a fantastic job and keeping the troop calm and collected through the appointment. 

Far along and measurements: Baby girl is doing great! She is measuring at about 31 weeks, which is right on target of where she should be. All is looking great and healthy! And they confirmed that it was for sure a girl! Haha 

Creepy little baby face! We got to see her opening and closing her mouth and she had the hiccups. Creepy. It really is just all amazingly in love with the baby girl creepy. 
Everything is right on target and getting bigger and bigger by the minute around here. Or at least thats what it feels like! 

Thanksgiving Feast

June had her Thanksgiving Feast at school. Of course it was absolutely adorable and I was eating up the adorableness. 

June's school had a turkey dinner for the students and their parents. Dan was able to come, so we met up with him and then went to go find our spots. Then the students walked in. 

All the kids put on a little program with songs and things to say about Thanksgiving 

 June's little place mat. 

 After the program we went and had lunch 

I seriously love this picture. It just captures us so well. Life is so crazy and chaotic. The kids are usually climbing all over us but yet we are so happy and content with our little life. These three are my life and I can't believe we are adding another little girl so soon! 

June was beyond thrilled that daddy got to come and celebrate with her and her class. 

It was a fun little afternoon to spend with June at her school. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

First Primary Program

June was in her very first Primary program! 
Honestly I held back tears the entire time, and sometimes I couldn't hold them back and they fell down my face. Dan would just hug me tighter during those tears. It was hard to hold them back! 

She did so good! Her part she said was "I know that Jesus loves me, because he gave us many amazing animals." We had practiced for a solid two weeks and she had her lines down. She even started getting annoyed with me because I would keep asking her to remind me what her part was again. 
When she got up to the mic on Sunday, She messed up the first few words and it made her stumble a bit. So then she looked over at me for help and I was mouthing the words as big as I possibly could! For something so small it was hard to sit and watch her struggle for a minute and not be right by her side to help her. She pulled through though and finished her line fantastically! I was very proud of her for not getting scared and backing away. She finished! 
She LOVES to sing so I knew that the singing part would be a breeze for her. I loved watching her be so grown up on that stage with her little sunbeam class. 
She is so incredibly little compared to most kids her age but she doesn't shy away from anything. I seriously just love this little girl beyond words and more. 
So proud of you June bug! 

October Randoms


So here are the October Randoms that I didn't quite get to before the new month started. 

When June is at school, I was actually surprised at how much Owen misses her. He asked for her non-stop and is always telling me to go get June. One day, when June was at school I just let him watch a couple cartoons while I did things around the house. He asked for June a few times and then laid down. He really misses her. I like it. 

Baking and more baking! The kids really enjoy helping me cook, and June is HUGE in mixing things together. She calls them her potions. 

A little batter licking is always involved when baking. 

At June's school, She got put on the wall for asking her teacher "What's for dessert" after having lunch one day. 

Lazy and cozy days. 

We went to a Halloween play date where there was a scavenger hunt and treats at the end. It was fun hanging out with friends and letting the kids get dressed up. 

Dan had to run a quick errand really fast one night, and so before June wanted to paint him a picture. She told me "Mom, take a picture of me and my picture to show that I painted the whole thing!" She was super proud to show daddy. 

One day Owen refused to sleep for his nap, and the night before he kept waking up a whole bunch. He was EXTREMELY OVER TIRED! So tired that he would not calm down for bed. He was just screaming. So I finally just took him for a drive and he crashed in the car. This kid makes me want to pull out my hair with his sleeping habits, but when he is asleep he just becomes this little innocent boy who I can't help but stare at and just feel so consumed with love and gratitude for him. 

The kids have been obsessed with the tramp! It has been super fun playing with them and also letting them play just Owen and June. They laugh so much together!! 

I came out to fold some laundry while they played on the tramp. It mostly became a place to come get warm or take a break from jumping on the tramp. Yes, I did have to refold 90% of the laundry. 

More tramp time and showing our little friends our new tricks 

Like I said above, Owen has been struggling with sleep. Really he always has. Putting him into a big bed has just added to his weirdness. We sometimes find him on the floor or wedged up against the door sound asleep. I usually just leave him and he takes his full 2-3 hour nap on the floor. Whatever floats your boat buddy!

Bedtime stories 

Nana Mendenhall had sent the kids an outfit for their birthdays. June had asked me to take a picture and send it to her to show her how it looked on her! 

And Owen just being Owen. Climbing in baskets and just going by the beat of his own drum. This little boy has really been taking a hold of my heart lately! I just really love him, despite not sleeping. Having a newborn and him should be a blast.... (Enter Sarcasm Here) 

Welcoming Myself Back

Welcome back to me! I have enjoyed the little break away which was desperately needed and I can't tell you how much better I feel. You might be thinking- that wasn't a very long break... Haha but when you are me and are blogging two or three times a week, taking a couple weeks off has been the longest I think I have gone without blogging! I think I just needed to take a deep breath and get back to my usual self! The family is back in-sync and it feels very nice to be back into the swing of things! Taking a step back was exactly what I needed! October was insanely crazy and busy and full of emotions for me, but I have an amazing husband and family support, plus a little R&R for just me, which an introverted person like myself desperately needs... I'm back and it feels good. I feel good. Life is good. 

I have also missed blogging! I'm glad to be posting again... Though, I guess I really never stopped because I have been blogging just not publishing. Haha 
Just trying to stay on top of pictures and memories I guess. Plus I really enjoy blogging and not blogging the past couple of weeks, made me realize how grateful I am for a place to write down thoughts and re-live memories. It's just good to be back and feel better and back to my regular self... except for the largeness of me. But a pregnancy update is coming soon so we will get to my large self later. For now I have some blog posts that I have been working on! 

Hello again. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Taking a break

I just blogged Halloween, and I think it's going to be my last blog post for a while. I just need a break to re-shift my thinking and get back on track. I feel so beaten down, physically and mentally. It's 2:30 in the morning right now and I'm up because I was on the brink of a panic attack. My anxiety is at an all time high right now and  when that starts happening, I know I need so stop and take a step back, especially being pregnant.
     I'll be honest, I have been struggling a bit lately. Like I said, I just feel really mentally and physically broken at the moment. I am short tempered with my children, my relationship with friends has been lacking, my days are dragging and I just feel out of sync with life. I really plan to use the next few weeks before Thanksgiving break, to really adjust myself, and hopefully shake whatever it is I am feeling. Ah! I seem to just not be winning at life these past few weeks and I'm so over it!
So here is to slowing down a bit. Focusing on my family, on myself and getting life back on track.

Halloween & All the Festivities

With Halloween being on a Saturday this year, I felt like we partied all week! It was a lot of fun but exhausting. This was the last excitement of the month and I'll be honest, I am ready for it all to be done and for life to slow down a bit. We kept our spirits high though, and we celebrated Halloween as much as we could!

June had a Halloween parade at school. The whole school got to walk around and show us all their costumes. 

June' Class 

After the parade, Owen and I went and ran some errands to get ready for June's Halloween Party at school. I was a parent in charge for the party. (another thing added to the plate). We had fun eating Halloween snacks, doing crafts and playing party games. We even danced to Monster Mash. The kids  loved it and I loved being a part of June's little Halloween party for school. 

Then the "Principle" of their school came in and read them spooky Halloween stories. 

Friday was our Ward's Trunk or Treat. Dan and I went as mummies. I won the most spooky award. Totally worth the hour of fizzing out my hair and make-up! Hahaha really though it was fun! I feel we at least need to dress up one night of Halloween week! 

Spider man and Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) 

Owen had woken up at 6am that morning, and also refused to nap. He fell asleep instantly in the car on the way to the church and was basically a grump the entire night. And he also hates his costume. 

The Primary also put on a little parade for all the parents. June just got in line with some of her friends and didn't need our help at all. She is such a big girl! She loved when she got to us and was so excited to show us her costume... Though we had just seen her five minutes prior. Haha 

Then came the Trunk or Treat. It was raining and cold outside, so we held it in the church throughout the classrooms. Trunk or Treating is much more fun, but turns out our church buildings work rather well for a trunk or treat. 

Owen got a little more pep in his step when he realized what was happening, though he still remained a grump for most of the night. 

Eating some of their loot. We let them chow down for a bit and then we called it an early night. Both kids were pretty tired. 

The next morning we all woke up slowly and just let our morning be. The kids watched some Saturday cartoons while we cleaned up from last nights mess and then got ready for the day. It was still pretty rainy and cold, so our plans for the pumpkin patch got cancelled. We still had a fun day though. 
I got the kids some fun Halloween things, like a necklace and sparkle tattoos. We used up all the tattoos! 

Daddy teaching us the proper way to sort candy. 

We then went and had lunch and picked out some pumpkins to carve later that day!

Owen went down for a nap, June had a little quite time, and Dan and I worked on some church things for the next day. 
June was done with quite time sooner than Owen was done napping so we did a little Halloween craft to pass the time before we could continue to play and carve pumpkins. 

Once Owen woke up, we played pin the hat on the witch. We all got into it. 

Then we got to the pumpkin carving... and painting and poking potato head parts into the pumpkin.

June was so excited to clean out the pumpkin, but as soon as she realized what "cleaning out" the pumpkin actually meant, she didn't want to stick her hand in there. 

Once she got a spoon she was much more happy. She pulled out basically one seed at a time. 

Owen painted a little and then just ate candy.

Everyone working hard. 

Our final product. We had one carved, one painted and one Mrs. Potato head witch! It was the easiest pumpkin carving I think I have ever done. 

Then it was time to get all ready for trick or treating! 

And out we went! We stuck around our neighborhood this year and we are so glad we did! It was so much fun just staying close to home and being in our own school district. We felt we showed our support!

June went to her to first house got some candy, got all excited and yelled "This is the best day ever!!" 

It took Owen a while but then he finally got into it! He wanted to carry his bucket up to the door by himself and everything. By the end of the night he couldn't even lift his bucket it was so full of candy!

June said "Haha what a cute little guy, I wonder what his name is!"

June had finally had enough, but Owen just wanted to keep on going, So I took Owen to just one more house and then we headed home. Everyone was pretty tired and the kids were ready for bed. We also realized we failed to feed them dinner and both kids were starving! So we had baths, had dinner and then called it a night for the little ones.

We had a few trick or treaters come while we were home and then we shut our porch light off and called it a night. 

We then indulged in all our hard labors of having children and ate whatever we wanted out of their stash! 

It was a very full and fun, festive Halloween but I have to say I am glad this month is over. I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and spooky Halloween! Until Next year!