Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching up With LIFE!

Ah man, Life has been so crazy this past month, and so much has happened. I have definitely learned the meaning of patience these past few weeks. Its been crazy, so I haven't been able to blog. Here is what has been going on. Dan was debating whether to do his internship this January, or go to school so that we could graduate together, and then start his master's in September. With a lot of prayer, fasting, and temple trips, he got his answer and decided to stick with school. So next Fall we will be off to who knows where. He goes to Logan January 6Th to take the G.R.E. He gets to spend the whole Christmas Break studying his little butt off, but he so so so smart and I know he will do great.
Next big thing we have been waiting on is my internship thingy. I put my in my application in July so I have been waiting six months to here whether I was going to get it. I put my two weeks in to Porter's not knowing if I got it or not. I wasn't going to have a job, but I took a leap of faith and put my two weeks in. well like 100 people apply for this position, and only five get in and I GOT ONE OF THOSE SPOTS! sorry I don't mean to brag but I was super super excited. Its a paid internship with the school. so that leads to my next big thing.
I am officially done with Porter's. Its really weird, I have worked there for three in a half years, I really did love it there, and I loved all the girls I worked with. So many experiences, and good times, that I cant even explain. Only those who have worked at Porter's knows what its like to leave a place like that. But it feels good to be moving on to bigger and better things. I for sure will miss my discount, ha ha and of course my friends, I knew that it was the right thing to do though.
Last but not least we got our apartment!! we have been on a waiting list also since July. We like the place we are in now, but the walls are so thin that you here everything, and I do mean everything! ;) and this new place is much bigger andnicer then ours. Luckily they are just about a block away so we don't have to move to to far. I cannot wait! it will be nice to have a bigger place, and not so much noise. I am so excited.
So that's kind of whats been happening in the Lancaster Life. We sure are blessed to have so much in our lives, and have so many things work out for us. I am excited so see what these next few months bring us, with school, finding out where we will be for the next two years, and new jobs, its full of scary, nerve racking things, and I love it!