Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Tribute

My sis, megs is leavin her New York Home for another adventure. Her last day is today and so i thought that I would share a little tribute to the NEW YORK MEGS!
I wrote a poem for her and I hope she likes it, I call it GOODBYE NEWYORK: by Lesli Lancaster

My sister is leavin New York
She will miss eating sushi which doesn't need a fork.
The stupid person who stole her laundy soap
will fall, and catch shigellosis, I hope!
We all hope she finds another whale to sit on,
and that her and joe get a real bed, not a wonton
She can run a Chicago marathon with a cape,
use real grocery bags, not duct tape.
I bet Canal Street will go broke,
We sent her there so many times that she is our purse hulk.
New York won't be the same without the Porter fam,
Fresh Direct will miss delivering her ham.
Girls night out will continue w/new friends
and coming to Idaho in the newest Chicago trends.
She won't ask whats that smell? Pew
but like Billy Joel said:
"No matter where you go in the world, You never really leave New York, & it really never leaves you"

Megs Chicago is going to rock!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pretty Much!

OK so i just needed to share something that i have been paying attention to lately and it really is driving me crazy! So Pretty much Dan & I are at school 24/7 and well thats fine but after a long day and you are stuck in the library studying or typing something you just kind of want your own space. There are tonz and tonz of computers around and the chairs are empty so why is it that a person has to come and sit right next to you? HUH? I mean don't they want their own space? Well this happens to me a lot and I never understand why? There are so many other computers to choose from. So the best is one time me and like three other students were in a computer lab, and we were all separated which was normal, right, then this girl comes and sits right next to me, Ya i kinda gave her a little bit of a dirty look, but went back to work, like 5 minutes later she taps me on the shoulder and is like excuse me, but can you turn your i-pod down. I admit it was kinda loud but I was blocking out the noise. I looked at her, and was thinking, why don't you move, but I told her I was sorry, and pretended to turn it down. (ha ha really didn't!!). but after that I constantly wonder why people have to sit right next to you when there are a bunch of other seats open!! Sorry about the rage, but man it just bugs me!! OK everyone have a great day, and if some sits really close to you, for no reason just stare at them and tell them to move! LETS ALL MAKE A STAND! ha ha just kidding!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This was the start of our family reunion that well, none of our family really attended except for me, michelle, my mom and dad, sage, Caden and the two dogs! yup it was great. So this is how we started...

The Car was Jammed pack full of tents, sleeping bags, and everything else that could be used for camping. We couldn't see out of any windows, and michelle was shoved in the back seat and could hardly move. It was a great start to the family reunion.
This was me and mich, setting up for camp, making sure we had everything that we needed for the night.

The next morning! Uh lets just say we didn't sleep the greatest. The kids slept great, but as for us we seriously got like three hours of sleep. The wind was going crazy that i really thought we were going to blow away. So we were not to excited to wake up in the morning.
Uh this is where we camped was at nat soo paw. Its a camp sight with a swimming pool. It was pretty fun, and its always good to see people even though I really had no idea who half of them were. It was crazy to see people that were all married and had kids, but it was still fun. All in all it was a good weekend, with Olivia being born, and getting to go camping. It was great! We wish that more of our family could have been there, but its understandable that everyone gets super busy, especially during summer and gas prices. I am grateful that my parents drove! WE all gotta love our parents.


This Is Olivia Sue Mendenhall, The newest member of the family. She is so precious and it makes me want to have one really bad! She was born about 7:30 in the morning in the Rexburg Memorial hospital. She is absolutely perfect, and the most beautiful thing. There is nothing like a new born baby!
This was a few hours after she was born

CONGRATS MIKEY & SHAY! You guys always have the cutest kids!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers day!

TO THE GREATEST DAD EVER!!I of course had to say happy fathers day to my dad! Even though I will be seing him in like 3 hours, but I still like to have him mentioned on my blog. He is the most amazing man ever, and really knows how to keep me calm. He gave me so much of his life and time and sacraficed so much, and still does even though we are all out of the house. I can't even express how much of an amazing man he is, and the great things he has accomplished. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. Not only has he been an incredible role model for me and my other siblings, but to many other people and children. Many Many people look up to him. He is always trying to make the best out of things, and great at solving problems! TRUST ME ON THAT ONE!! Its great to know that i have a dad who so many people love and respect. I have pushed my dads buttons a lot through the years, and I am sure that I still do even though I am married, but Even though I am married now, He will always hold a very special place in my heart!
Thanks dad for everything that you have done for me in the last 21 years. You really are the greatest dad ever!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Let me just start of saying that this week was CRAZY, STRESSFUL, AND CRAZY! I can't even begin to express how happy i am that this week is over. To start off Dan and I were staying at my parents house, watching Izzard the dog! that actually ended up being fun, but it just goes down hill. This week was midterms, and I had a pretty good handle on things, with doing a lot of work the week before. So everything that was due, was

My Advertising portfolio, (my work throughout the whole semester)
A ten page, single spaced midterm(totally sucked)
A two page single spaced, Sociology midterm
An Advertising Midterm
A 3 page case study
A baking midterm with math. Couldn't use calculates for the converting. I don't do math
A Sociology presentation
And Last but not lease, and Advertisement i had to create for my product.

So uh it was a really busy week, like I said I had a lot to do, but I had kept on top of things, and had most of it done by the weekend, So i was pretty happy. Until......
I LOST EVERYTHING!!!! All my work was saved on a stupid white jump drive, and i lost it! I searched High and low! every paper, every portfolio page that I had worked on everyday through out the semester. For those who know advertising, It is literally impossible! I just melted to the ground, so i called Dan and he made me feel better, and I called Megs and vented to her for a while and then started all over. I had two days to put a semesters work into InDesign and re-work all my ads. all my papers, plus study for 2 midterms.
The week just wasn't good, and to top it all off I got pulled over! yup I was just so fed up with the day that well i ran a stop sign, and a cop just had to be there. I should have known. The week was HE**(I can't swear on the blog).
So after a long day of work, and living in the Spori lab trying to recover everything, I got home and the most beautiful rainbow appeared right in the back of my parents yard.

It was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. It was a full one, and you could literally see every color, and then on the outside was a small brim of another rainbow. It really was so pretty!
I can't even explain the feeling of piece and calm that i felt just looking at it. I just felt better. It was like a little bit of heaven right in my back yard. It really made my day, and from there things went up hill. I ended up getting my portfolio done, I have no idea how, and got a 92% on my advertising midterm. I was excited about that! So that was a great week for me. ha ha

So Dan had a really busy week too! he went to the Grand Canyon on a school field trip four four days! I am so happy that he is home. You don't realize how much you want them there until they are gone.
This is the Grand Canyon that Dan got to see. Dan said it was Grand. 4 people a year fall in. (Those were Dans words)

This is Dan looking over the Grand Canyon!

Dan is now home safe and sound, and back into my arms! I couldn't be happier, and happy the week is over! Its a great feeling!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Uh it is Sunday night and Dan and I just woke up from a 2 hour nap at 9:30 at night. There is no way that we are going to sleep! that's OK we don't sleep all that well anyways!! its funny how much sleep you lose when you get married, even though we go to bed at like 10:00 every night! YUP AND WE LOVE IT!!
So... This week was busy, but next week will be the more busy because it is midterms, we are house sitting, and watching my moms dog izzie. The dog runs our lives right now and we pretty much do what ever she expects us to do. Oh and then on Wednesday Dan leaves for the Grand Canyon. I will be home a lone all weekend. For those who don't know this, I am Freakin scared to be a lone at night. Yup like I said a busy and crazy week.

The weekend was fun! uh Friday night we went go Green Canyon the swimming pool. They have this thing that's called date night where they serve you dinner, and show a movie in the hot pool. Its great because its only for couples so basically our friends and I had the pool to ourselves!! it was great. Then on Saturday we went to dinner at Wingers. and then came home and watched a movies. The basic Saturday night!

Now I share my sad story about my chicken finger Queasedilla. Its not really all that sad, but it just kinda sucks. So Last night we went to Wingers like I sad before. They are the best left overs the next day, so I usually only eat half and then saved the rest for later. But its only good for that one day! OH TURNS OUT ITS FAST SUNDAY! I can't eat them now because I already had dinner, and it just ruined it! It was quit the temptation!

As you can tell we are losers, and the things I complain about is food! ha ha anyways we don't even have any pictures. Anways thats my update for now! if you read all of this that means you really are a Lesli and Dan fan! Oh ya you guys love us!!!