Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What we've been doing...

I hate when my blog goes to long without being written on. So I thought I would do a little update on what has been going on with Dan and I. The last few weeks have been crazy and fun. We have been basically having a month long vacation which has rocked. Dan and I have been setting him up for school, hanging out with friends, and of course swimming. ha ha its been a good few weeks. For some reason the missionaries love Dan, so he has been going on splits a lot with them. I am excited because we get to feed them, and for some reason missionaries just melt your heart, ha ha.  We set up Dan's office at school. It was fun because we got to basically spend the day at Best Buy getting him a computer, printer, and all that jazz. It was really fun. We have been so blessed with Dan's scholarships. They have helped out a lot. We went to our wards chili cook off which was awesome. Texans really know how to cook some chili, as far as Idahoans, not so much ha ha but it was still fun! 
But now Dan has started school and as you can tell I really have nothing to do besides blog and change my template, but its all fun and games. really games, I am obsessed with Text Twist. ha ha. Dan is already rockin it at school, and well I have to brag he got another scholarship! I know two days into school and he already is climbing the master ladder. Ha ha he is so smart. He is so excited about the work that he is doing, and it just makes me love him all that much more! anyways thats really all of it in a nut shell. I have been looking for jobs already, but can't apply because of the wedding but hopefully after the wedding  I will find a job before I go to crazy, Even though I must admit I really really am enjoying the time off. anyways I will update more when things come along. Tootals

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Settled in

OK, OK I am updating my blog. Gosh people are pushy! ha ha just kidding. I have been getting requests to update on Texas and put pictures of our apartment. I first must report that things here are actually going well. Dan and I have been figuring out our new city, and have learned that there is a lot to do here. I was excited to see how big the city actually was and that I can find my way around without any accidents. We are both enjoying the time off, just doing odds and ends, and doing alot, and I mean a lot of swimming. We basically have been living at the pool for the past week. Basically because its the only thing you can do in 105 degree weather. Its been fun. We went to church on sunday and it is going to be great. People are so friendly and fun. I think our ward will be our life savors while being in Texas. I know that we will make good friends here.  Things are actually pretty good. I am adjusting well to Texas and its slowly growing on me in a good way... anyways I have posted some pictures of our apartment. we are still working on the final adjustments but all in all it has come together well and it feels like home. 

*The entry way to our apartment #2203

* Keep walking and you run into our little black shelf, A perfect place for my button jar

*Our living room. We have a lot of windows which I am very grateful for, it makes the apartment feel so open and fresh. Its great.

*In the corner of our living room is the desk... Well not much to say here. Kinda boring

* The next room that we walk into is the kitchen. Its spacious which we like, because we both like to be in the kitchen cooking, and it didn't work to well in our last apartment. so its nice having a little more walk way. 

* This is a better shot of the kitchen. Through the door right there is to the washer and dryer, which we will be able to pick up tomorrow! SUper excited for that! the door right next to the washer and dryer is our pantry. Pantry... Space....Love. We also have a lovely wine rack to the left. Its kinda hard to see, but if anyone has any ideas of what I could do with this wine rack please let me know. Because its just wasted space right now, and it bugs me. if you walk back you run into the guest bathroom door. Its nice because there is an entry from the guest bedroom also, which our guests will like. ha ha

* off the right, right off of the bar is our dinning room. Like I said a lot of windows. That door opens up to balcony. 
Ah. the bedroom, where the magic is made. Ba ha ha just kidding its all over the apartment..;) anyways here is the bedroom. Its not all the way done yet but its a working progress. We each have our own walk in closets which is nice, all our clothes actually fit without having to put them in boxes. Then to the left of the door is our bathroom. 
I just realized its kinda messy, sorry about the swimsuits we just got done swimming and they are drying. so here is the bathroom. Its a good size, we love the bathtub.
*The guest bedroom, where the guests will sleep. This room is also a working progress. We are figuring it out though. Its getting there. Hopefully soon we can turn this into a nursery. but who knows.. Just so you know that little stuffed dog is supposed to represent the real dog izzie! my mom gave it to me before I left so that I could have a reminder of little izzerd. ha ha long story there.

*This is the guest bathroom. Haven't gotten a shower curtain yet, but we are planning an Ikea shopping trip here in the next little bit so hopefully we get one there. 

* Then This is the view from the balcony. Its so green here. I am actually surprised to see how green a full of life it is here in Texas. Its actually really pretty. 
So that ends the tour of the Lancaster house this last little picture is not part of the tour but its such a cute little cherry. Dan and I came home saturday night, and weren't ready for bed yet so we pulled out our fabulous game of Scrabble and had a big bowl full of cherry's. I found this cherry and that it was so cute. It had a little leaf and everything. It really was the perfect little cherry. 

I sure hope you enjoyed your time here at the Lancaster blog and I hope to find you reading my blog posts again. 


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Ride to Texas

The first words that come out of my mouth is wow. We are here. We actually made it to Texas and are actually living here. But let me start from the beginning of our travels. I must warn you that there are no picture, well because I packed the camera, but just a lot of words. So here we go. We moved and cleaned our apartment and was out of there last Thursday. It was nice to be done with that and be able to just relax. We stayed at my parents house until Saturday. Dan and I climbed into our moving truck and headed to Utah. Now this Utah was a good trip because we were able to be there for my nephews blessing day. It was fun to be with the family and enjoy. So we blessed Luke and then... Well .... we were off. It was a good/sad goodbye to my family. I hugged them all and said I would see them in a few months which is true! NEW YORK BABY! anyways we hugged, my mom cried, and we headed down the road. Our first stop was Denver Colorado. By the first night of our journey we had gone from IDAHO-UTAH-COLORADO. This was about an 8 hour drive. We pulled into the City and we were tired, but of course our life is never simple. We pull into the hotel(I won't say names) and Dan goes in to get us a room, All of the sudden this fat girl, and I mean fat comes prancing up to Dan in a black tank top(NO BRA) and starts telling him that he smells really good, and wonders if he would like some perfume. at the time I couldn't hear what she was saying so I just watched very closely. As Dan gets away from the fatty he goes in and then another prances to him and starts attacking him with perfume. She was all up in his business. At this point I was dying. I thought Dan was going to be taken by these two girls. So by the end of this little fiasco, Dan comes out smelling like Nordstroms Perfume section the day after Thanksgiving, and I am just laughing. The fatty is wondering if she could get a ride, and Dan just smiled and said no. ha ha it was great. We ended up leaving that hotel and went to another one. We woke up the next morning and headed to our next state. We drove through COLORADO to KANSAS. This was about an 8 hour drive. We pulled in and luckily found a safe hotel. We ate, swam and watched some House episodes. That day was pretty good. The next day was good. We woke up, had some breakfast and headed out for the last day's drive. It was cloudy in Kansas, and I kept freaking out because I thought it was a Tornado cloud. ha ha I was very grateful to get out of there. We drove through KANSAS, OKLAHOMA-TEXAS. Texas, home sweet home, well for two years anyways. We got settled in and were feeling good so we decided to unload some of the truck. Bad Idea. in the middle of the day, in August, Texas is not your friend. It was bloomin hot, but we did it. We got our boxes in and slept on an air mattress for the first night in our apartment. I Cried. I sat in the bath tub,(no water and in my clothes) and cried. I was doing so good. I hadn't cried yet, but I did. I felt so overwhelmed with the heat, moving and simply being away from home for the first time. It was hard. So Dan and I went to walmart, got a movie and went to bed. We woke up the next morning and.... I cried. This time was a good one. Luckily I have Dan to love and support me. but anyways it is now 8:12 my time and I am feeling so much better. I guarantee I will cry again. but I am doing good. I am still scared, but excited. I know I can do this. It felt good to get our cable and Internet set up, and I was excited to finally get T-VO. We can finally record our shows properly. Its hard, I am not going to lie, and I feel homesick and a lot, but I was told it was normal and I plan on being my great self and trucking along. Things are good, and as my dad always says Life is good.