Saturday, December 18, 2010

Moving Upward

Literally we are moving up! To the big city of Dallas TX. We actually have known for a while, but I have been super busy, and then super sick so I forgot to blog about it! I know, I let myself down a little bit too!

Through the month of November Dan received Job offers, that could take us all over, but after much deliberation, prayer and more prayer we decided to take the offer in Dallas Tx. Texas really has become home for us, we have loved it here and we really wanted to stay in the state so our wish came true.

Dallas is only about 1 1/2 hours north of Waco (where we live now) so moving is going to be super easy! I am so excited to be closer to a LDS temple, an international airport, and of course MUCH better shopping. Dan is happy just to have a Hockey team that he can cheer for down in the states (SILLY CANADIANS AND THEIR HOCKEY!)
I do admit that I am a little intimidated by such a large city, but I know I will learn my way around and LOVE IT!!!

We're not moving until May, but we are already anxious to get going. I guess once you know that next step is available all you want is to go, but I am trying to enjoy my last months here in Waco and experiencing everything we can.

Anyways just thought I would share the update!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh How a Song Sticks in Your Heart!

There truly is something magical about Christmas, and all that comes with Christmas, Yes even the shopping, the gift wrapping, and the hustle and bustle, and I LOVE IT ALL!! I never get sick of the repetitive Christmas music that plays on all my stereo's all month long! Every time I hear the orchestrated song "Sleigh Ride" I can't help but to think of those years I played the violin in my high school Orchestra in the Tabernacle on Temple Square, SLC. This was a major tradition for my high school and every year was AWESOME! Our big finale was always the Sleigh Ride song. We had the whip sound and all along with Mr. Hansen our Director playing the trumpet as horses.
I think back to those times and how awesome we thought we all were in high school. Oh wait I still think I'm pretty awesome. How riding a massive bus for 4 hours would be the highlight of the trip. Walking around temple square and looking at the lights, eating at Olive Garden and always disobeying the chaperones by sneaking out of our hotel rooms. I now realize how awful that is, and how much those parents had to of hated my friends and I, but to be honest I am sure I would do the same thing all over again.

I know that these little memories I write about are pointless to some of you to read, but I don't think before I put things on my blog, and I know that many of you , who went to Madison High School and played in the Orchestra, will be laughing about this, as your own memories come flooding back.
This is something that just popped into my head as I'm sitting here listening to "Sleigh Ride" :)



These are my friends from High school. We all were in Orchestra together for many many years!
Vanessa, Megs, Siri, Deidre, Katherine, Heather, Me, Danielle, and Nicole

I believe this was my Jr. Year in Highschool (Date is wrong on Camera)