Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Birthday for Dan, BIG 25!!

Well Hello, I feel bad because I haven't posted in a while but things have been a little crazy. but I am not here to talk about that today, no I am here to talk about my amazing husband's birthday. THE BIG 25! ha ha some of you will say wow that is still really young, and some will say wow thats old,(that would be Dan) but I just tell him that he has accomplished a lot being only 25, I told him he is a head of the game compared to a lot of people so it made him feel a little bit better, he tells me now all we need is a kid and things would be perfect, so we will see.
This big 25 birthday was not just celebrated one day but THREE days. Here is how the weekend went. On Thursday we went over to some of our friends house to have a Dinner for Dan. We were going to do it on his actual birthday, but well ya know things come up. ha ha anyways so we celebrated with our friends Rob and Lauren and just hung out all night it was really fun. Friday(September 18th) was Dan's actual birthday. Of course he had school all day, so I spent the day making a cake, decorating the apartment and getting his birthday gifts bought and wrapped. We went out to eat at one of Dan's new favorite restaurants and then came back for the rest of his birthday. I sang happy birthday to him, and gave him his cake. He feels pretty special because his favorite cake is chocolate forest cake, and I hate chocolate cake so he gets to eat the whole thing by himself, and he did!
Then what better way to make a guy feel young again? Take him to a rock punk concert where he can bob his head and jam out. Luckily I liked the bands too so it worked out for the both of us. We went to a Blink 182 concert in Dallas. Asher Rob, All American Rejects, Fall out Boy, and Blink 182 played. It was SO MUCH FUN! Dan and I are lucky to like the same type of music. I feel kinda guilty because I am in like the biggest Country music State and I hate country music, but you just keep that kind of information to yourself.
So we went to this concert, we were surrounded by weed smokers, and basically the whole night was awesome. I have never been so grateful for fresh air when we got out of the fair grounds. Dan had a great time which of course was the most important part. It was a great 25th birthday for Dan, and I can't wait for the next one.
These are just some pics of Dan's Birthday and the Concert.

About to open Presents!

The balloon I got him said "So many Candles, So little Cake" ha ha because he is old!

Uh, I can't remember what he is unwrapping but him just unwrapping gifts


Singing happy birthday!

Getting ready for the concert to start. We were lucky because its been so rainy, but it actually turned out to be a nice night.

Fall out boy. I didn't get any of All American Rejects. I wish I did though, he was butt drunk and he did the show in nothing but blue skimpy underwear it was so funny!

Resting between band shows

Blink 182. They were really good live! Except for all the swearing. ha ha that got a little old

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Man and His Bride

This past week Dan and I flew up to Canada to celebrate the Marriage of Dan's brother Dave and his Bride Vanessa. This was a very special occasion, fist because Dave is the last to get married so the Lancaster family is complete and it has been almost a year since we saw his other brother Will and his wife Jess. Plus they are the only ones with kids on this side of the fam so its good to see the nieces.

Flying up to Canada was long! We had to stop in California, and this airport is messed up! we had to leave the airport completely to go to our other terminal. So we had to go through security again the problem was that when we first printed our tickets mine didn't print for the transfer so I had no ticket to get back through security. We finally settled everything out, thank goodness for Dan and his patience. and we were able to land safe and sound in Calgary. Customs always takes forever so about 10:00 we were able to get to Dan's parent's house and have fun.

The wedding was Friday, so we hopped in the car and drove 2 1/2 hours down and 2 1/2 hours back in one day. It was a long day in the car but it was worth it. Their wedding was great, and they were sealed by the temple president, so it was really good. I love temple sealings.

The next day was the reception but the boys had to be there by one for pictures so we got in the car again and drove another 2 1/2 hours up to Edmonton where the reception was. We spent the day taking photos and being with the Bride and Groom. We spent the night in Edmonton, woke up the next morning, went to the gift opening party and then headed back to Calgary. By the time the wedding party was over we were all really sick of cars. But we are so happy to have Dave married and I have a new sister in law which is awesome. We flew home Monday morning and got home about 1:00am. We read the tickets wrong, we thought we left at 2:55, but the flight really left at 1:55 so we had like 20 minutes to catch our flight and of course going through security was a nightmare. I was the "randomly" selected to be scanned and patted down, and have my bags checked. That was great. I was standing in front of the line being scanned and have my boobs grabbed by some lady. I was trying really hard not to laugh, but it was kinda funny. By the time that was over we had 5 minutes until our plane left. We were literally running to the plane. We made it just in the nick of time. It was so close. We made it home and we both are super tired. We counted and we spent over 34 hours traveling in 3 days. I never want to get on a plane again.ha ha To bad I am going to be on one every month from here until Christmas.

Going to Rexburg




Like I said a lot of flying, but its all for fun.

anyways here are some pictures that were taken from the wedding.

We did becky's hair for the wedding the next day!

Coming out as husband and wife

The Lancaster family is complete, Now we just need to start getting some children involved

Dan congratulating Dave on his big day

Me and the Bride

Ring Power

Parents of the bride and groom

Lancaster girls(All married in)

It was kind of windy that day


Groomsmen also, Dan always strikes this pose so they boys were making fun of him

The wedding Cake

Cutting the Cake

After their entrance

These are just some pictures that I was playing around with. Each color of tie matched with a bridesmaids dress.