Wednesday, October 29, 2014

June and Owen's Pictures

It was so much fun taking these two out and taking pictures. The weather was perfect, the sun was in the right spot and they were both in good moods. That's a win! They did fantastic taking pictures and being patient with me. 

June at age 3 and Owen at age 1 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Owen's First Birthday

He's officially one. It just blows me away how fast this year went. So much faster than the first year with June. I feel like I blinked and it was over. I also feel like I missed so much, but looking back on the blog I seemed to have captured a lot of his first year. Thank goodness for blogs right?! 

So the little Otis turned one on a Friday and we partied all weekend long. 
Thursday night we put him in his birthday jammies and tucked him into bed one last night as a baby. 

The next morning we were all excited to have him wake up. June acted like it was Christmas morning. I had to hold her back to not just book it to Owens room to wake him up! She was excited to be celebrating another birthday. As soon as we heard him babbling in his room, she made a mad dash and was the first one to greet the birthday boy. 

I am a terrible mother and somehow managed to schedule his one year appointment on his birthday. So unfortunately for him that meant 4 shots. Sad. Oh so sad. I hate it. And I admit that I totally fight the tears every. single time. my kids get shots. As I see their faces turning purple from screaming, I seriously start to tear up. Gosh it sucks. 

But luckily after that we got our stickers and suckers and both kids were happy. We met daddy after our appointment and went and had lunch. At Bread Zeppelin. our absolute FAVORITE sandwiches. 

Fridays are especially nice because like I have mentioned before, Dan gets half days, so he came home with us after lunch. We played for a bit. Then it was nap/quiet time. 

Once Owen woke up from his nap we headed out. We went over to the Grapevine Mall to play there and then go have dinner.

We rode the carousel 

And hopped into a photo booth. Just so much awesomeness happening!

Through old birthday blog posts you may have noticed that we have a tradition to go to Rainforest Cafe for the kids birthdays. Having two birthdays so close together, we decided to just do it all on one night, though we were mostly celebrating OD's birthday. P.s. Dan has a nice backside. 

With all the animals and sounds, Owen could not decide if he liked the place or hated it. He always looked like he was about to cry, but then would burst into excitement. 

Our Waiter was the He was so fun and seriously outstanding service. He took June over to touch the elephants, and then gave her a free light up cup, along with giving us two free margarita glasses. He told us he was excited because he was getting married the following weekend. He was great!

Ah Yes. Can't pass up getting a balloon at the Rain Forest Cafe. 

After dinner we headed home to have cake and open birthday gifts. 
So I'm not a baker. Don't try to be one, don't really want to be one. I really like to stick to the basics. I made just a basic white cake with chocolate frosting, but then we decided to try and get all fancy....

The outcome... We had a good laugh over it. 

 We sang and June helped blow out the candle. 

 He got a little piece, due to the fact that he hasn't had the greatest digestion of food lately... We decided to take it easy especially with his birthday party the following day. 

Owen's Birthday

Opening June's gift to Owen. Her and Dan went out one night and she picked it out all on her own, with daddy's help. 

Then it was bath time. Bubble bath. 

And then time for bed. These boys in my life are truly one of a kind. Love this picture of them. It's so sweet and innocent. 

The next morning it was time to get ready for Owen's birthday party. 

You would think it would make sense to take it easy since we did just have a previous birthday and plus celebrated his birthday the night before. No. That would be ridiculous. 
Owen's theme this year was sports. We couldn't decide whether football since its the season, or baseball because we love baseball... so we just went with the whole sports theme in general. 
The cupcakes at his party were actually not cupcakes. They were bundt-minis from "Nothing Bundt Cake" OH SO SO GOOD! 

Owen's Smash cake brought to you by my dear friend Alison. So grateful for talented friends!! 

We also had licorice, wings and popcorn. Basic food you would find at any sporting event. 

Friends arrived about 3:30 and we just chit-chatted and ate food. So the first birthday party is more for the adults but it was still fun and we are so grateful for everyone who came!! Love the support we get from friends when we don't have family near by. They truly become your family! 

Singing happy Birthday to the little man. (Thanks Amanda for being our picture taker)

Emma was loving the cake as much as Owen! hahaha loved it!

OD did alright smashing his cake. He actually got into it more than I thought he would. 

We got cleaned up and then opened gifts 

Taylor, one of the 4, that Dan golfs with, got Owen his first little set of golf clubs. It was perfect for him to get clubs for Owen. 

We had a fantastic first birthday. I love celebrating and recognizing just how awesome this little man is!

Parents with the Birthday Boy

 Then it was time to say goodbye to friends, have dinner and take a bath to get all the excess cake out of his ears. 

It was a great first birthday. One that I was very pleased with! I very much love spoiling and doing all I can for my little people. You can only do it for so long before it gets obnoxious.... Ok who am I kidding, I'm sure I will always do all I can to spoil my children... I'm their number one fan. It's just who I am. 

You will never know the amount of love I have for you Owen, but I plan to keep trying to show you! 
Happy Birthday my little buddy.