Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

We have had a wonderful quiet Christmas here in Dallas, Texas. 
Our vacation isn't over yet and there is still lots more to blog about, but here is our Christmas Eve and Christmas. 
It was joyous. 

We slowly woke up and played the morning of Christmas Eve. June was already bouncing off the walls for Christmas so we thought we would leave the house for a bit. 

We knew with Christmas we wouldn't make it out to our house being built for a bit so we decided to go out there Christmas Eve. 
PLUMBING!! It's so exciting going out each week and seeing progress being made! This is real! It's totally happening!! 

After playing out at the house for a bit we came home and got our cooking on. We spent most of our afternoon in the kitchen getting everything ready for Christmas Eve dinner. 

We had snacks and treats out all day, so basically the kids didn't leave the kitchen all day while we cooked. I feel like all we have done is constantly eaten. So much food and it's still going on! 

Cracker in one hand, cookie in the other. Kate too was taking full advantage of all the food!

Owen and Kate kept each other entertained most of the day. 

He just makes her laugh so hard! 

Our Christmas Eve dinner. It's tradition for us to eat by candle light, but when you have small children you have to eat a bit earlier in the day. Haha but we still had our candles! We had all the turkey and trimmings we could ask for! It was just our little family but you would think we were feeding 50 people. Don't worry, we ate the majority of it. 

By the time dinner was eaten and cleaned up it was time to get our Christmas Eve festivities going.
We had church the next day so we bathed the kids and got ready to open our pajamas. 

Owen was so funny how he was laying on the couch just in his undies! The picture is a bit blurry because I was laughing so hard. 

We were discussing who should open first and before we could figure out who, Kate dove right in. She got her box opened and jimmies pulled out before another word could be said. 

Christmas Pajamas 2016

We did our usual Christmas Eve traditions of reading Luke 2, watching the Nativity and discussing more about the reason we celebrate Christmas. 

After we had a bit of time, so we watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". It was the kids favorite Christmas movie this year. 

It was then time to get ready for Santa to come and go to bed.
We sprinkled our reindeer food out on the lawn. Glitter and Oatmeal are good for reindeer right!? 

Kate and Owen went to sleep pretty well. June had a bit of a harder time falling asleep, jus too much excitement, so we let her stay up a bit later. 
Dan and June were tracking Santa. 

We FINALLY got all the kids to bed and asleep. It was then time for Santa to come. 
Dan and I setting up our Christmas. 

One last picture before we could finally go to bed. A lot to set up for three little ones but it is so much fun and I wouldn't have it any other way. I truly love it. 

The next morning we just decided to see how long the kids would take to wake up. I woke up at 6am to start getting ready for 9am church and the kids weren't too far behind. Everyone was up around 6:30am. 

It was time to go walk out and see what Santa brought us. 
The kids were so excited! Owen was really excited what June got that he didn't even realize that he had gifts from Santa. 

Kate got a rocking' Beep Bop Toy which sings and the critters tip over. 

Owen got a Stinky Garbage Truck and "All those shapes" as Owen liked to tell people. 

June got a kitchen fro her American Girl dolls. That one was "fun" for Santa to set up! SO MANY LITTLE PEICES! 

Honestly, the timing was perfect for looking at all the things Santa brought and then getting ready for church. We never felt rushed which was a relief. I was worried about that! 

Kate gets a picture on her own because it's her first Christmas and her new little Christmas dress. 

All the kids in their Christmas clothes. Owen had a snowflake vest but he refused to put it on. 

Church was actually quite wonderful. We had a great Christmas program. June sang with the Primary and she said that it was her favorite part of the whole day. I was able to sing two songs. "Silent Night" and "In a Bleak Mid-Winter". It was great and I loved being able to participate in the program. 

When we came home, we all got back into our pajamas and got ready to open presents. 

Everyone helped sort gifts 

Kate could not keep her little hands off her presents. She was tearing into them and little Miss follow the rules June was getting quite upset with her. 

I helped Kate unwrap all her gifts. 

It's a good thing we waited to open gifts after church because Owen was taking his sweet time! 

We told Owen to point to his present that he got from Grandma and Grandpa Lancaster. He threw it on the ground and pointed so sadly. Hahaha He really really loves it though and spent most of his Christmas in that tent with all his toys. 

Kate got a care bear from our little cousin Reese. 

She really wanted to share with Ranger 

My other Sister sent June a gift and that thing was TAPED!! June wanted no help with her gifts. It took her so long to get it open. 

It was worth it though. Probably her favorite gift was this fairy garden. We had to do it right after opening gifts. 

It was incredibly warm on Christmas day. So we went out and played for a bit. Owen got a transforming remote control Blaze car from my parents. He loves it and was so happy since his other one had crashed one too many times! He loves crashing! 

Thanks Mich for the little animals! They are right up Kate's alley and that little smile behind the pacifier melts me. 

All the parts that June painted dried so later that day we were able to plant all the seeds in her fairy garden. 

The final product. Now we wait and watch them grow. 

We ate leftovers, played and played and played until we were all worn out from the excitement of the day and all headed to bed early. 

Whats so great is we have had over a week of having daddy home with us and the fun is still going! 
Christmas time is the best!! 

Monday, December 26, 2016

December Randoms/30th Birthday

What a Holiday Season it has been. There is lots to blog about so I figured I would start with all our random pictures and then finish this blog post out with my Birthday. 

This is Kate's first Christmas and it has been so fun! She's crawling all over the place and playing with everything! She's pulled a few ornaments off the tree and unwrapped a gift or two but I can't even care because its just so much cuteness! 

For some reason the kids have loved putting the Santa hat on Kate. She finally just got used to it and wore it through out the month. 

 P.J. Our elf showed up on December 1st, right before we left for New York. He brought lots of little surprises for the kids and made them pancakes that morning. He brought June and Owen Lego countdowns. It was so fun to see what each morning was and to having something to build. 

We were very festive in our pajamas this year. I can't help but get the kids more than just one pair of Christmas pajamas. It's so fun wearing them through the whole month. 

P.J and Barbie were having a kiss under the mistletoe one night 

We woke up the next morning and things escalated through the night! Hahaha 

Building our Lego of the day 

I was out one evening and it was pretty late. I get this picture sent to me with Kate wide awake! Dan didn't seem to care. He loves snuggling with her. 

Our little Nativity. The kids had fun all Season re-arranging the people and animals. 

Christmas crafts were in full swing all month long. We started off with popsicle snowflakes. We had glitter EVERYWHERE! For some reason I really just didn't mind. It was so fun having Christmas music playing and just enjoying each other. I'm literally still cleaning up glitter though. It's never ending!

So sometimes late at night Dan becomes my secretary for Primary and helps me write emails and finish up different tasks. I really really really appreciate how much he helps! 

When June was at school one day, Owen and I decided to bake! He loves it every time. 

I went to pick June up from school one day and when I first saw her I thought she had hurt her nose! Nope! The kids were all "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer". 

I sent this picture to Dan and told him I went to pick June up from school but instead I brought home a reindeer! June thought it was pretty funny! 

Sugar cookies are a must during Christmas time. 

One night we went and did Christmas shopping with the kids. They were shopping for each other. We made a night out of it and had a fun time picking out gifts for each other. Kate was adorable and was getting so much attention in Target with her little hat. 

Dan and I did our annual trip to the Frisco lights. We invited some friends to go with us this time and closed down the restaurant. We were there for so long but had such a fun time! It was FREEZING so I snapped a quick picture of the tree and headed on our way.

We went and visited Santa. While waiting in line they gave the kids little coloring books. 

They had a fun waiting room full of fake snow! The kids were loving it! 

I snapped this picture right as Owen was throwing a huge amount of snow in Kate's face. 

Our 2016 Santa picture. Owen does not like Santa, Kate had total stranger danger and June wouldn't leave his side. 

Sometimes Kate just gets to hangout with us at night. 

One afternoon, June and Dan making themselves some sandwiches. Daddy was teaching June the awesomeness of miracle Whip but June wouldn't have it. It's just turkey and cheese for that little lady. 

We went and did our regular Sunday drive out to our house and they had finally broke ground! We are so excited! Even more progress has been made since this picture but I will blog that later. 

Our Christmas wouldn't be complete without our drive to look at Christmas lights. 

Kate just being little Kate. The girl really only drinks when she does it herself and is really starting to lose interest in her bottles and wanting sippy cups more. Maybe her bottle transition won't be that bad! Fingers crossed because it happens next month! 

We played at the park with friends

Her little arm just resting on the swing is my favorite 

Once a week-night, Dan and I go to the gym together. I so look forward to it and it kind of is a mini date night for us. The kids were cute this particular night just holding each others hands. 

The kids love to make fake computers out of books. And have I mentioned how much these two have been playing together lately. I feel like as Owen starts getting older and catching on with June's games the more they play. I love it! 

The kids had their Christmas program the last week of school. It was Owen's first one and I thought for sure he wouldn't go on stage but he did and he rocked it. I seriously had tears rolling down my face. I just love that kid so much. 

Then he started showing everyone his belly. Oh Owen. 

June was a sweetheart in her performance. 

They did a little Jingle Bell Rock dance for us. 

One day we had to go to the doctor to get Kate checked out for an ear infection. While we waited I got about a million and one selfies of June. 

June performed twice at her schools Christmas Program. This was day two. 

I truly lost Kate one day. If it weren't for those little feet I would have started to panic. She was just strumming some guitars under our bed. 

Millenial Choir performance was the second weekend of the month. It also was our Ward Christmas party that I was in charge of. yeah, again. But I had MCO. Getting ready for performance one. 

This year June was old enough to participate with me. She has loved it and we plan to continue in the New year. I'm not sure what will happen when we move but for now we both continue to sing! 

I have to share this sad little story: 
Obviously I am in the choir so I wasn't sitting next to Dan when June performed. I was watching from behind a window waiting for her exit so I could give her a big hug. She looked kind of sad while she was performing. When she came out and saw me, she lost it and starting bawling. All my choir gals were so concerned for little June. When I asked her what was wrong she started crying harder and said "Mommy, you missed my performance. I worked so hard and you didn't even see me perform!"
Guys, talk about a heart wrenching moment! Everyone around us was dying over her cuteness and her sincereness of me not being there. I told her I was there watching her from the back and saw the whole show. I finally calmed her down and walked her back to the holding room. It broke my heart. I knew I had to have her see me at the next performance. 

After night one's performance we met up with daddy! 

We took her out for blizzards after and called it a night. 

Kate just being too grown up. 

We have cleaning day on Friday. I see it as why waste my Saturdays when Dan is home with cleaning, so I try to get it all done before he gets home. Well one of Owen's chores is to take out the recycling and Dan was home to help him. Owen loved showing daddy how recycling is taken out. Hahaha as if Dan doesn't take it out every other time! 

We celebrated one of our little friends birthday's at Build a Bear. 

Of course June chose Poppy from "Trolls". Its all we do now days. 

After the birthday party we saw the carousel and it was just June and I so we rode it. 

Choir performance night two. Just some of my 1st and 2nd soprano ladies. We sit in our rooms forever so things get to be a pretty party. 

So the 2nd nights performance, Dan was home with the kids and with June's heart break at the last performance I knew I had to get in there and let her see me. So when the little Choir started, I crawled in close enough for her to see me. She literally started jumping up and down when she saw me. Totally worth being a smidge late to my position. 

 We play a lot of games in our family and June is really starting to join in and actually play. Dan and June and a serious game of Jenga going on. 

Playing the Roll a Christmas Tree game 

We went with friends to our local library where they had story time with Santa and then decorated ginger bread men. 

One afternoon the kids were dying to go to the park but it was so cold. They wouldn't let up so finally Dan took them while I sat in the car with Kate. They lasted seriously two minutes and they were back in the car. We went and played at a play place after that. 

Just having some down time 

June and I gave each other Christmas manicures one day

I went for a cold evening run. It's always rough at first but then I love it. The sunset didn't disappoint either! 

One night we turned all the lights off in the house, made Christmas shaped pizza and ate by the glow of the Christmas tree. 

During the Christmas break I had activities planned for each day so we wouldn't get too stir crazy. One day was playdate day. Owen had his first playdate all by himself at a friends house and so we invited June's little friend over to play. We made pinecone Christmas trees. 

These two make each other laugh so blasted hard. I love their relationship! 

Owen has been obsessed with this kids I-Spy Christmas book. 

A couple of nights before my birthday my friend Krystle gathered more of my friends and we all joined up at Costa Vida for a birthday dinner. It was fun to get out and chat with these girls without kids needing something! 

Since New York was my birthday celebration we kept my actual birthday pretty low key. I went for a run that morning and then we had lunch at Chick Fil A. 

Kate thinking she can just be a big girl and have a juice box 

The day was actually really relaxing. I loved it and felt very loved. June made Dan decorate. Haha she was so concerned about the decorations! 
We had birthday cake and opened presents. I got some workout clothes and a fun little surprise! 

I opened this box and it had three little charm boxes in it from Helen Ficalora, where my necklace charms are from. So at first I was wondering what charms Dan had gotten me because I already had initials for all the kids and him. There were three boxes so I was a bit confused but all that more excited! 

I opened box one that had an O for Owen on it and there was the daintiest little diamond ring perfectly placed in the box. I instantly started crying. As I opened the other two boxes marked with a J and a K, I became more speechless as two more little diamond rings were in the boxes. 
Each color of gold represents a different child. I truly love them. It was so incredibly thoughtful of Dan and a perfect 30th birthday present. I'm seriously stunned by them. 

We finished the night with a babysitter for the kids and Dinner for Dan and I. We then finished some shopping and got ready for Christmas Eve. 

It was a magical 30th birthday. From New York to my homemade cards from the kids, to those three little diamonds on my finger. I'm so spoiled and so blessed!