Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Next time I see Dan: 2 DaYs

Canada Day: 15 dayS

Independence Day: 18 DAYS

Adam & Nicole's Wedding (VANCOUVER CANADA) : 45 dAY's

Last Day of Dan's Internship: 58 DaYs

First Triathlon (IDAHO): 66 Days

Second Triathlon (FORTHOOD): 101 Days


Monday, June 14, 2010

Washed away

So my husband is right in the heart of Oklahoma City. He texts me this morning and this is what he says
" So it's raining and flooding here so bad. It took me an hour and a half to get to work! It normally takes 20 minutes. The roads downtown are like rivers. Some roads are blocked off because so many cars have stalled in the water. Some spots the water is flowing over the hoods of cars! I'm so glad I have the SUV. The blue car wouldn't have made it."
at first I thought he was just exaggerating....
I get to work, log onto my computer, check the news and there it is. Top news was the flooding in Oklahoma City!
I freaked, I mean my husband is in that right now!
Don't worry he is safe now in his building, but I hope it subsides by the time he goes home..
Anyways here is a part of the article, and a picture to show just how bad it is. This is down town where Dan works.

This is part of the article

"OKLAHOMA CITY - Flash flooding across Oklahoma City stranded motorists on their morning commutes Monday, prompting at least a half-dozen rescues and three interstate closures, authorities said.

No injuries were immediately reported but drivers were being warned to stay home, Oklahoma Police Lt. Gamille Hardin said. Portions of interstates 35, 44 and 235 all were closed, as were numerous smaller roads in and out of the metro area.

"There are cars where you can see just the rooftops, they're totally submerged in water," Hardin said. Footage from KOCO-TV showed a person bailing water out of the passenger-side window of a half-submerged car as crews prepared a boat rescue."

Sunday, June 6, 2010

All in the last three weeks

It has been three weeks since Dan started his internship in Oklahoma City. We have been trying to see each other as often as we can, but the drive is kinda long, but for love you'll do anything right?
Memorial Day weekend Dan came home since both of us had Monday off, which gave us a longer weekend together.

Saturday was awesome! We slept in, went to our local flea Market, went swimming and hit up the Famous Dr Pepper Museum. Did you know that Dr Pepper was created in Waco, and people used to say "Shoot me a Waco" Cool huh? at least this town is known for something.

The guy that Dan is standing next to was really creepy! and in this picture he is staring right at Dan. again... CREEPY DUDE!

Me in Front of some old machines. I am not really sure what they did, they were just shiny and neat.

Just us in from of some old Dr Pepper signs

We then spent Memorial Day with friends having a BBQ! I love Memorial Day BBQ's it really seems to mark the start of summer! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!
Anyways we got together at Lauren and Roberts and had great food, and just chilled.

Luke and Dan into some deep conversation. They are two very intellectual people. I can't even imagine that conversation went with a future Lawyer and scientist. Way over my head thats for sure!

This was just a random shot in the middle of a conversation but at least we have Krista looking at the Camera! Don't worry Mary you would make a very cute Egyptian ha ha!

Then this past weekend I loaded ranger in the car and took off to Oklahoma. I really wanted to see what Dan's life was like up in the City.
He showed me all around, where he worked. He is a real working man! Works right down town with the big leagues, in a very tall office building. It made me so proud of him!
We went and walked down to "Brick Down" had lunch and walked around the Canal.
We had a very good weekend, to short of course but all in all it was so much fun just to be with Dan, but of course I had to return home.

I had to take a picture because this is how ranger rode home. THE WHOLE WAY! ha ha he was such a good little traveler. My neck was sore by the end the 5 1/2 hour drive, but it kept him happy so it was all good.

I am home now safe and sound, ready for another week to go by so I get to see my hubby again.
I sure hope everyone else had a wonderful memorial day weekend!