Friday, March 28, 2014

All Panties

This little lady of mine has officially moved on from pull ups and is in panties all the time. She has been staying dry for a while now during nap time so we decided to leave her in panties for her naps and then at night put her in pull ups. Well a couple of weeks ago she would wake up in the morning completely dry. This kept happening, and I told her that if she could continue to stay dry she would no longer have to wear special panties, (pull ups) and we could pick out a prize. The girl took the offer and ran with it! We haven't had an accident yet and she yells for us in the middle of the night if she needs to go potty. I am so proud of her. This is a big step and she took it whole heartedly. She has repeated several times how proud she is to be in big girl panties all the time. She is such my little rock star! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

First Hair Cuts

The time finally came to cut June and OD's hair. Well actually it was just Owen that desperately needed one, and since June had never had a hair cut, I figured I better get hers trimmed too. I knew from the beginning that I wasn't going to go to crazy, just a trim for June and then get rid of OD's awesome growing mullet in the back. 
     My friend Kathleen did an awesome job, and June knows her so she felt comfortable in letting her cut her hair! OD sat on my lap and bobbed his little head all around, but somehow Kathleen managed to cut it and keep it straight! Miracle Worker!! Then June was able to sit on the booster and get her hair cut all on her own. She did great as long as she had her sucker! Really it was very low key and very fast but I had to document their first hair cuts! Owen's hair looks so much better and I can now actually style it decent and not have him look so homeless. Not a fan of homeless children. Thanks again Kathleen!! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our "Frozen" Day

I love doing random surprises for my kids on ordinary days.  I get so excited thinking about how much June will love it. I find June's little expression so adorable when she gets something new, or we do an activity that isn't done on a regular basis. It makes me even more excited to think about when Owen gets older and I will have two little excited faces!!  I have always wanted to be that kind of mom. I want to be a mom who makes ordinary days special. I want to be someone who thrives at motherhood, not just survives it. I don't want to look back on these days, that yes, are so hectic and busy and sometimes you feel like you won't catch your breath, but not remember why I am a mother in the first place. I don't want to look back and regret thinking of how I count the hours until Dan gets home, or how a day can go by and I wonder what I did. I am trying my best to make everyday count. To actually do what I think a mother should do. Not just endure, but embrace motherhood and realize what a special and amazing job we as stay at home mothers have. I think that's why I blog so much. Just to keep it all written down of how awesome these days really are, even on those not so good days. So with that said, I made an ordinary afternoon a fun surprise for June.  

The movie "Frozen" has been a craze these past few months!  Everything is all about Frozen when it comes to little kids, and we are right in the middle of it. We have the "Frozen" Soundtrack on repeat in the car, and June is constantly singing it. Dan even knows the words to pretty much every song. We love coloring pages from "Frozen" and every time we see something related to the movie June tells us all about it. So it was an obvious choice that we would be purchasing the movie the day it came out. I was thinking of holding off to give it to her until Easter, but I'll be honest, I couldn't hold off myself to wanting to see it, so I decided to throw June a "Frozen" Party. Just her and me. 

I put the babes down for naps, and started setting up for our little party. It wasn't anything big, but just a little bit extra effort and it made for a fun movie day. 

The night before I had finally sewn OD's and June's blankets that I have had the fabric for forever! I thought it would be perfect to add to our movie day to cuddle and watch with. I also set up coloring pages, candy, banana "frozen" ice-cream and of course popcorn and a drink. I even let June have Sprite in her cup. 

June woke up and walked out. She was so excited! I don't think she knew it was the movie, I think she just saw the characters on the front cover and thats why she was so excited. It got even better when we put the movie in. She realized that it was the Characters coming to life and the fact that she got to watch a movie on a random day! Doesn't happen very often, so she was excited! 

This picture scares Dan, hahaha I think it's funny! She was just so excited to have it! 

We got all set up and ready to watch our movie with our treats and coloring. We started the Movie and she sang along with EVERY.SINGLE.SONG! This girl and her memory blows me away! 

OD was still sleeping, so it was just us girls. I love my little lady and all the things I get to do to maker her life a little bit more special! 

I really really do love these days. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Owen at 5 Months

Dear Owen,
     For the record you are such a sweet little guy, but tonight, you were really giving it your all in pushing both mom and dad's buttons. It's very hard to get both of us frustrated and you managed that perfectly tonight! We will give you a little bit of a break though, because those little teeth of yours are trying to make their debut! Your poor little gums are so swollen and your drool is a constant fountain. I'm sorry teeth are such evil things trying to pop out of your mouth, but you're chomping on a steak later on in life, you sure will be glad to have them! 
         I still can't believe how fast time is going by with you. You are already 5 months! I feel like it was just yesterday you were placed in my arms. CRAZY! I love you my little Owit! This whole family loves you. Daddy can't get enough and your sister is all up in your business. She tells me everyday, "I love him soooooo much" and then gives you the biggest kiss! I can't wait for you two to start interacting with each other. June can make you laugh so hard. She knows just what to do to get those giggles out. She also is very comforting when you are upset. You get sung to on a regular basis thanks to her.  She wants you to play with her so badly, and she loves trying to feed you new food! We will get there. Speaking of food, you have started eating solids this month. You are a solid hunk of a chunk and you are needing the extra calories, so we started you on rice cereal, and so far, it's not your favorite. We even mixed in a little bit of prunes to sweeten it, but gagging it down seems to work too. 
     You love your blanket, and you love to smother your face in it. It really freaks me out because I'm worried you are going to suffocate yourself, but you seem to leave just enough room between the blanket and your nose. You love rubbing it on your face when you are tired and I think it ends up just staying there. I attempt to move it, but it seems to always end right back on your face. Whatever makes you sleep better is fine by me. 

We haven't reached the art of sleeping through the night, and thats mostly my fault. I haven't attempted to sleep train you yet, so that will be for next months update. As of right now you are sleeping anywhere between 5-7 hour segments at night. You take two short naps in the morning, and a long one in the afternoon, sometime as June! Thank goodness. I worked hard getting you two on the same afternoon schedule. Will it change?!? Sure of it! 
     Any kind of music you love. You sit so calmly whenever there is music around, but loud noises like talking or when you are close to the TV, drive you crazy. I can hardly talk when I am feeding you or you get upset. I think your sister has caught on to this, because she seems to be at her loudest when you are eating! You are a super good eater. You suck me dry. I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep up with you before we have to start mixing with formula, but for now I am holding strong. You are a champ when it comes to taking a bottle, but no pacifier will sooth you. You hate them. At times I really wish you would take one, but they just are your thing and I guess I should be grateful to not have to worry about breaking the habit. But I do still try to give you one. Maybe later on?! 
     You love to move and bounce. You can get your bouncer moving pretty fast all on your own with your right leg. It just kicks and kicks and kicks. It keeps you bouncing and happy. You love driving in the car. It's when we stop at those red lights that makes you start crying, but once we move again you are just as happy. 
       Owen, you are such my little man. I love you with all my heart and I love that you are mine. You are an easy baby and you put up with a lot. little buddy I love you to the moon and back and there isn't  a day that goes by that I am not forever grateful that you are in our family! 

Happy 5 months!
     Love, mom 

A little video showing Owen and his non stop leg, that bounces him. Also how he shoves the blanket in his face because he is getting  tired! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

This week in Photos

I think it's easy to say that this week has been anything but ordinary. We have had quite the week, but it's all about making the most out of those awful situations and realizing that it's life keeping things interesting. I mean who wants to be bored anyways?! Dan got home last night and it was just a big sigh of relief. I am so beyond happy he is home!! We joked about how, Dan goes out of town, and I have men at my house non stop all week. In the end, I had a total of 8 different men at my house, fixing things, picking things up, saving my child from the bathroom... etc. Also adding in the fact my stroller went on a joy ride and smashed into someones car that also included my cell phone being taken for a ride, and ending up smashed on the cement. Yes. It's been a glorious week. 

I'm glad to say goodbye to this week, though it did have it's moments of greatness.

Range and Owen seriously sat like this for a good 5 minutes just staring at each other. 

I had been doing some morning chores around the house, and laid OD on my bed so I could wash his sheets. He was passed out and ended up taking the longest nap EVER! Mom and Dads bed is pretty comfortable!

We caved and bought a double stroller. We have a lot of traveling planned for this year and we decided for airports and walking around that we would need something for both kids. I am actually really enjoying it! it's not super long because Owen sits more up, and above June's head. It also turns into a sit N' stand if we ever want June to just ride in the back. It's awesome and it made me excited for all the adventures coming this year!

We are VERY much regulars at the park. Like everyday kind of visitors. Except for this week because of all the craziness, but we did manage a few days of play time. 

March Madness College Basketball started this weekend. We love March Madness. Our prizes are awesome, though Dan is totally kicking my trash as of right now! It doesn't help that when one of your teams that you have going to the final, loses first round! 

June doing a little tummy time

"I love him soooooooo much."-June

We are really really big into singing lately at our house. Everything gets turned into a microphone, and June asks constantly to listen to music. And yes, we still wear our Christmas PJs in March. 

He was giggling so much that morning, that even though I had smeared mascara all over my face and had yet to shower, I just had to take a picture with him. He is such a happy baby! 

We really need to get June her own little chair. She has taken over OD's bouncer when she plays on her iPad.

We went for a special lunch one day, but Owen had fallen asleep, so we had Sonic in the car. June felt like she was pretty darn special to sit up front with mommy and eat her lunch. It was pretty fun having her up there with me. 

They were both so tired and I will be honest, I felt a little guilty dragging them around all afternoon, but I had to get some errands done. 

I'm glad it's Saturday. I'm glad Dan's home. and I am so so glad that this week is over. Next week can only be better and I am very much looking forward to it! 

Friday, March 21, 2014


Dan comes home today from a business trip and I am sooooo excited!! I simply just miss him and so I thought that I would spend my time blogging about how our family is so much more awesome when we are all together. 

I can't deny the happiness I have when my whole family contributes to making dinner. June LOVES to help in the kitchen, and sometimes it can be a bit challenging... But pizza is definitely a dinner that she can help with! And help she did. 

She helped roll out the dough, spread the sauce, toppings and cheese. She was in heaven having so much to do! I feel bad sometimes that I don't give her more to do when it comes to dinner, but I am trying to get better at letting her do small things, like setting the table, or stirring. It's a work in progress when it comes to help in the kitchen.

So much awesomeness in one picture! 

and the awesomeness just keeps on continuing! I mean look at this little guy. It takes a real man to rock a pink excersaucer 

June hardly containing her excitement for the pizza to be in the oven 

June polished off any left over toppings we had. That included the pineapple and all the juice. She licked that bowl clean! 

In the end our pizza ended up, well... not so good. HA! it was a pre-bake pizza crust, but we didn't really want to pre-bake it, so we just winged it and hoped it would work out. Everything pretty much burned on top and was doughy in the middle. Next time we bake the crust. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Let me first start off by saying that our house has some quirks about it, that we didn't really realize until living the house, now for a couple of years. One of those things is that we have key locks on some of our doors. 

This morning we were planning our usual outing to our library for story/singing time at 10:15. I asked June to go into the bathroom so she could go potty while I got her clothes that she would wear that day. She had shut the bathroom door, which is a small defeat on its own. You see, her bathroom door is one of those quirks in our house. In that you have to push hard to shut it. The door wedges really really tight and you have to give a little nudge to get in. She also manages to lock it. Again, it's a hard lock because it's one you have to turn on its own and WILL NOT unlock just by turning the door handle. 

Here is where things get interesting! 

Remember that part of how it's a "key lock" door? Yes, it was a bit of a panic moment when I saw that I couldn't just grab a Bobbi pin and pick it.

For about 15 minutes, I tried and tried over and over again to get little June bug to turn the lock the other way. She tried to keep turning the door, but not the lock. I knew I was going to have to break in through on my side of the door. 
Dan is out of town this week so I couldn't get his help. I tried my house key, but that didn't unlock it, and that's when I had a bit of a panic moment. June and I said a little prayer to help us stay calm and to have help on what we should do. I love when she helps me say prayers! 

I texted my family for help or suggestions... 
 My sister Brooke called, recommended a few things for me to try, and helped me remain calm for June's sake. My fam also suggested credit cards to slide through, but our awesome door is wedged way to tight to get a card through.... 

I called my dad and he suggested taking the door jam off to see if I could break in that way. I grabbed a butter knife and hammer, but couldn't NOT pry it off. I was trying so hard not to cry as I could hear little Juney on the other side saying "Mommy I miss you so much, mommy please, I want you, mommy I miss you." 

I couldn't break in. I couldn't do anything.

 My dad said to call a lock smith or your local police. 
I made a call to a lock smith and no answer... I didn't want to have to keep looking up numbers so I decided to call our police station. I have the Carrollton police station in my phone so I thought I would just casually call them, not 911 since this wasn't a crazy emergency. I get through and explain the situation, immediately the police officer transfers me to 911.... This is our conversation. 

911: What is your emergency? 

Me: uh... I called the local police station and they sent me here. It's not really an emergency.

911: Ok, is there a problem? 

Me: Well my two year old is locked in the bathroom and I can't get her out... 
(She must think I'm such an idiot for not being able to unlock it, but you just don't understand!!) 

911: alright, what is your address I will dispatch the fire department to come see what they can do. 

Me: are you sure you want to send them? 

911: Yes ma'am. I'm sure. They will be able to help. 

Me: Ok, thanks. Have a good day. Bye

So I continued to sit by the door and hold June's hand. We sang "I am a Child of God" over and over again...
She kept saying "mommy no more hold hands, I hold your face, please... I hold your face!" I started crying, then she started crying. I had to suck it up and be brave for her. 

My sister Michelle said to put some things under the door, like books, coloring books and crayons... It helped. I put her counting book through the door and we counted to 10 over and over again. She got up to 15 at one point! Such a smart little thing. She gets that from her daddy. The locking herself in the bathroom part and not able to get out... She gets that from me. 

So I continued to hold her hand. At this point we are about an hour in to being locked in the bathroom. 

Then this rolls up to my house.

I wasn't expecting a huge fire truck! Three men got out and came to the door. June was crying because I had to answer it and leave her hand. I explained the situation to them and they got to work. I sat there and just kept holding her hand. Owen was in our room just babbling away, happy as can be! Such my good little babe! 

These fire fighters were AMAZING!! They were so calm with me and June. They kept asking her questions as they worked. They kept talking to each other, suggesting all these different crazy weird tool names and I thought at one point, one of those tools was going to break down the door all together! 

They worked on it for about 15-20 minutes. 

They ended up prying off the section of the door my dad told me to do, but I couldn't get it. Then they used their nifty awesome fireman tools to cut the lock right of the door. Good bye door handle.

I was so beyond grateful to those firemen!! I know it was something so incredibly small, but they were so nice about it and they didn't make me feel dumb at all! I kept thanking them and apologizing all at the same time, just because I was so grateful and felt so dumb all at the same time. 

They talked to June for just a bit longer, and gave her a firefighter badge sticker. She kept saying "Firefighters saved me" "the door locked me in" the firefighters open it" I think she was just as happy to be out of there as much as I was to have her out!

They managed to fix the door frame up a bit, but some damage was still done where they had to pry off the frame and where they cut the lock! 

I was texting Dan thorough this process, and he snuck out of his meeting once she got out to check on us. When I was telling him the story we were both laughing so hard! Why does this kind of thing happen to us?! I mean of all the rooms to lock herself into, she chose the one that has a key lock, and no window or any other access to the room. 
In the end she is out and safe. I love firefighters even more now and am so thankful that they could help with such a small problem, but huge to me! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Warm Days

Our weather has been so loopy these past couple of weeks that I can't even keep straight how to dress the kids for the day! Will it be cold? Long sleeves? or hot with shorts and tee shirts?!? It's spring time, so what do you expect? 

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful! We are talking 80's and we soaked in the sun AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Kids make summer time so much fun! I love the excitement of riding bikes, writing with chalk, and non stop running around all day! Plus it makes nap time all that much smoother because they are so warn out! 

Like I said we lived outside. We did everything but sleep out in the back yard, and even OD managed a few naps outside. We had lunch, we colored, I even folded the laundry outside, just because the sun felt too good to waste not being out there! 

June loves riding her bike. She isn't quite tall enough yet to reach the petals and push them, but she can ride around by scooting herself. Is she not just the cutes thing on her bike that you have ever seen?!?! 

June loves "baby Owit" She loves giving him kisses and singing to him when he is sad. She loves to be near him and I am so glad. I hope that little bond continues as they grow up. 

June insisted on pulling out all the lounge chairs and laying by the pool. She kept asking to get in, but the water is frigid cold still! Such a sun bathing beauty!

I taught June how to play hop scotch! Our board is a little backwards. HaHa. I counted back from 10 and wrote them wrong... so don't worry June let me know on numerous occasions that I wrote it down wrong!  

Though daylight savings has been tough on sleeping, we are loving the extra daylight we get when daddy gets home. 
June and daddy playing hop scotch 

We had picnics at the park and spent a good chunk of the morning there. June even peed on a tree. Having a park in walking distance really helps get me out and moving, not that I am lacking in the moving department chasing a two year old around all day, but still... It's a small little park, but we love it. 

I even treated myself to a little down time while my babe's slept. Range came and laid by me and I read my book. How can I possibly complain about being a stay at home mom when I get to do this?!? 

Ok, well OD took most of his naps outside. I'm working on his scheduling, but he tends to take quick little power naps every once in a while. Like seriously 5 minute little cat naps. He's adorable. 

Playing hide N' Seek is a regular at our house, but we were able to take the game outside and play what felt like forever. I do admit, that inside, there are better hiding places, but June would just run beside the house and close her eyes. 
*Note: So June. Whenever she doesn't want to go somewhere or get dressed or doesn't want to be found, she covers her eyes, and she becomes a "sack of potatoes". Only Daddy has special glasses that can see her, but mommy never can. She does this on a regular basis and I am carrying in a "Sack of potatoes" pretty often. 

June is awesome at playing hide and seek with. She actually plays. She lets you go hide (obviously more out in the open, than really hide) she counts to 10 and then comes and gets you. Then it's your turn. 
We also play tag a lot but I seem to be it most of the time and she loves playing duck duck goose, but again, just wants me to run around yelling goose. It's still hilarious and I will play with her whenever she asks! 

Our warm days have now gone and left us with low 60's and wind that blows your skirt right up for every one to see what's underneath. The sun is still shining bright in our windows, and it made me really see how dirty my windows are, and how it's time to pull out the spring cleaning clothes and get to work, cleaning off all the winter dirt!

I cannot wait for summer. Each one gets better and better with little Juniper and now we have OD. I can't wait to introduce him to the water, and see his reaction!