Monday, February 20, 2012

4 Months

Dear Juniper,
My little June bug, you turn 4 months old today. I sure do love you and everything that you do. You are becoming so active and it's impossible to not smile at you when I look down and see that grin of yours. You have quite the personality already, many people have commented on how you interact with others. You defiantly show your true colors.
Well this month has been so exciting for you. You have discovered your hands and just this morning you discovered your feet and now you pull your socks off more than Ranger pulls them off! You have discovered how to move around by pushing with your feet. You spin around in your pack n' play all the time. Most of the time when I come get you from your naps you have turned yourself completely around or your head is kinked in the corner. I don't think you will have any problems crawling once you get better on your belly.
You laugh so much. Your dad sings "Row your boat" to you, and you laugh so hard that you can't breath and get the hic-ups. You are so in love with your dad. Yes, I am your mother and you do like to be comforted by me, but when you are in your dad's arms you are always smiling and laughing. You love being with your dad. He gets you smiling and laughing more than anyone.
Your favorite toy right now is a mermaid, I think you just like it because it has hair that you can suck on. You LOVE sucking on anything you can get your hands on, but your mermaid is by far your favorite. That thing can keep you happy forever. We named it Merman.
You are sleeping pretty good. We are still attempting to put you down at 9 every night, but it's your mom and dad's fault because we aren't home by 9 some nights and it gets you all confused. We like to say you sleep like a teenager. You would stay up until 11 or midnight with me and your dad and then sleep in until noon. Well even when you go down at 9 you still sleep in. You get that trait from me. Ha ha I think me and you will become best night owl buddies when you get older. You usually wake up between 9:30- 11am and then about a half hour later your back down for a morning/afternoon nap. You are putting yourself to sleep, which makes me so happy! I didn't know if I could ever let that happen, because I love rocking you to sleep but you just hangout in your crib until your ready to fall asleep, then your out like a light.
You are continuing to grow right before our eyes. An outfit will fit you one day and then the next time we put it on it's too small. We are buying you new pajamas pretty much every other week because we can't keep up with those long legs of yours. Your hair is getting more out of control as well. We are able to ponytail it now, which I love along with pigtails. You are just way to much fun to accessorize.
You are responding really well to music lately. You love just sitting and listening to music with me or your dad. We both love music and it's a big part of our home so we hope you continue your love for it.
The pacifier situation has fully come to a stop. I am no longer forcing you to take one, it just makes you more mad. So no more pacifiers. You are pretty well behaved anyway so a pacifier isn't really needed. It would just come in handy sometimes. :)
Juney Toons, we can't even think what life would be like without you in our home. You bring so much joy and happiness to your dad and me that it's difficult to remember how life was before you. I'm so excited to keep watching you grow and learn new things all the time! You are the best baby. I am not even just saying that because I'm your mother...OK well maybe!!
Love you bug!
Love mom.

4 month pictures.