Monday, April 28, 2008

The Sisters that made it Happen!

This is a little tribute to the sisters who helped make my blog what it is today. So...

TO: Megan Mendenhall Porter, she was the one who actually made my blog, and talked to me on the phone for who knows long, trying to teach me the skills of a blog master, and she is the blog master. If it weren't for her none of us family members would have a blog. She made it all happen for me. Sorry megs if your phone bill was big from that night!

TO: Shalee Sue Rudd Mendenhall, I went over to shay's house on Saturday night, and we spent like 2 1/2 hours figuring out how to work my blog, our poor husbands just sat and stared at us, well and played a little video golf, but still it actually was a really fun night, but I owe it to her for making my blog actually normal, and not a barbie pink color that i had earlier.

My shoutout hopefully reaches these two people, because now i am liking my blog a lot more, and well i owe it all to them... Yep they deserve around of applause..

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday To Christy!

Christy, One of my my best friends, had her 22nd birthday on Friday. We all gathered together for a birthday feast at Johnny Carino's. It was really fun. She just got engaged the week before, so she was way more excited about that, then she was for her birthday, but it was still fun! anyways later that night she had ber cupcake birthday, with candles. Ha ha Josh got her a wicked sweet bike so she can ride it to campus, and so that they can go on bike rides together! its actually really cute! the night was fun, and she ended up having a great birthday!

Friday, April 25, 2008


I just wanted to disucss the dear little town of rexburg, and the weather we had on April 24, 2008. OK so it started out with spring, when I was walking to class it was green outside, you could see the little shrubs, all well pretty much it just basically was spring. Then I am sitting in my Safety class, and all of the sudden this huge gust of wind happens, and the snow starts drowning out everything insight. It was a major whiteout. The snow kept falling until about 2:00-3:00, inbetween there( not sure I was in class). Anyways then it stopped, the sun came out just a little bit enough to melt the snow, but it was still really really cold, basically it was fall. everything looked dead, but lets remember that its April almost May! Then I get out of my 4:45 class,and the sun is beaming and its actually warm! like not wear a jacket warm, Which in Rexburg is considered Summer. There ya have it all four seasons in one day. no other place but good ol' Rexburg!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting us all back together!

OK, so this is kind of a crapy picture, sorry girls my camera sucks! anyways so it was my long time friend Danielle's bridal shower, and it was great, not only to be able to see her and get all excited but to see some old highschool friends. Usually I don't see much of these girls, but its always great to talk to them, and see where they are at with there lives. OK so kim i do see ha ha just because I work at Porters and she is decorating her unborn babyboy's bedroom. Oh and Deid at school, I see her at walmart,and at school, its pretty cool. Anyways so everyone seems to be doing great. It would be good to see them more! anyways some good friends from highschool. So Danielle is getting married this Friday and I am so excited for her. Married like rocks, and well i don't know Brian but what I have heard, and seen from the video, he is a great guy and stoked for Danielle!

Monday, April 21, 2008


OuR ExpEriEncE iN VeGAs!
Dan & Me waiting for the "V"show

Me hopin out of the Hot-Tub

Our first night there, eating Mexican Food

The Hilton Pool, It was so Beautiful, & Romantic

During Spring Break Dan and I decided to hit the road and head towards Las Vegas. Luckily we were able to stop in utah to split up the drive, so that was really nice! We stayed in the Hilton, right on the strip, but well at the very end, We ended up walking like 8 miles back and forth on the strip, I was very excited because I turned 21 in December so I was able to play some slots, and the first day I was rockin those machines. I swear everytime I played I won at least 5 cents, and that is a lot because I would only play the 1 or 2 cents. The problem was, that I started getting addicted. The money was lost! Dan did really good. He won like $7 off of one dollar! It just made me love him all that much more. He is just so good! we stopped after a while because I was getting very impatient with my second day losing.

The strip was so banging hot! The watershows, and the vomit of lights, it was so much fun to just walk around and stare! We Also went to a variety show called THE "V". It was tizight! these two dudes stood on each other and balanced on their shoulders, no hands or anything it was sick, but in a cool way! We stayed on the strip for most of the day. I got one of those Henna Tatoos, and lets just say it better be worth the money! and to all those who go to Vegas, I recommend not getting a henna tatoo, I promised Dan I wouldn't say anything so I can't tell you the true story but just dont do it!

The trip was a blast, and helped us get ready for the summer semester!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just Getting Started!

This is the start of my blog. Blogs are hard and I am only doing this so that I can be cool like my sisters. I want to be just like them, so the next step was to get a blog.