Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Easter and Galveston

I'm a bit behind but for very good reasons. We have had a lot happen within the last few weeks so we were so grateful to take a little breather and take a trip to the coast with just our little family. Let's start at the beginning though. 

Dan had the weekend off of work because of Easter. With everything happening with the house and travel plans already in place to visit family and such over the summer, we thought we better take advantage of this time and go on a little vacation with just our family. 

We dyed Easter eggs the day before we left. We wanted to do it but not at the beach house. So we did it a bit more early than normal. 

It's funny because no one likes hard boiled eggs but me. Not even Kate, which I totally thought she would love. NOPE! I obviously knew I wasn't going to be able to eat a dozen hard boiled eggs by myself, but we also needed enough to dye. Sorry for wasting you, eggs. 

The next morning we were heading out to Galveston and I didn't want to have to worry about packing all that stuff, so we had Easter a few days early. June came to Dan and I and asked us if the Easter bunny was really real or if it was mommy and daddy that did it... Guys, my heart broke. Dan and I made an agreement that if June ever asked about Santa, or Easter bunny, or anything like that, then we would tell her the truth. Well..... When it came down to it, I just couldn't tell her. I couldn't. She's five. She's so beyond her years and it freaks me out. I'm not ready for this yet! So I told her he was real. Dan would have no part in the matter. But we all know how he feels about stuff like this. :)

We cleaned up our Easter mess and hit the road. Galveston is about five hours from us. Totally worth the drive. We made it and instantly went straight to the water. 

We didn't get in until later afternoon so it was a bit chilly for Kate. She spent the evening wrapped up in towels. We couldn't pull the older two away from the water. 

Our house was right on the beach. It was so so great. We just walked right out and there was the beach. It was perfect. 

That evening Dan went out to get us some food, so I stepped out and practiced some handstands. It was fun! 

The next morning we were up and out watching the ocean and planning our day. 

The kids got some Lego's for Easter, so we spent the morning playing and building with Legos. 

We then went outside to splash in the water. I did some yoga while the kids played. 

We came back inside and had our own little Easter egg hunt around the house. 

All three of them chewing on their candy bracelets 

After our egg hunt we finished getting ready and headed into the actual town of Galveston. June and I were twinners for a good portion of the trip. 

June could not get over how big this bear was! 

Best little buddies 

We of course hit up a candy store! 

We made it in time to watch taffy being pulled. Then we got to sample the batch that we watched. It  was so good and warm! I loved it! 

Waiting for lunch and keeping Kate entertained 

After shopping and lunch we headed back to the house to spend the rest of the day at the beach. 

My view 

June LOVED the water. She couldn't get over the waves splashing over her. As the weekend went on, the braver she got. I was impressed! The waves were over her head and she just kept laughing! 

It took Owen some time to get used to it but he too soon loved it! 

Our name in the sand 

And thanks to our little photographer, June for capturing a picture of Dan and I. 

Kate couldn't get over the stairs in the house. It gave me a heart attack! 

One night, Dan took Owen to go get us pizza. They had so much fun and sent me all these pictures. It was cute. 

So we sent them back with all the girls 

Once we had dinner we got all cleaned up, in jimmies and took a sunset walk on the beach. 

We told the kids that they couldn't get their clothes wet. Just their feet. That lasted for about two minutes.

They were soaked! But we were having such a good time out there and the kids were having so much fun that we let them be. 

We headed home and got everyone clean once again and off to bed.
Dan and I enjoyed the evening on the deck listening to the Ocean. We then came back inside, popped some popcorn and somehow ended up watching "You've Got Mail". Hahaha so random but one of my favorite movies so it worked out. :) 

The next morning Dan and I woke up before sunrise so we could go out on the deck and watch the sun come up over the ocean. It was beautiful. 

Then we had breakfast outside. We spent as much time out there as possible. 

Kate woke up first and enjoyed some outside time too. 

Then we were all outside. 

We headed back into town for lunch and to walk along the Fisherman's Wharf. June wanted to be in charge of the stroller. She couldn't see over it! Hahaha such a little thing. 

The Sun was bright and in their eyes so we didn't get a very good picture in the big chair. 

We were waiting for Dan to check out a restaurant for us and this was the kids. It wasn't even that hot outside but they acted like they were dying!  

June loves playing Dan's guitar and Ukulele so when we saw a little one in a store we got her one. She was so excited! 

Eating Ice-cream 


And twinning once more 

Owen got a giant peanut butter cup! It was huge! 

After lunch we headed back to our house and got ready to spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach. 

The wind was perfect for kite flying! 

My little beach babe 

I was making a video of how our trip was going and I got the thumbs up. 

We tied the kites to some of our stuff and just let them fly why we played. They stayed up the entire time. 

We made the best attempt to build a sand castle. It took all of Owen's energy to not smash it. Haha 

After we finished we let Owen and June destroy it. 

We spent the rest of the evening on the beach and then came inside to get all cleaned up and ready to head home the next day. 
We wouldn't let the kids go down to the beach after baths but we sat out on the deck, let the sun go down and then put them to bed. 

We headed out pretty early the next morning to be the Sunday rush but we of course had to do one last walk on the beach. 

We got home Sunday afternoon and with exciting (and stressful) news from our builders, we set into place a game plan for the next week. Pretty much since we got home we have felt like chickens with our heads cut off. All to come in a later blog post. 

Galveston was exactly what we needed for the weekend. We needed to just be with our little family without all the interruptions. It was splendid. I truly loved every minute of it.