Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A little before Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I can't wait to blog all about our Christmas, but the great thing is, is that it isn't over yet!! I thought I would entertain with a little PRE Christmas excitement until our fun-ness is over!!

We had an advent calendar that was full of Christmas activities! It makes the season so much more fun and helps us focus on why we really celebrate Christmas!

Dan and I started a Tradition since moving to Dallas. We go up to the Frisco town square lights, eat at a great Thai Food place, and walk around the little village... It is so fun and very festive! June loved the lights and getting loaded up on sweets from their oh so cute candy store! It is one of my favorite traditions that our little family has continued to do! Ah Christmas how you really are so magical!!
Love it!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas !

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

From the Lancaster's. I know you all have been dying for me to tell you everything that has happened this year... So with no further interruptions here is the Lancaster's 2012 flash back.

     We have had a great 2012. It's been full of excitement, bitting finger nail nerves, and finding ways to entertain ourselves. We are entertaining people after all.

hmmm where to start.... Let's start with Dan, He's cool to start with.

Dan is the bomb-dot-com. His 2012 has been pretty good to him. Dan has been enjoying his work this year at Pioneer Natural Resources as a Geologist. He got a promotion back in May as a GEO-STEERER and he has been enjoying his work schedule of 2 weeks work, 1 week off. It's been fabulous. He has been kicking some serious butt in the "OIL WORLD".  He just received a step up in the company which will take place effectively January 8th, when he gets back to the office. He's that good, Though we are sad to loose his schedule, but that means no more middle of the night phone calls.
His golf game has improved by a few strokes and enjoys getting out on the course when he gets a chance. His biggest success of the year though, is that he in fact kept his new year's resolution of getting the blizzard of the month, every month. He's real accomplished.
In The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, Dan was called to be a Sunday School Teacher for the 14-15 year olds. It's his perfect calling. He love's hanging out with the youth and is enjoying teaching them more about the gospel every sunday.
   Is Fathering skills are impeccable. Fatherhood suits him, and June and him are literally best friends. It's so nauseating how adorable these two are together. He's enjoying being a dad, a husband, a provider, a Mr. Fix-it and everything else in between. Ya he's the bomb-dot-com.

Lesli is having a pretty good year herself. She is rockin at motherhood and finding her time well spent raising her perfectness she calls Little Loretta. Lesli is keeping our home spic and span with a couple of missed applesauce spots on the floor and a dust bunny wedged between the TV, but still pretty spic and Span. She enjoys her very simple day's of watching June, taking pictures and keeping things orderly. It's splendid. She is still continuing to attempt to be active after doing a Triathlon this past summer with her sister's and keeping up with a one year old.
In the church world, She is Teaching Relief Society, which she claims to be her most absolute favorite calling to date! She is enjoying sharing her testimony with the sister's in her ward and sharing the gospel. The woman she teaches are amazing and She is learning so much from this calling. Wow Lesli, just look at you go.
    She has picked up a little addicting habit this past year of indexing for the church. She has reached her goal of over a thousand names and plans to set the bar a little higher for next year. 2012 has been good to her. She too is enjoying being a mom, a wife, a homemaker, and a Mrs. break-it. Good thing she is married to a Mr. fix-it.

Miss June has been growing and growing this past year. She is quite the little talker and laughs and smilies with everyone. She is eating and drinking on her own, and is about an inch away from walking. She is very intrigued with turning pages in books, and poking Ranger in the face.
June celebrated her first birthday surrounded with friends and getting a sugar high from so much sugar! She is starting to get curly hair, and a little more features from her mom. She's our little petit girl and she is our world.

Is annoying as always, but we are still in love with our little pup. He's a very good at keeping strangers at bay and barking with the faintest knock at the door. He is enjoying eating all of the food that June Throws off her tray and being June's little play pal. They actually get a long pretty well. Range turned 2 this past year, but he is still as small as ever, and making us continue to love him.

     Thing's really have been going well. We were handed keys to our very first home in May and realized that it was the 6th time we have moved since being married for 5 years. We are hoping to stick around for a long while though. We are enjoying our home, swimming in the pool and getting to know our neighbors. Thankfully no crazies.
We are still in Love with Dallas, Texas and enjoying the many amenities this great city has to offer. Our love for eating out has been expanded by about 100x and trying even more new restaurants. We have soaked in about as much baseball as we can handle, and can't wait for next season to start. Things here in Dallas our going pretty great. We had only one Tornado scare and a little earthquake, but all in all, GREAT!
Our year has taken us all over the United States. With Family Reunions, and business trips, it's been a pretty full schedule. Our greatest trip was our recent one to Colorado for our 5 year anniversary. It was beautiful and it made us miss the mountains and fresh clean air a little bit more than we were expecting. It was so fun to get away and enjoy each other's company. Our lives are normal and happy, we seemed to be pleased with that.

We think it's pretty great how this year has turned out and we are grateful for our many blessings... Kinda cheesy, when I re-read that, but totally not changing it.

From the Lancaster's we hope that you have had a spectacular year also. That it was funny, and those moments that seem awful are now lessons you have learned. 2012 was good. And 2013 is kind of annoying because saying "twothousandthirteen" is long and just doesn't have a ring to it yet. we'll see....


The Lancaster's

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Instagram photos

Just some random pictures from Instagram that I want to keep....

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Santa visit

We had our ward Christmas party this past weekend and we got to see Santa!! This is June's second Christmas but she was only 2 months old last year, so her picture of Santa was easy because she had no clue what was going on!
This year she was well aware and really didn't take to we'll to Santa! She was mortified as soon as we started putting her on his lap. It was pretty sad but also kinda funny! Our Santa was very understanding and awesome about having screaming children placed on his lap! So maybe next year she will like Santa a little bit more!!
Our ward party was really fun! Very simple, but to be honest that's what made it so fun! We talked, sang songs and ate! Very chill!! We are so grateful for a great ward.