Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank Goodness For Police!!

Let me just say that I am the first to complain about cops, but NOT ANYMORE! I had a little traumatic experience on Wednesday night. I was leaving work about 7:15 and besides my manager I was the last one to leave, I was in the parking lot by myself. I noticed that something was weird with my car, all my doors were open. I just thought well that's kinda odd, and I see this note on my car, I just figured that it was from Dan, because he always leaves notes on my car. OH wait no its THE POLICE!! SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY CAR! the note on my car said this. "Your Vehicle was broken into please contact the Rexburg police department and ask for the detective!" the first thing I did was go through my purse, duh lesli I left my purse, paycheck, I-pod everything just laying there. I was bawling at this point. All my cards were taken out of my wallet, and my car was rummaged through, all the little department holes were open and papers everywhere! The worst part was that no one was answering their phones. I called my dad I could barley leave a message because I was so scared and crying so hard. Dan's phone wasn't by him and everyone else I just got their voice mail. I was a mess! I finally got a hold of Dan, and we try calling the police department because we were confused at why they would leave a note on my car, we thought maybe it was a set up by the police doing a demo to start locking your cars. but that made no sense, All night I tossed and turned because I was so scared and nervous that my identity would be stolen. The weird thing was, was that I didn't see anything missing. I had my credit card in my back pocket, and everything else was still in there, just everything was gone through. No other credit cards were taken, no change, nothing. My social security card was in my wallet I thought for sure he got that. HA HA I was so worried about that. I was so nervous and scared! the next day I get a hold of the detective which was officer stubbs from my old high school so he was really helpful to me. He told me that a guy was waiting for his wife in the Porter's parking lot, and noticed this kid trying to get into all these cars. So he called the police, officer stubbs came and watched him, and arrested him. The kid confessed to breaking into my car, so that's how the police knew to leave a note. The funny thing is, was that me and my friend Aubs saw him get arrested, inside of Porters, but we were just like DRUG BUST. joking around we didn't think anything of it. I had to go to the police station and I didn't even notice but the kid had stolen my I-pod and I-Trip. I was so relieved to here that the kid was caught, who ended up being only 13. I felt bad because when I went to the police station the kids mom was in there. and she was so sad and apologetic. I said it really was OK, and no harm was done. I didn't know what else to say. what do you tell a mother who's son broke into your car? It was crazy. I was very lucky, my I-Pod and everything is still at the Police station for Evidence purposes I guess. I still get all iterated though knowing that some stranger went through my purse and my personal things. I am so grateful for the Police department and taking action! ah I don't think I can have a bad attitude towards them ever again. I definitely have learned my lesson! I will never go anywhere without locking my car ever again!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I Love General Conference weekend!

I Love General Conference! It is such a good time to learn more about things and every time that I listen to the church leaders speak I seriously feel like there talks were personally written for me! It was so much fun being with Dan on Sunday and enjoying the day. But I also love when its the priesthood session! ha ha Because then I get to spend the night with my mom and this time with my sister in law!
-We had so much fun, we went to Idaho Falls and headed straight to mini bazaar! I love that store. The funny thing is, is that I used to cry and complain every time we went there when I was younger but now its like my favorite store. Its funny how things change when you get older. anyways us girls got to go shopping and eat dinner and have so much fun. I always seem to laugh so hard when I am with my mom. She just does the funniest things! for example we are driving down the road and all of the sudden the rear view mirrors just start caving in. bending literally all the way to the car. My mom just gave them a weird look and kept pushing buttons. I know it doesn't sound as funny written but man oh man I about peed my pants laughing so hard. Ah I love my mom. I did miss my other sisters but sometimes its just nice to be with my mom and sister in law. I think we get more spoiled that way ;)!! This is a really random post but it was to much fun to not put on my blog. well hope everyone is having a good day and that also you enjoyed your weekend!