Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rexburg in August

I really love going to Rexburg. Though I consider Texas my home now, Rexburg will always have a special place in my heart and I will always love it. I was able to go home again to school shop, see my family, and the dreaded Rush Triathlon.

From the top.

June and I left for the airport at 4:30a.m. We were in comfy clothes. OF COURSE one of my luggage doesn't make it, which in the end was actually a blessing, because I decided to rent a car to head to Spanish Fork, so I was all by myself with June, a stroller, carseat, one piece of luggage, her diaper bag, and my purse. I was a sight to see trying to carry all of these items. At one point I looked down at June and realized I pretty much was holding her only by her head, we repositioned and moved on. comical.

I made it Spanish Fork,  hung out with my sisters, let my nieces paint my toes and finger nails, and enjoyed out night.
The next morning we all loaded up in the car and headed to Salt lake to meet up with my mom, Megan, and Shay to go school shopping for the weekend. This has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember, So it's super fun to carry on this Tradition with my Niece's and my own daughter. We shopped, and shopped and shopped. It was so fun. The little girls were all troopers and there were only a few whimpers of hurt feet at the end of the weekend. We had a fashion show and everything. I don't really have a whole lot of pictures, I'm not sure why since we took about a million, but well ya know...

Don't mind June in her scandalous outfit.... Goodness girl she is showing what her momma gave her.

We had a family reunion on Sunday and then Megan and I headed down to Rexburg with my parents to spend the week before the Triathlon. We had so much fun watching these two girls together. Samantha is 3 months younger than June, so they are super close in age, and they really had fun together.

My dad put them in the little red car and drove them around the yard for hours. THEY LOVED IT!!


We love to swing, and I think this Picture portrays June of her joy!

Tuesday we headed to Rigby lake so I could do a practice swim in open water. PANIC ATTACK! It was fun though with the girls, and shay and her kiddo's came too. We had a great little picnic and had fun swimming in the FREEZING WATER!

Wednesday was full of eating out, trips to Porter's (OF COURSE) and laughing and having fun with the girls and my sister and me.

That night my mom had a work party at Rexburg Rapids. It's a great little water park, and very kid friendly. It was later in the evening so we didn't swim too much, but it was still fun to splash in the water.

Thursday my other two sister's came, and Friday we really just hung out and had fun! 

Saturday was the Triathlon. Oh the Triathlon. No really it wasn't that bad. This year we did a team in the intermediate. So really all I had to do was swim a mile. A LOT harder than I thought. Oh man. It was great to be there with my sister's and my Dad was our little supporter, and my mom watched all the kids. WOW!AMAZING PARENTS! We laughed so much during the race. and 

That night we took it easy and had a delicious  picnic at the house and enjoyed just being with everyone. 

All the Grandkids with Grandma!

I really love my family very much! It can be hard living so far away from them, but it almost makes it better when I do get to see them. So excited for the next trip in December! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 Months

       Dear June,
we have hit the double digits sweets! time is flying by way to fast. The last month has been very exciting for you! You have started doing so many new things, and you FINALLY got your first tooth. We have been wondering when that was going to happen, and well it did at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was just one long night and then all of the sudden a tooth appeared. It's pretty adorable! You are eating very well. You love gold fish, and waffles, really anything except for green beans. You have even taken a liking to peas, but those green beans just come right back out of your mouth. Your skills are developing great! You love having two things in your hands and connecting them. You can sit there with 2 things in your hands and play with them all day. You love to clap and rub your food together in your hands and of course your hair. You make quite the mess while eating, but you're eating so I can't complain to much. 
     You have a cold right now which is really sad, but you cuddle up tight with me, and I love it. Day's like this don't come to often, so when I get the chance to cuddle you I take it! 
     You are deciding to change up the schedule a bit, by only wanting to take one nap. I sometimes can get you to take 2, but one seems to be doing the trick. After talking with your doctor I have learned that if you are ready for just one nap, then that's ok. You are still happy as ever, though I do miss the two naps. It's a working progress. You are sleeping through the night. Going to bed about 8 and waking up about 7-7:30. Thanks for always being such a great little sleeper. You make me a very happy mom when we both get a good nights rest. 
    You have also started crawling, which I have written about already, but now you are getting so much faster, and climbing on and over things. You love to move. It's impossible to get pictures holding still anymore. It takes all I got to get you to look at the camera, but camera ready I can get a few shots. You just love to move!! Your dad and I have been trying to baby proof the house, but you always seem to find something that can go into your mouth, or that can be pulled down. You have already had your fair share of bumps and bruises but you seem chipper as always.


     You have been loving summer. You love swimming and are getting quite a nice little tan. I love that your chubby roll lines are all white and then your arms are tan. I think we are ready for it to be fall though. It has been such a fun summer and watching you progress and learn new things, but fall only means more excitement and more things for you to do and learn. I love you sweetheart. With every fiber of my being I love you. My life is my family and you are such a huge part of it!
    I love you.
Love mom.