Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Their Time

I don't have to tell you how adorable the daddy/daughter duo that is known as June and daddy are together. They really are best buds. I know that eventually OD will join their little inner circle, but for now its just those two. It's ok that I'm on the outside, because I have my own little world with my babes everyday and so it's only fair for them to have their own world too. 

Dan recently got a new position at work and he has been working like a mad man trying to get everything in order and get more settled. So it means a little bit later of nights at the office. It's been killing him that there are nights where he is only getting a half hour or so with the kiddos each night. 

It definitely meant that it was time for some one of one with daddy. 

Owen still being the baby he is, had to stay home and hang out with mom. 

Now, I can only blog this from what I was told about the day and the pictures that were sent to me throughout the morning. So... 

It was a June and daddy day, all day!!
The day started with a pedicure. 

Then it was off to lunch, spending the morning playing at the mall and then off to the movies!

They walked around and of course made a stop at the Disney store... and OF COURSE Daddy got her a special surprise.

Gummy bears for the movie 

and then she wanted a cookie... so he bought her a cookie. This was her "say cheese" face! 

Dan texted me along with this picture and said "She just wanted to sit down and rest for 2 minutes" 

It was time for the movie. They went and saw "Box Trolls" Dan said that she did really well. A few parts scared her, but she just held onto his arm. 

June came home so excited to tell me all about her date with daddy. I know there will be many more dates for these two and I hope that their relationship stays strong forever. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this family of mine. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

General Womens Conference

Tonight was the General Womens Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I have been to a lot of these, but tonight was by far my favorite. I have to write down my thoughts about tonights meeting and share with you on my little corner of the internet before this spiritual high fades that I felt tonight.

I basically had tears in my eyes the whole meeting. Every talk given, I just felt it was so personal to me. The main theme of tonights meeting was about the Temple and being prepared... but it was so much more.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, an Apostle in our Church, was the last to speak. His talks and messages are always amazing... so obviously everyone was excited for him to speak tonight. Of course he did not disappoint.
     Tonight he shared a lot of powerful words that uplifted me to my core, but my most favorite was how he said 'Our Heavenly Father loves us. He knows us, the real us. Heavenly Father does not care about how fashionable we are, how many likes we get on Facebook or Instagram, how we look, our makeup, how popular we are... So on and so forth. Our Heavenly Father loves us.'

   I know my Heavenly Father loves me. I have been taught that my entire life. but it's so easy to get caught up into all of that stuff. REALLY EASY! I admit I am one of those people that get caught up in it. It's a love/hate relationship I wish I could fix. I also have my weaknesses, my fears, my judgments toward others and myself, and I sometimes lose the feeling of love that I get from my Heavenly Father. I get caught up in the World. I take being LDS for granted, and how dare I say that I am not enough... I have SO SO SO SO much to be grateful for. The blessings in my life have been beyond more than I deserve, but my Heavenly Father, despite my struggles, my weaknesses, my wrongs. He still gives me constant blessings and loves me.

I can't even tell you how I felt when he shared this with us. I already knew this, but it also felt like I was hearing it for the first time. It was a great reminder. I am far from being perfect. I doubt myself all the time. I tell myself I'm not enough,  but tonight I feel like I am enough and more. What matters is I am teaching my children the importance of prayer even if June repeats the same things every night, The importance of scripture study, Though we are constantly interrupted by the kids, and the importance to remember that Heavenly Father loves us.

With tears in my eyes I tell you I truly believe in Heavenly Father and his plan. I believe his promises that are made to each of us and that one day we will return to him. I am so grateful for his blessings to give me so much, though I can't ever repay him, His love is constant and never failing. I know I am loved by my Heavenly Father.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

June said...

Tonight, June and Dan were in her room playing while I put Owen down to bed. I walked in to sit on her bed and June said:

"Mom! Go away! This is just for me and daddy! You can't be in here right now!!"

My feelings should have been hurt, but instead I laughed and walked out of the room as I hear Daddy and June discussing which "Frozen" stickers should go on the page. 
She LOVES her daddy. I know I am loved but she really chooses to love him. Every craft or activity we do, she dedicates it to daddy. I love their relationship and glad that its strong. That she wants just that special one on one time with him at night. She's with me all day everyday. So to be told to go away for a bit while her and daddy play is ok with me. 

Owen at 11 Months

Dear Owen, Chubs, baby Owit, brother, baby, 
First of all let me say how sorry I am for how sad your board is looking. You have really taken to the letters these past couple of months and well... that resulted in losing the "O" completely and the H is about had it as well. I think it might be time to get a new one. 

11 months old. I can honestly say that the time has gone too quickly my boy. Much faster than it did with your sister. You have just become this little playful thing that wants to explore everything. You are always looking for the next new thing to play with. You are much more into climbing things and throwing toys or really whatever you can get your hands on. You definitely keep me on my toes and I love you for it! 

You love to follow your sister around, and also shut doors but this means you get shut into rooms quite a bit, and you aren't a huge fan of that. June usually comes to your rescue when she sees a door shut. 

You have learned how to clap your hands and shake them when we are singing songs which is just my favorite little thing you do. You play so mud with objects around you. You are a very self entertaining child, and when mom needs to get some things done I very much appreciate it! 
Your schedule has been pretty good. You are teething heavily right now and not liking sleep when you are in pain. You tend to bang your head against the crib when your teeth start to ache but I give you some advil and you tend to feel better and sleep. You still shove your blanket into your face when you sleep. It's just a thing you might never grow out of. Don't worry, I'm 27 and I still sleep with my blanket. Yes... your dad hates it, but loves me, so he has accepted it! hahaha 
You are eating a lot more solids now, like bananas and chicken.. some of your favorites. You haven't really refused any foods yet. You do like some more than others but usually will eat anything thats put in front of you. You take about 3-4 bottles a day. I am a little worried about weaning you off the bottle next month. We will see how it goes... I'm not really one for letting the bottle or pacifier go past the first year so... we will see. 

You are wearing size 4 diapers and are in 9-12 month clothing depending on the brand. You have grown a lot. Your features are starting to change and become more toddler less baby. Your little chub is slowly fading and it makes me sad and excited all at the same time. I know what fun things are in store for you and the adventures that you and your sister are going to have. I can't wait to watch you two grow. You both are starting to play together. It's already fun to watch you interact... 

Baby boy, I love you. I simply do. You will be a year next month and that just blows me away. I want time to slow down, but really I don't. I love watching your discoveries and I always wonder and pray about your future. I hope you realize how much love you have in this home. How grateful we are that you are apart of it. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for your smile and out reaching arms when I go and pick you up. There is nothing more heartwarming to a mother than that. 
I love you so much sweetheart.

Love, Mom 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

30 in Sin City

So... He is officially 30. A decade older and all that much better. We celebrated and then some. Dan's 30th birthday will not be forgotten. 

First of all I just have to get all cheesy and all lovey dovey for a sec... I married the best. I did. There is no one that can compare to this man and all that he does, sacrifices, and blesses our lives with. He is genuinely kind. Really cares about the well being of others and truly is my better half. I love this man more than I thought possible and we are only on year 6 of marriage. I can't imagine how much better it's going to get. 

Turning a new decade should not be taken half heartedly... no. It should be over the top celebrated, it should be welcomed with arms wide open and embraced and that my friends is what we did for Dan's 30th birthday. 

It was all planned that we would take a long weekend, fly to Salt Lake, drop the kiddos off with my sister's, and then two hours later catch a flight out to LAS VEGAS!!! I mean where else can you stay awake at all hours of the night and still have things to do?!  

 It was honestly so much fun. But let me start at the beginning of the trip. Dan's Birthday 

Dan had just gotten home the previous night from Waco doing some interviewing for Pioneer at Baylor. So I had a couple of days to finish everything up for his birthday.
We went to bed and woke up the next morning ready to party. 
We both woke up at 5am. It seriously felt like Christmas morning. A vacation without kids... it was like Christmas morning. 
I actually woke up at 4:30 and decorated the kitchen, got everything ready for Dan to walk out and have his birthday start off with a bang. We had to get up and get going since we had to be out the door by 7o'clock in time to drop Ranger off at the kennel and make our flight. 

So for breakfast/ Dan's birthday cake, we had donuts, chocolate milk, and Dr. Pepper. Dan's favorite. 

Dan's main gift was a new guitar. His last guitar was from his mission 10 years ago. I felt it was definitely time for a new one. And it is so beautiful. Playing it compared to our old guitars is like butter on your fingers. I may have played it a lot while Dan was out of town and used it to sing to him... just breaking it in! :)

June woke up and came out just in time to give daddy her and Owen's gift. New shoes and a t-shirt. A periodic table t-shirt which he is wearing in later pictures. June was really excited to be awake and see donuts sitting at the table along with candles to blow out. 

We finished packing up, woke up OD and headed out. Dan walked into the passenger seat, and it was all decorated birthday style. It's dark, so you can't really see... but you get the idea. 

We dropped Ranger off at the kennel and then we were on our way. The flight went well enough. Kids did fantastic as usual, but Dan and I were both so anxious to get going on our trip that it felt so long! I had a few gifts to give Dan along the way.
1st travel gift: I gave this to him before we boarded with the kids. It was all stuff to block out the noise and try to enjoy the first flight with kids. I gave him blue tooth headphones, a bunch of his favorite candies, and some sticky notes... kind of an inside joke. not kind of... it is an inside joke. 

We were so excited to finally land and get the kids settled with my sisters for the weekend. 

This was the first time that I have ever left my children over night, or for any extended period of time. I guess I left June when we went and had Owen, but she was at home with my parents.... So after we landed and started walking out, I suddenly got really nervous and teary eyed. 

We met my sister Brooke and June ran right up to her. She was ready to play with her cousins. We have been talking about it non stop and the day finally arrived so June was thrilled. June didn't even bat an eye. She hopped right into the car, gave me big hugs and kisses and was ready to go. I on the other hand had a harder time. I was trying so hard to not cry and be brave... Oh my gosh, I'm such a whiner! hahaha. 
After they got loaded up, and started driving off, I felt better and I really did know that they were in the best hands, so it was time to get back into birthday mode and celebrate! 

We got checked in, went through security again, and started our vacation just the two of us. 
Our flight to Vegas was delayed by 2 hours, but turns out when you don't have to entertain kids, its kinda nice! We sat down and had lunch, walked around for a while, watched some Netflix. It was great. 

I love my children. But boarding and being on a plane without kiddos was amazing! Oh man it was so nice not having toys everywhere, snacks all over the place. I mean I actually had leg room! Thats huge!! Usually I'm surrounded in bags, and bottles, and the words "I need to go potty" right at take off. It was just so nice! 

I gave Dan his second travel gift which was a new magazine, more of his favorite treats, an I-tunes gift card and a notebook of 50 reasons why he's awesome. 
Our Flight to Vegas was only 45 minutes so it was short, but relaxing. 
We were excited to get started on causing damage in Vegas. 

We took a taxi to downtown. We stayed at the Bellagio. 
Funny Story: 
Our room was just a standard room, nothing crazy... but we heard that if you slip the guest services a tip then they might be able to upgrade you. 
I was like heck yes we are trying this. 
Dan went and sat down and I handled checking us in. I put on my charm... It helped that the guy was from Texas, so we small chatted a bit and then he asked for my I.D. and credit card. So...
I slipped him a $20 and asked him if there were any free upgrades that he could give us. He smiled, and said "let me see what I can do." 
BOOM! Ten minutes later we had ourselves s corner suit called the "Salon Suit"! We couldn't believe that it actually worked!

This room was bigger than our first apartment in TX. We were really excited! 

We Got unpacked and settled in from the flight and then headed out to the strip. 

There wasn't much time to walk around before we headed back up to our room and got ready for the evening. I had one more gift for Dan. I got him a new shirt and tie, and that's when I also showed him the video that I made for him. 
(Bottom of blog post) 
HE LOVED IT!!! A HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone that helped out with that. It made his birthday and I am so grateful for such good friends and family! Thanks again! 

We had dinner reservations at Craft Steak.

After a delicious birthday dinner, we walked around the strip until it was time for a first show of the weekend. 

The first performance we saw was "Blue Man Group". It was good and funny. Not what I thought the show was, but still it was fun!! 
The Show got out around 11pm which is 1am our time. We were pretty exhausted. But you go to bed early when you're old, and have kids. Vegas was staying up late, sleeping in, and not having a care in the world... except we did think about our kids. 

Dan's birthday was so much fun! A great way to ring in a new decade! The best part was, was that we were just getting started! 

The next morning, Friday, we woke up when we felt like it. We went down to the pool and laid out, played in the pool, and just talked... It's funny because we talk to each other everyday. But with little ones you are constantly interrupted. It felt nice to literally just talk for however long we wanted. 

I took this picture of Dan and told him he's old! He turns 30 and he sits down and reads a newspaper. 

We played and hung out at the pool most of the morning. 

By the time we were ready for the day we realized it was past lunch time and we were starving. So we went and ate at Buddy V's restaurant from the show "Cake Boss" It was home cooking Italian. 

We then went across and had dessert at their bakery. 

We walked around for a while, shopped, and.... yes we played some slots. Nothing big (yet), we won some lost some, but we didn't know it was just the beginning of our 1 cent machine winnings... more on that in a bit. 

My Brother in Law Cam was working in Vegas that same weekend so we popped in to say hello! He had scored us tickets to Jabbawockeez.  A dance crew that were AMAZING! People have such talent! 
It was really fun to see Cam and his work. And super awesome of him to get us tickets! 

After the show is about 9:30 and we decided we better FaceTime at least June before she headed off to bed. She was really excited to see us and asked when we were coming to get her. We explained we would be there in a few days and she said ok, and then instantly ran off to go play with her cousins. She was having too much fun to talk to mom and dad. 

We went and had dinner after talking to June and then walked back to our hotel. We put on our fancy slippers and felt so luxurious!

Saturday was our last full day in Vegas. We woke up got ready and headed out on the strip for so more shopping and to do more of the tourist stuff like the M&M store, Coke and Hershey stores as well. We went and saw the new hotels and...
     yes we gambled and played slots. Judge all you want, because I really don't care. It was so much fun and we totally scored. This picture was taken after our first good size win. It was such a high winning money like that. I kind of became addicted and Dan was my strong hold and cut me off before we lost any money. He also told me it's a good thing that gambling is illegal in Texas! Hahaha it honestly was so much fun!

We walked around some more, and then headed back to our room to get ready for our last night out. 

We went and had dinner in the Paris hotel where you eat in the Eiffel Tower above the city. 

This was our view while we ate. We had a great table that faced the fountains so we were able to have a little show while eating. It was very romantic. It's funny though, that at fancy restaurants I have no clue what half the things on the menu are... I just kind of guess! It usually ends up good but not what I pictured. 

After dinner we had about an hour to kill so we went and gambled some more. Well this penny slot machines did not disappoint and we hit one of their jackpots! I mean it was on the lower end, but still high! Dan and I both just looked at each other wide eyed as the machine was dinging and lights were flashing! We couldn't stop laughing. It was pretty funny. 

Our last show of the night was Cirque Du Soleil. That show is mind blowing! The things they were doing were not human. The way some people can move and bend their bodies are just extraordinary! It seriously was amazing! 

Our show got out about 11pm. We were at Treasure Island and had a bit of a walk back to our hotel. So we just stopped at every hotel and played slots along the way. 
Yes again. We hit another small jackpot. We were just beyond belief at this point and decided to call it quits while we were ahead. I will be honest. It was hard to stop... you think to yourself, well if I can win this much, why not keep going?!? I totally see how people can lose everything from those stupid things! 

Sunday came all to quickly but I was ready to see my babes. My arms like literally ached to hold Owen. It was time to head home. 
We made it Salt Lake just fine and met up with my sisters! June ran into my arms and we hugged so tight! Oh I love that little lady! 
My amazing sisters!! They didn't even hesitate to take the kids and it sounded like they had so much fun! They are so incredible and I am so lucky with the family I have. We are best friends and closer than ever. So thankful for that! 

While we were away my sisters kept us updated with pictures... 

Baseball games that my 15 year old Nephew plays in!

Feeding the ducks which I guess were just crazy! 

They all went swimming one night and had forgotten to grab Owens swimsuit. He rocked his pink speedo well!

June had a blast! She told me all about her fun times with her cousins and what she did. I am so glad it worked out so well and how smoothly everything went. It will make it a lot easier to leave them next time. 

So there you have the birthday extravaganza! 30 looks good on Dan. And he doesn't look 30 so I guess that helps. It was a good birthday celebration and I'm so glad I get to by by Dan's side for the next 30+ years and many more adventures. 

Here is Dan's video I made for him! 

Monday, September 15, 2014


I love to sing. I love music. It has been apart of my life forever. I joined my high school choir the beginning of high school. I simply just love all of the music theory, the range, the technique and the uniqueness of each voice. 

Last year Dallas was introduced to the MCO. or Millennial Choir and Orchestra. Friends told me I should audition but I just didn't think I had what it took to be apart of something that massive. So many people audition and I hate the disappointment, especially when its relatable to something I love, like singing. 

Well this year, Dan kept encouraging me, and telling me I should at least audition, worst case you just don't make it and then that's that. No big. 
I really have been thinking a lot about what I want to do for me. I honestly LOVE being wrapped around my children's fingers, but... 
I also don't want to lose me. I wanted something for my own, something I was talented at, use my skills. 
So, one night I sent in my application. 
Here's how it goes. 
I had to send in a pre-recording of my voice singing a song out of a selection of songs they chose. I was told I would hear back from them to see if I would be qualified for a live audition in front of the directors. The Auditions were held Tuesday and Wednesday night. I was a nervous wreck all weekend since I hadn't heard anything! NOT A WORD. I told Dan that obviously I hadn't made the cut or else I would have heard by now.... I was literally checking my email every 5 minutes. It wasn't looking good. 
Then Tuesday afternoon, I got an email telling me I had been chosen to come in for a live audition. Wednesday @ 7:45. I was stoked. One problem. I have been SUPER sick. My voice was completely gone. I had nothing left but whispers. I tried soothing my voice to at least have some music ability before my live audition. Every trick I could remember I was trying it. 
By Wednesday, I still had nothing but to belt it out at my highest range and give what I could. 
I couldn't practice because I was resting my voice, and just singing in my head hoping that would be enough. I had said a prayer of plea to let them hear what I can do. To let my best be shown. Oh I love the power of prayer! 
That night I get to my audition time and they are really behind. great. All that much more time to be nervous, and have my voice crack and shake. It was a long night. There was this lady working the auditions, who I think was trying to be positive, but oh man she was the worst!! She kept telling all of us there that we don't always get what we want. And that a lot of us wouldn't make it, and if we do make it, don't be expecting to be a soprano. She tried out as a soprano before and was put in as an alto. Thanks LADY! GOSH! It was not comforting hearing that at all. 
I was one of the last to audition and my poor little voice could barley be heard when talking to the directors. I felt so bad and sad all at the same time. I really wanted this. 
After an hour of when my audition was supposed to be at, I go into the room, my prayer was heard. I felt so calm and reassured that I could do this. I know that I can sing. Thankfully I could still sing my high octaves and show my range. It was just down low I couldn't hit, which is fine because I'm a Soprano anyways. 
After a few warm ups I sang America the Beautiful a cappella. 
The director told me this. He said I had a great range and that I had what he was looking for in tone to be a soprano 1. He then said that there are only 5 Soprano 1's and if I were to be placed into the choir thats where he would put me. But first I would have to make it into the choir. 
My chances weren't looking so good. 

I came home surprisingly feeling good. I gave my best of what I could and proud of myself for even making it to the live audition round and doing this for me. So I told Dan I would be obviously disappointed if I didn't make it, but I would stay optimistic about the whole thing. 

The next morning I received this email: 

I read this over and over again. I was SO EXCITED!! 
Just to be accepted and then to make it as a Soprano 1! It was a high I haven't felt in a while and I really liked it. I was excited to tell Dan. He is my number one fan, so supportive, listened to me sing over and over and over and over again. Helped me pick out my weak spots and made them strong. I couldn't have done it without him. 

We had our first rehearsal this past Thursday and there really where only 5 Soprano 1's including myself. When they asked for all the new people to stand I was the only one out of that section to stand. I made the only spot available! Out of everyone that auditioned! I was so proud of myself and totally would have fist bumped myself, but I'm trying to make a good impression on these people. Not think that I'm weird. 

It's so fun to be doing something for me, and something that I love to do. I'm really looking forward to be performing downtown and to be back in the music game. 
It's going to be a good year!  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Long over due photo explosion

Hello. I know. It's been a couple weeks. I hate letting the blog go that long without any writing. I get behind and I feel like I miss something when I wait to write. But it has happened. 
First off we have been a house full of sickness. ALL. MONTH. LONG. It started with Dan, then trickled down through each of us, I being the last to catch it. It took us all down and I am still in recovery mode. I have completely lost my voice and both Owen and I still have nasty little coughs, but we are finally on the mend. 
Second, I have been busy with other projects and excitements going on, that the blog has taken to the back burner and left untouched. Things have settled now a bit and I feel like life is finally getting back on track. I have some stuff I am excited to write about on the blog but that will just have to wait until another time. For now this post is about pictures and videos. Getting them of my phone, and getting ready for our trip next week. 

So here you go... Oh and there are two videos at the end of June singing "Monkey's in a tree" and "Child of God". It's adorable. watch and you won't be able to not smile. 

June has learned that she goes to bed when the sun goes down and wakes up when the sun comes up. So when there is any bit of light that goes into her room... (yes, even with blackout curtains) she wakes up. So she either comes and gets in bed with me while Dan gets ready for the day... Or makes it about to steps into the hall and falls back asleep. 

Summer is coming to an end. I am sad but ready for the fall. In fact, today it's a bit cooler and rainy and I love it. I'm looking forward to all the fall festivities and holiday seasons to come. 
This was one of our last days out by the pool. She came and curled up into my lap and said "I love you mama". My heart my have come out of my chest. 

Roses from our flower beds out front. I wish I would have taken more advantage of having beautiful roses blooming and picked more throughout the season. I love having fresh flowers in the house and even better that they came from something we grew! 
This has my grandma Mendenhall written all over it. She always had the most beautiful flowers in her yard and would never get mad at all of us grandkids, always picking her flowers. 

June has made this her new favorite spot to watch her iPad. Pizza in one hand and watching cartoons. She has a great life. 

Range looked so cuddly one morning and I had to take a picture of him. I hate to admit this but sometimes I forget he's there. He just roams around. He's just a part of us and he gets lost in the shuffle between the two kids... but he sure makes for a good snuggle buddy. 

Owen is moving more and more like this.

June showing us her dance moves in her slippers... and yes, no clothes 

Helping me back her lunch for school. She was being very detailed of what goes in her lunch and how it's placed in there. I might have an OCD child.. 

I love that she's old enough to hang on the back of the grocery cart. I loved doing this as a kid! 

hahaha this picture of OD is just awkward. His head looks Huge and he looks like he is trying to be a muscle builder the way he's posed... 

The men of the house begging to get on the bed 

A little serenading in the bath tub. I have said this time and time again how much I LOVE Dan playing the guitar. It's SOOOO HOT!!! Oh it makes me fall in love with him all over again every time he plays... 

June was laughing so hard when Range would lick her face. 

Labor Day we spent with friends playing and BBQing 

Painting rocks we collected on our walk one day. We painted them pretty for daddy so he could take them to work. 

I love this picture. It's so summery and green and colorful! And the cutest little man is in it,  so obviously I love it!

One of June's favorite games is to line up plates and hop and count on them. 

More crafts outside. 

June is all about playing behind the pillows on our bed. Every night there is about 20 toys hidden behind our pillows. She calls it her "zig zag game" We have no Idea what that means but she thinks its funny and continues to do it. I am not about to stop the zig zag game!

I got June this tambourine. Her and daddy were having an awesome jam session. She would say "Daddy count us in" Then she would go " a 1, a 2, a 123 Go!" 

Saturday morning. June came into our bed at about 6:30 and fell back asleep with daddy and Range. Owen woke up so him and I hung out until everyone woke up. 

The weather on Sunday was warm but park doable. We haven't been to a park in forever simply because it's been too hot. June and this little girl became instant friends and they spent the whole time looking for treasure. I love sitting back and watching June discover the world and new friends around her. I feel better as a mom knowing she can make friends without it being set up.  

He loves the swings and I am so glad. June never has liked the swings and I always felt I was missing  that joy of pushing your child of the swing, but baby number 2 did not disappoint. Not that I only had another child to like the swings.... hahaha he's just awesome. 

June's little preschool is fantastic and June loves it. She asks to go all the time! I have yet to regret putting her into this class. I love her excitement for it as well. I like that she is learning with other kids without me hovering over her. She's learning on her own. Of course I would love to keep her little forever, but it's not fair of me to hold her back either.  It's been fantastic. I miss her and love the drive home when she just goes on and on of what she did.
Right now they are working on colors and Tuesday was green. They made masks and became ninjas. My friend sent me this picture of them. It was too funny to hear June talk about it and what it takes to be a ninja.

June, very much, likes to talk to herself in the mirror. It's her entertainment while I'm getting ready in the morning. She just tells herself stories, or what we have planned for that day... Should I be worried?! 

Our library books were due a couple of days ago and we had just gotten out of the pool. I asked her to go get dressed and she came back like this. She said "Mommy, this is enough clothes to go to just the library!" hahaha she totally was prepared to go out like that.

These two videos are of June singing. I am trying to catch all the songs she sings on video but she gets so silly when I try to record it, but I managed to get "Monkey's" and "Child of God" 
She learned Monkeys at school, then we sing "Child of God" all the time. It's an every night song before bed. 

It feels good to get caught up a bit. I have missed the blog. I hope to get back on track! Happy Friday!!