Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Their Time

I don't have to tell you how adorable the daddy/daughter duo that is known as June and daddy are together. They really are best buds. I know that eventually OD will join their little inner circle, but for now its just those two. It's ok that I'm on the outside, because I have my own little world with my babes everyday and so it's only fair for them to have their own world too. 

Dan recently got a new position at work and he has been working like a mad man trying to get everything in order and get more settled. So it means a little bit later of nights at the office. It's been killing him that there are nights where he is only getting a half hour or so with the kiddos each night. 

It definitely meant that it was time for some one of one with daddy. 

Owen still being the baby he is, had to stay home and hang out with mom. 

Now, I can only blog this from what I was told about the day and the pictures that were sent to me throughout the morning. So... 

It was a June and daddy day, all day!!
The day started with a pedicure. 

Then it was off to lunch, spending the morning playing at the mall and then off to the movies!

They walked around and of course made a stop at the Disney store... and OF COURSE Daddy got her a special surprise.

Gummy bears for the movie 

and then she wanted a cookie... so he bought her a cookie. This was her "say cheese" face! 

Dan texted me along with this picture and said "She just wanted to sit down and rest for 2 minutes" 

It was time for the movie. They went and saw "Box Trolls" Dan said that she did really well. A few parts scared her, but she just held onto his arm. 

June came home so excited to tell me all about her date with daddy. I know there will be many more dates for these two and I hope that their relationship stays strong forever. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this family of mine. 

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