Friday, September 12, 2014

Long over due photo explosion

Hello. I know. It's been a couple weeks. I hate letting the blog go that long without any writing. I get behind and I feel like I miss something when I wait to write. But it has happened. 
First off we have been a house full of sickness. ALL. MONTH. LONG. It started with Dan, then trickled down through each of us, I being the last to catch it. It took us all down and I am still in recovery mode. I have completely lost my voice and both Owen and I still have nasty little coughs, but we are finally on the mend. 
Second, I have been busy with other projects and excitements going on, that the blog has taken to the back burner and left untouched. Things have settled now a bit and I feel like life is finally getting back on track. I have some stuff I am excited to write about on the blog but that will just have to wait until another time. For now this post is about pictures and videos. Getting them of my phone, and getting ready for our trip next week. 

So here you go... Oh and there are two videos at the end of June singing "Monkey's in a tree" and "Child of God". It's adorable. watch and you won't be able to not smile. 

June has learned that she goes to bed when the sun goes down and wakes up when the sun comes up. So when there is any bit of light that goes into her room... (yes, even with blackout curtains) she wakes up. So she either comes and gets in bed with me while Dan gets ready for the day... Or makes it about to steps into the hall and falls back asleep. 

Summer is coming to an end. I am sad but ready for the fall. In fact, today it's a bit cooler and rainy and I love it. I'm looking forward to all the fall festivities and holiday seasons to come. 
This was one of our last days out by the pool. She came and curled up into my lap and said "I love you mama". My heart my have come out of my chest. 

Roses from our flower beds out front. I wish I would have taken more advantage of having beautiful roses blooming and picked more throughout the season. I love having fresh flowers in the house and even better that they came from something we grew! 
This has my grandma Mendenhall written all over it. She always had the most beautiful flowers in her yard and would never get mad at all of us grandkids, always picking her flowers. 

June has made this her new favorite spot to watch her iPad. Pizza in one hand and watching cartoons. She has a great life. 

Range looked so cuddly one morning and I had to take a picture of him. I hate to admit this but sometimes I forget he's there. He just roams around. He's just a part of us and he gets lost in the shuffle between the two kids... but he sure makes for a good snuggle buddy. 

Owen is moving more and more like this.

June showing us her dance moves in her slippers... and yes, no clothes 

Helping me back her lunch for school. She was being very detailed of what goes in her lunch and how it's placed in there. I might have an OCD child.. 

I love that she's old enough to hang on the back of the grocery cart. I loved doing this as a kid! 

hahaha this picture of OD is just awkward. His head looks Huge and he looks like he is trying to be a muscle builder the way he's posed... 

The men of the house begging to get on the bed 

A little serenading in the bath tub. I have said this time and time again how much I LOVE Dan playing the guitar. It's SOOOO HOT!!! Oh it makes me fall in love with him all over again every time he plays... 

June was laughing so hard when Range would lick her face. 

Labor Day we spent with friends playing and BBQing 

Painting rocks we collected on our walk one day. We painted them pretty for daddy so he could take them to work. 

I love this picture. It's so summery and green and colorful! And the cutest little man is in it,  so obviously I love it!

One of June's favorite games is to line up plates and hop and count on them. 

More crafts outside. 

June is all about playing behind the pillows on our bed. Every night there is about 20 toys hidden behind our pillows. She calls it her "zig zag game" We have no Idea what that means but she thinks its funny and continues to do it. I am not about to stop the zig zag game!

I got June this tambourine. Her and daddy were having an awesome jam session. She would say "Daddy count us in" Then she would go " a 1, a 2, a 123 Go!" 

Saturday morning. June came into our bed at about 6:30 and fell back asleep with daddy and Range. Owen woke up so him and I hung out until everyone woke up. 

The weather on Sunday was warm but park doable. We haven't been to a park in forever simply because it's been too hot. June and this little girl became instant friends and they spent the whole time looking for treasure. I love sitting back and watching June discover the world and new friends around her. I feel better as a mom knowing she can make friends without it being set up.  

He loves the swings and I am so glad. June never has liked the swings and I always felt I was missing  that joy of pushing your child of the swing, but baby number 2 did not disappoint. Not that I only had another child to like the swings.... hahaha he's just awesome. 

June's little preschool is fantastic and June loves it. She asks to go all the time! I have yet to regret putting her into this class. I love her excitement for it as well. I like that she is learning with other kids without me hovering over her. She's learning on her own. Of course I would love to keep her little forever, but it's not fair of me to hold her back either.  It's been fantastic. I miss her and love the drive home when she just goes on and on of what she did.
Right now they are working on colors and Tuesday was green. They made masks and became ninjas. My friend sent me this picture of them. It was too funny to hear June talk about it and what it takes to be a ninja.

June, very much, likes to talk to herself in the mirror. It's her entertainment while I'm getting ready in the morning. She just tells herself stories, or what we have planned for that day... Should I be worried?! 

Our library books were due a couple of days ago and we had just gotten out of the pool. I asked her to go get dressed and she came back like this. She said "Mommy, this is enough clothes to go to just the library!" hahaha she totally was prepared to go out like that.

These two videos are of June singing. I am trying to catch all the songs she sings on video but she gets so silly when I try to record it, but I managed to get "Monkey's" and "Child of God" 
She learned Monkeys at school, then we sing "Child of God" all the time. It's an every night song before bed. 

It feels good to get caught up a bit. I have missed the blog. I hope to get back on track! Happy Friday!!

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Cisneros Family said...

These are great pictures!! I love the flowers!! So grandma M! Makes me nostalgic and miss her!
And those little kids are the best!!