Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Wrapping up September

Well goodbye September! I don't even know where you went! 
Really, I feel like I haven't had much time to think about this month and how our days were spent. It has been so crazy busy here at the Lancaster house. So many projects and millions of things going on that by the end of the day I am so so tired. So tired to the point where I hit my head on the pillow and I am out hard. One night, I told Dan I was going to plug my phone in at my night stand and would be right back out to finish the show we were watching... The next thing I remember it was morning. I crashed. 

Ok, more blog posts to come, like June and Owen's new room and them sharing! Woot! It's been going SPECTACULARLY WELL! (sigh of relief). I'm excited to get blogging on that, but their room still isn't quite finished. In fact, as I am sitting here blogging, Dan is on the floor putting furniture together for their room.... He's a good man to keep around. 

So really I don't have a lot of pictures, but for the sake of keeping things organized I am getting these pictures on the blog. Really ordinary life hasn't been so ordinary the last handful of weeks, so not too many ordinary pictures to post. 

We babysat a little baby girl and June was in love. Oh man you guys, I cannot wait for our baby girl to come. June is going to be the biggest help. I'm totally not just saying that either. She did not leave this little girls side and made sure she was happy and laughing pretty much the whole time she was at our house. 

Every once in a while, I attempt a selfie in the mirror. Not my thing. And by the time I was done I was making myself laugh so hard that this was the best picture I got. I think I'll leave the belly pictures to Dan... Though June is getting rather good at taking pictures! 
I am 22.5 weeks in the picture.  I am now over 23 weeks. Getting a bump and a HUGE HUGE appetite! I can't stop eating. No, for reals though. Ask Dan. 

This past Sunday we took our usual stroll to our park. 
Our rides to the park. Owen was sadly stuck in the stroller and was not too pleased about it. He wanted to ride the scooter so bad, but it would have taken us all day with him pushing that thing. Someday buddy, I promise!

Both kiddos wanted to swing, but one swing was being occupied, so we stuck them in there together. I didn't think it would last all that long, but they were loving it! June called it "Criss cross swinging". 

Teaching her young. 

See, not a whole lot to share at the end of the month, but more blog posts to come.
Goodbye until next year September. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tonight they sleep

My babes are sleeping in the same room tonight for the first time.... It took a while to get them to sleep but now both are out cold. It's either going to be a horrible disaster or a peaceful calm night. Either way, these little loves of mine are sharing a room and that means we are one step closer to welcoming this baby girl into our lives.  Life just happens so fast and I'm just trying to embrace it all, hoping to catch my breath along the way and remember to stay close to little tender moments, like tonight, with peeking in on my two beautiful children sleeping away and also, the excitement of Dan finally feeling baby girl kick! 
Here is to getting some sleep tonight! (Maybe) 

*A blog post to come later with pictures of this adorable room sharing business! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Big September Randoms

September has been a crazy busy month and unfortunately the blog and random pictures take a back seat, so there are quite a few random pictures that I am incredibly in love with this time. My babes are just too adorable and have been giving me some pretty good photo opportunities. I really really love them. 

So far, September Randoms: 

June told me she is a super hero, princess mommy. She's really really big into super heros lately and its super awesome. Wonder women and batgirl are her favorites and we play bad guy vs. good guy on a regular basis. 

Playing at the park just Owen and I. We have two days a week that we get to spend together just him and I. I really try to make at least one of those days a day where we spend some good time together instead of running errands. 

Days spent at our Museum. 

And days laying and swimming in the pool. Our days are starting to become limited with swimming, so we are getting as much swim time as possible. 

Patiently waiting for family home evening to start. 

We had a FHE about prophets one night and June got to be a Prophet from the scriptures. She was loving it! 

Labor Day we had daddy home with us, so we woke up and headed out for some breakfast 

Owen would not let us cut up his pancakes, so he would just eat them whole. He really struggled not just eating fork. It was funny. 

My usual morning. The kids love our bed when its unmade. Our bedspread is super fluffy and soft and they love playing cannon ball on it and tackling each other. 

Playing with Friends 

Dan was in Waco for the night doing Pioneer interviews with Baylor students, so it was just the kids and I. We decided to read stories and snuggle in mommy and daddy's bed for the night and we sent daddy this picture, letting him know we missed him loads! Owen sticking his tongue out was all his idea. Guys, this little boy is definitely on the wild side. More on that later. 

One morning, I was getting breakfast ready and I went to go find June. She was in our bed with Dan's headphones on just rocking out. She had no idea was in there. She was singing one of her usual made up songs about who knows what! 

When we run errands in the mall it definitely means we make time to play at the play place. 

June came down with the weirdest little bug. She woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever. I gave her some medicine and she slept the rest of the night. She woke up feeling ok, didn't really eat much, but was willing to go out and play. Then later that morning, the fever spiked back up and she pretty much slept for the rest of the day. No other symptoms except the fever and just super tired. So we let her sleep. 

It was a restless sleep, and she always wanted me to lay with her. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed that day. June just so desperately wanted me to lay with her and I knew she was just feeling awful, but Owen wanted to lay with us, which meant he wanted to body slam June. So in order to let her sleep I had to leave to get Owen out, but then June would wake up in sheer panic because I wasn't near her. It was one of those situations where I felt like "How in the world am I to have another kid?" 

When June was resting and allowed me to leave the room, I played with Owen and did quiet activities, like play dough. 

Then that night, June perked right up and was fine. Her fever never came back and she slept great that night. It was so bizarre. 

This kid. Oh man he has my heart but he is the wild child! I have no idea what is to come of this kid as he gets older!! Heaven help us! Oh but he is also the frikin coolest, funniest kid already!! I cannot wait to see what comes of this kid when he gets older! Thank Heaven he's ours!

We went to a birthday party for one of June's little friends. Lego themed if you can't tell. Haha 

Taking a swing

After the kids got a few swings at it, the dads got to take a swing at it. 

Can we all agree that June is the tiniest little thing ever. I mean she is the same age as some of these kiddos and is a solid foot shorter... 

Covered in cake and happy!

We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the time together as a family. Then Monday came. 
Owen caught whatever June had. Same thing. It started Sunday in the middle of the night. Owen woke up with a high fever. 
We had to cancel plans we had that day with friends and stayed snuggled inside the house. He did the same thing and slept all day. Miserably sleep where he could only fall asleep for 20 minutes and then wake up crying. 

We would move to a different location, watch a movie and he would fall asleep. Then wake up again in sheer panic that I wasn't right there. 

He did finally just pass out from total exhaustion and slept for about an hour. He didn't move from this spot with his blanket shoved in his face. 

Then same thing with June, he perked right up that night and was fine. Dan took June to gymnastics and Owen helped my do a little wii yoga. Though he mostly just stood on the board will I did yoga. 

Whatever that sickness was, we are glad it didn't last long and it's over! 

When I clean our bathtub, I have to put cleaning supplies in it, fill it all the way up and then turn the jets on, so that the jets can get cleaned out and not get full of nastiness. Learned the hard way the first year we had a jetted tub. I didn't know I had to clean out the jets. Went to use it one night and all this black stuff and junk came blowing out. So ever since then, I make an extra point to get them extra clean! 
The kids LOVE when I do this. It's natural cleaning supplies, so I don't mind the kids playing with the bubbles that the jets cause. 

Our bathroom floor is usually covered in bubbles, along with the kids but it keeps them happy while I clean the rest of the bathroom. 

One day at school was red t-shirt day. She was totally rocking her cat pants, red Nikes and her school shirt. I had to get a picture 

One morning I was mopping the floors on my hands and knees and looked over. I saw Ranger just sitting there enjoying the sun and I was loving how much sunlight was pouring into the house. I love this little house. I will be very sad the day we decide to move. 

June and I were playing rescue with her figurines one day while Owen was taking his nap. Buzz Lightyear usual saves the princesses from the alligator and the fish. Well June decided that Buzz Lightyear gets trapped too and everyone died. She then grabbed the little guy that I am holding. I said, Oh this is the doctor who will bring everyone back to life with special powers. In all seriousness June goes "No Mommy, lets pretend it's Jesus and He is going to give a miracle to bring the princesses and Buzz back to life. Jesus can do that Mommy." Oh it put a big smile on my face and I love how much she is learning. It was a great time to have a discussion more about the Gospel. 
I had to take a picture. 

We also played restaurant and June taking my order. 

We had a bike/toy wash one day. Soap and rags plus telling them to clean their bikes creates endless hours of entertainment for the little ones. 

June then decided she wanted to get in the bucket. The water was freezing, but she was loving it! 

This past Sunday it was cloudy and actually a bit chilly outside. So after church and dinner we headed down to our little park. The walk was so pleasant! 

I'm posting all these pictures of June swinging because she just looks to grown up!! 

I mean look at that little face!!! PERFECTION!!! 

Owen just does his thing. He holds nothing back and just goes! 

I really really can't get over the cuteness of this kid. He just wins in life. 

June's attempt to get the last bit of entertainment from Dan's birthday balloons. She drew faces on them and told me they were her and daddy. 

Just chillin after waking up from a three hour nap. He definitely knows the goodness of a nap! 

Ah! Made it to the end. Lots of good mixed in with an emotional pregnant lady, but mostly all good. It's a happy life. Simple, but happy.