Friday, September 11, 2015

It's a....

The gender reveal. Now for the record, I want it stated that I really did try to wait to find out the gender. I really thought I could make it to labor without finding out, but really in my head, I knew that we would eventually find out before the baby came. I knew I wouldn't be able to go without having the nursery done and clothes picked out, and all that stuff that comes along with knowing what the gender is... I just really wanted to wait. It didn't happen. Hahaha 

Really though, we waited longer for this baby than we had with June and Owen. We found out rather early with those two, and I guess we could have found out even earlier now with awesome modern medicine and the blood test you can now take to find the gender. I knew I did not want to do that. I would feel like this pregnancy would feel even longer knowing what the gender was right off the bat, plus the waiting of the gender is so much more fun! 

So I guess we waited longer... kind of? Though, I am only 20+ weeks, I was pretty proud to at least make it that far?! Haha not very far at all. 

Our doctor actually already knew the gender. Like I said before we were trying to wait. But when we had our last ultrasound, the tech asked if we were ready to find out the gender... I looked at Dan with wide eyes wondering, should we!?! We really knew right then wasn't the best timing. June wasn't with us and we want both kids involved with as much baby stuff as possible. So we had them write it down along with ultrasound pictures and had it placed in an envelope for when we would be ready to open it. 

After our appointment Dan went back to work and I headed home excited to pass along the envelope to our friend who bakes the BEST CUPCAKES EVER! She took the card and made cupcakes with the color of the gender inside. We would open them when Dan got home from work. 

The video we showed our families first. Obviously they knew along with some other friends what the gender was before we posted it on Instagram and Facebook. 

(The Video) 

For blog book purposes:

Owen totally steals the show with how content he is with his cupcake and could care less with the excitement going on around him. He's the best little guy there is. I would have totally been content with another one of him... 

June, with her OCD ways, had to have the wrapper off before opening her cupcake and then she wouldn't take a bite! She finally saw what was inside my cupcake and yelled "It's PINK!" She is so excited to have a little sister!! 

Both Dan and I are shocked. And yes at the end I get a little teary eyed. I was just thrown so off guard. and I cry all the time, but I will discuss that when I do a pregnancy update! 


IT'S A GIRL!!!! 
 Our Dr.'s office put this in the envelope! 

Let me tell you, I was SHOCKED!! Both Dan and I were very surprised. We very much thought that it was a boy. We planned for a boy, we had boy names picked out, we really really just thought it was a boy! What started it, was at our last ultrasound how they found out the gender so quickly! For some reason, in my mind I felt like they could only possibly see the gender if it was boy! 
Guys, for reals though, totally thought it was a boy! 

Alright, so now we know it's a girl and we could not be more thrilled. I think being so shocked made it so much more fun finding out. If it had been a boy we would have been like "Oh ok, what we thought, another boy. Awesome!" So it's just been so fun getting into girl mode. And Dan and I were a little relieved that we didn't have to tell June it was a boy. She has wanted a little sister ever since she found out we were having another baby! 

Princess Pepper is officially the baby's name according to June and there will be no changing it. 

We are so so so excited for a little girl!!! Girls are so much fun to dress up and all the adorableness that comes a long with having another little girl in the house!! We cannot wait and I cannot wait to start shopping for this little thing! All the little bows and outfits are already too much for me to handle. Poor little Owen, stuck as the middle child and the only boy... well for now I guess ;) Haha (That last little comment was for you Dan.. You know why!)

It is weird to be thrown back into baby mode and completely switch genders again. It made me really glad we found out what we are having and I am already getting so excited to snuggle this little girl! AH! SO MUCH WAITING!! 

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