Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Wrapping up September

Well goodbye September! I don't even know where you went! 
Really, I feel like I haven't had much time to think about this month and how our days were spent. It has been so crazy busy here at the Lancaster house. So many projects and millions of things going on that by the end of the day I am so so tired. So tired to the point where I hit my head on the pillow and I am out hard. One night, I told Dan I was going to plug my phone in at my night stand and would be right back out to finish the show we were watching... The next thing I remember it was morning. I crashed. 

Ok, more blog posts to come, like June and Owen's new room and them sharing! Woot! It's been going SPECTACULARLY WELL! (sigh of relief). I'm excited to get blogging on that, but their room still isn't quite finished. In fact, as I am sitting here blogging, Dan is on the floor putting furniture together for their room.... He's a good man to keep around. 

So really I don't have a lot of pictures, but for the sake of keeping things organized I am getting these pictures on the blog. Really ordinary life hasn't been so ordinary the last handful of weeks, so not too many ordinary pictures to post. 

We babysat a little baby girl and June was in love. Oh man you guys, I cannot wait for our baby girl to come. June is going to be the biggest help. I'm totally not just saying that either. She did not leave this little girls side and made sure she was happy and laughing pretty much the whole time she was at our house. 

Every once in a while, I attempt a selfie in the mirror. Not my thing. And by the time I was done I was making myself laugh so hard that this was the best picture I got. I think I'll leave the belly pictures to Dan... Though June is getting rather good at taking pictures! 
I am 22.5 weeks in the picture.  I am now over 23 weeks. Getting a bump and a HUGE HUGE appetite! I can't stop eating. No, for reals though. Ask Dan. 

This past Sunday we took our usual stroll to our park. 
Our rides to the park. Owen was sadly stuck in the stroller and was not too pleased about it. He wanted to ride the scooter so bad, but it would have taken us all day with him pushing that thing. Someday buddy, I promise!

Both kiddos wanted to swing, but one swing was being occupied, so we stuck them in there together. I didn't think it would last all that long, but they were loving it! June called it "Criss cross swinging". 

Teaching her young. 

See, not a whole lot to share at the end of the month, but more blog posts to come.
Goodbye until next year September. 

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Cisneros Family said...

Love June skateboarding with Dan! Very sweet. I'm so very glad you still blog! :)