Tuesday, September 1, 2015

June Said

6.13.2015: "The balloon ran out of electricity!" Talking about a balloon loosing it's helium

6.15.2015: Rubbing sunscreen on her face- "Alright, alright, alright, ya got me! I'm a woman not
                  an animal!"
                  -I honestly have no clue where that one came from

6.18.2105: "Mommy I'm all charged up!"
                    When coming into our room in the morning to tell us she's awake

7.27. 2015: June pretending to ice skate-
                   Daddy: " June how did you get so good at ice skating?!"
                   June: " I don't know daddy, it's just in my blood!"

8.6.2015: Mom: "June please buckle yourself into your seat"
                  June: "Mom, can you do it today?! I'm feeling a bit rusty today"

8.11.2015: June about to start a race on Mario Kart:
                   " Alright June, take a deep breath, you got this!" Good prep talk June bug!

8.14.2015: Swimming with friends, one of them jumped in the pool and splashed June
                   June: " Hey! Watch out for the June!"

8.16.2015: "I'm going to be a pilot, a mommy, and drive a car. Mommy can I still be all those
                    things and live with you?!"

8.21.2015: After Owen dumped play food out of a pot from June's tea party...
                   "Mommy, how do I change Owen to good?! He's just bad!"

8.25.2015: "My tummy says its full but my mouth is saying its hungry!! Their just being
                    un-cont-apadable" (incompatible)

8.30.2015: June asked me over and over again the same question... So after telling her no a bunch
                  of times, I finally got a little mad and told her NO! (Sternly)
                   June: "Ok, gosh, tough crowed!"
                   I just laughed and gave her a huge hug.

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