Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Half way people and then some! This pregnancy has gone by so fast to me! In all honesty, I sometimes forget I am pregnant. No for reals though. Between chasing my other two little hooligans around all day and just busy with a million other things, I tend to forget I have a little girl growing in my belly. I sometimes look back at the day and realize, maybe I should have taken it a bit easier today... Like for instance, when we are swimming and I am trying to do tricks off Dans shoulders... Ya, I sometimes come down pretty hard. I just tend to forget to slow down. My bad. Sorry little girl. 

I am so so happy to hit 20 weeks, and continue to have a healthy baby growing perfectly. Let me tell you something...

This pregnancy has really scared me more than my other two. It just has. I have been so worried about this baby's health and whether I will miscarry or not. I really just wanted to get to this 20 week ultrasound to have everything checked out and get an A-OK. I know too many stories of women who go into their 20 week check-up to find out there is something seriously wrong with the fetus or worse, a miscarriage. All honesty, at first, it was hard to really be excited about this pregnancy because I was so worried about a miscarriage or a deformity with our baby... not that we would love it any less. OF COURSE NOT! 

So now that everything is right on target, I am breathing a little easier and starting to really soak in the fact that I am pregnant. I know things can still happen, but the odds go way down. My belly is growing and I need to start getting into baby mode. 

Here is the half way point and update for baby girl #3 


FAR ALONG AND MEASUREMENTS: I am 20 weeks and 6 days. Tomorrow marks 21 weeks. Give or take (obviously). I officially lost a total of 7lbs and have respectably gained back 5 of those pounds. I may be eating to much Chick Fil a. Oops. I am measuring a bit small in my stomach, but my doc says not worry. I am still completely wearing normal clothes and plan to go as long as possible without the dreaded elastic on every article of clothing. I am carrying very high right now, so my pants are fitting me still just fine. My shirts are becoming a bit snug, but I wear lose clothing anyway so it hasn't made that big of a change for me. 

EMOTIONS: I have become such a little cry baby with this pregnancy. I cry over everything. More than normal anyways. Haha. Other than that I am feeling fantastic. I LOVE this time of pregnancy! I have my energy back and I feel a  less restricted being pregnant. I am working out as much as is comfortable, mostly just stretches and yoga. Plus a few free hand weights... 
Like I said before I tend to forget I am pregnant at times, but my sweet little miss gives me lots of kicks and jolts to remind me that she is still here! I know that deep in the back of my mind I am pregnant, I just don't feel as focused as I did, especially with my first. Oh man, being pregnant was all I could think about! 
So all in all, I'm a normal feeling person who cries at commercials and when her husband makes the bed before she does. It's the little things people. 

CRAVINGS: Unfortunately my cravings have been not the healthiest of foods. I have really been loving Chick Fil A lately and anything sweet. I've always been a candy gal, and that hasn't changed any. I have been loving tart fruits like green apples, pickles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I eat a lot, but that hasn't really changed due to pregnancy. I've always been a heavy eater. Haha 

LOVE MOST: Right now I LOVE feeling her move. She is a very active little thing and I feel her move throughout most of the day. It's really strong when I am laying on my back or when one of the kiddos is sitting on my lap. It has been so fun starting to browse through baby girl things again and just adoring all things girl. Girls are so much fun to shop for!!! 

SCARED ABOUT:  Really at this point I'm not to scared about anything. I like the re-assurance of a healthy baby which makes me breath a little easier when the doctor says she can't get much more perfect in the ultrasound. I'm not so much scared as anxious to get going on her nursery and getting the kids room ready to share. That will be a big transition for all of us. I would love to start now, but we are waiting for little OD to be more ready for a big bed. 


She's working on her yoga skills 

A little side profile with her beating heart

HOW FAR ALONG AND MEASUREMENTS: She is measuring at 20 weeks, right on schedule and measuring a healthy little girl at about 6in or the size of a Mango. Like I said before everything is measuring great. She has all her limbs, and normal brain activity along with proper fluid around the brain and we received the spinal cord test results which all came back completely normal... or a chance of there being something wrong is 1 in 5000. 
She is super active!! I mean on super speed all the time. I feel her moving and kicking throughout the day, and even this morning when Dr. Hoffman was trying to find the heartbeat, he would find it then it would slip away because she was moving so much. He looked at me and said "You have an active little thing in there" Haha 

NAME: We are still weighing in options when in comes to names. Dan and I have agreed on one name that we actually both really like. Of course Dan had to make sure it wasn't on any list of popular baby names, but once he saw no sign of it within the top 100 he was content. We aren't %100 but its a name and we are glad we at least of something in the books. No, we are not sharing the name. Don't ask. June still calls her Princess Pepper. 

So there we have it! Half way! Its all good people. 

I have to throw this picture in here. Owen came with me to my check up today. June was at school and Dan was busy with work, so it was just him and I. He did so beyond good just sitting in that little chair playing with his cars and eating his snacks. It made me really see a little boy sitting there and no longer a baby. He's the coolest and no one can deny that! 

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Cisneros Family said...

You are the cutest pregnant girl ever!! I'm so excited for this little girl. She will be so lucky to be coming to your little family! And I definitely think you should just name her princess pepper!! I loved when I read that!
Love you!